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March 14, 1797 Intoduction to the Chickasaws Benjamin Hawkins Chickasaw Nation of Indians Letter of introduction from Hawkins to the Chickasaws for a Colonel visiting their nation
March 31, 1792 Chickasaws & Choctaws to Nashville Henry Knox William Blount Regarding Chickasaws and Choctaws.
June 4, 1795 David Henleys account for articles supplied to the Chickasaws and the Choctaws. David Henley [not available] List of sundries provided to Chickasaws and Choctaws via John Chisholm.
December 9, 1796 Intelligence report on Chief Red Pole and the Chickasaws James McHenry [not available] Intelligence report on Chief Red Pole and Chickasaws.
May 11, 1795 Hostilities Between Chickasaws and Creeks Timothy Pickering David Henley The interim Secretary of War faults the Chickasaws for the last conflict between the Chickasaw and Creeks. The U.S. will not support the Chickasaw. Transportation of supplies to be given to Chickasaws relayed. Also mentions the storing and issuing Indian supplies at Knoxville
November 24, 1796 Cited letter or document, James McHenry to Chickasaw Nation of Indians James McHenry Chickasaw Nation of Indians Cited in McHenry to Chickasaws, 12/19/1796.
September 22, 1797 Diplomatic relations with Chickasaws and Spanish on the western frontier James McHenry Oliver Wolcott, Jr. McHenry expresses frustration at conflicting orders out west in relation to the Chickasaws and Spanish in Tennessee. Alludes to the Spanish breaking the terms of Pinckney's Treaty of 1795, which placed the Chickasaws under U.S. territory. McHenry also reports that he has recently been attacked by a case of the fever.
September 4, 1788 [Duplicate] Appointment as Agent to Chickasaws Henry Knox Charles Martin Duplicate notifying Martin (Marten?) of Congressional resolve appointing him Agent to Chickasaws. Notifications to other offices to be mailed.
April 22, 1792 Robertson Temporary Agent Henry Knox William Blount Mentioned President approving General Robertson as temporary agent for Chickasaws. Discussed conciliatory actions between Chocktaws and Chickasaws.
August 6, 1797 Plan of Zachariah Cox & Co. for Land Acquisition from the Chickasaws Benjamin Hawkins James McHenry Hawkins summarized Cox's plan to obtain the Tennessee Company's claim from the Chickasaws. He expected Cox had been arrested and would soon be brought to justice.
June 13, 1795 A Talk from the Chickasaws to the Creek Nation. Chickasaw Nation of Indians [not available] Cited letter or document; cited in Pickering to Washington, 09/11/1795.
May 12, 1793 Alliance of Southern Tribes Against the Creeks William Blount Henry Knox Blount reports on a possible Indian attack near Nashville and speculates on the possiblity that the Chickasws and Choctaws may join together in a war against the Creeks. It is not known whether the Cherokee chiefs will accept the invitation to travel to Philadelphia to meet with the President.
June 4, 1795 Abstract of supplies to the Chickasaw Indians by David Henley David Henley [not available] Lists sundry items purchased by contract for Chickasaws.
July 24, 1797 Presents for the Chickasaws, Etc. Unknown Author James McHenry Among a number of matters, the author discusses the distribution of presents to the Chickasaws at Chickasaw Bluffs. He apologizes for his late communication which is due to a violent intermittent which has attacked him and affected to such an extent that he is barely able to hold his pen.
November 3, 1794 Notification of Clothing Delivery to the Chickasaws William Blount Chiefs of the Chickasaw Nation Chief Opoia Mingo has been given clothing by General Washington to deliver to the people of the Chickasaw nation as a token of friendship.The Chickasaws are commended for encouraging their warriors to support General Wayne's army.
April 27, 1793 Aid to Chickasaws Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Documents to be forwarded to Chickasaws. U.S. will support Chickasaws who are currently at war with Creeks. Governor Blount attests to Creeks being "troublesome" to settlers.
July 21, 1794 Silver for the Chickasaws Henry Knox Samuel Hodgdon Request for Tench Francis to provide silver arm bands, broaches, nose jewels, and ear bobs of varying sizes for the Chickasaw Indians.
June 29, 1790 Meeting the Chickasaws at the Mouth of the Tennessee John Doughty Ensign Melchor Instructions from Major Doughty to Ensign Melchor - the officer to be ordered by General Harmar to meet the Chickasaws at the mouth of the Tennessee. Directions to deliver a rifle and pass on specific messages to the Chickasaw.
February 2, 1797 Discussion of Chickosaw Treaties, Surrender of Indian Land Charles Lee James McHenry Refers to Indian land negotiations over lumber and river access. Discussion of subject rights and protections. Mentions treaty with Chickasaws. Refers to Indians surrendering rights to land.
April 27, 1793 Friendly Relations With the Creeks & Supply of Chickasaws Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Though the Creeks are a troublesome tribe and are at war with our allies the Chickasaws, current US policy requires friendly relations with them. Stores and arms are to be provided for the Chickasaws.
March 25, 1799 Receipt of Tench Francis on account of the annuities for the Cherokees, Chickasaws, Creeks and Five Nations Tench Francis [not available] Tench Francis received $12,450 from Simmons on account of annuities for Cherokees, Chickasaws, Creeks, and Five Nations of Indians.
March 22, 1793 Letter from Charles Weatherford to Creek Indian Agent James Seagrove on confusion since death of General McGillivray Charles Weatherford James Seagrove Copy of Letter from Charles Weatherford to Indian Agent for the Creeks, James Seagrove. Weatherford reports that there is confusion and fighting between the Creeks and Chickasaws since the death of General McGillivray in February. Weatherford has sent headmen to the lower towns to stop the mischief. Reports that the Chickasaws have killed some Creeks and out of revenge, Creeks have killed...
July 7, 1789 Report on the Chickasaws and Choctaws Henry Knox George Washington Knox views the substantial distance of the Chickasaws and Choctaws from frontier settlements as the principle reason that few complaints regarding white encroachments have thus far been lodged. Knox notes that Chickasaws and Choctaws are "represented as candid, generous, brave, and honest" and have placed themselves under the protection of the United States and no other sovereign.
June 11, 1793 Execution of Perpetrators of Robbery and Murder at Traders Hill, Etc. Charles Weatherford James Seagrove Weatherford reports that he has done all he can to help bring peace in the aftermath of the robbery and murder at Traders Hill St. Marys.The Creek Nation has decided to put the death five of the perpetrators, exclusive John Galphin. Refers to Spanish talks with Chickasaws, Chocktaws, and Cherokees; the whole of upper and lower towns agree to be at peace with United States. Chickasaws meet with...
August 1794 Cash Advance for Services Treasury Department Elijah Robertson Cash due Robertson for services related to transporting Chickasaws and Chacktaws to Head Quarters.