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July 16, 1798 Uniforms for the standard receiving ceremony John Fitzgerald James McHenry On the subject of uniforms for a standard receiving ceremony.
July 16, 1799 Reports Lack of Clothing in Store; Recommends Mr. Billington to Inspect Clothing at Busk Hill Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Reports that it is most likely that not much clothing remains in store nor is expected soon. Suitable stores cannot be procured at New Castle. Reports danger of contagious ague and fever in the city. Perhaps clothing could be inspected at Mr. Billington's house, who is capable and has the space for such an activity. He will be amply compensated.
December 24, 1799 Mourning the Loss of George Washington William S. Smith Alexander Hamilton William S. Smith assures Hamilton that the troops have been put through the funeral exercise and everyone involved in the ceremony is deeply impressed with the solemnity of the sad occasion.
December 26, 1799 Ceremony of Remembrance for George Washington Ebenezer Stevens Samuel Hodgdon Mentions plans for a ceremony of remembrance of George Washington; Gouverneur Morris will be one of the speakers. Also gives Hodgdon the compliments of the season.
September 24, 1789 Reply from Alexander McGillivray, Chief of Creek Nation Alexander McGillivray Commissioners for Indian Affairs in Southern Department McGillivray acknowledges receipt of letter from Commissioners. Chiefs would like to meet morning of 24 September at the ceremony of black drink, after which they will proceed with business.
September 9, 1797 News from the American Minister to Portugal William Loughton Smith Timothy Pickering Smith describes his experiences as Minister to Portugal with particular emphasis on the ceremony in which he was presented to the Prince.
August 20, 1799 Details Surrounding Construction & Naming of Fort [Pickering] at Salem Jonathan Waldo James McHenry Acknowledges receipt by the Salem Board of Selectmen of federal money for the strengthening of fortifications at Salem, Massachusetts; discusses details of the construction of the works. Also discusses how accounting shall be undertaken for the project. Asks for permission to name the works Fort Pickering, and requests that McHenry ask President Adams to stop in Salem and perform a naming...
December 23, 1790 Proctor invites Knox to ceremony for the President Thomas Procter Henry Knox Letter, asks for attendance of New Years Day ceremony.
March 4, 1793 Training Artillerists, Payment Issues, Officer Shortage, and Dealings with Cornplanter Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Wayne apologizes for antagonizing the President by delaying Col. Proctor's move to the west but Proctor has been very helpful at his present location in training young officers in the use of howitzers. There continue to be complications regarding pay. Gen. Wilkinson complains of a shortage of officers which is true of Wayne's army also. The Cornplanter will be angered by the cancellation of his...
January 10, 1800 Ceremony for General Washington Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig describes to Samuel Hodgdon the ceremony in Pittsburgh held to honor General Washington.
July 4, 1785 Appointment as Officer of the Day Joseph Carleton Nicholas Fish Request to order officer and men to parade and fire salutes in honor of July 4th (Independence Day). Appointed Fish as Officer of the Day who will preside over the days celebrations and ceremonies.
June 17, 1793 Reports Misunderstanding about Bill for Arms Never Received George Stevenson Samuel Hodgdon Expresses regret for misapprehension. Had collected part of the money due and paid Hodgdon by Mr. Miller while Hodgdon was on his way to the Western Country. Stevenson never received requested arms and cannot be responsible for them. Describes receipt of other shipments of arms with ceremony.
May 31, 1800 Visit of Gen. Hunter & the Duke of Kent Alexander Hamilton John Jacob Rivardi Since we live in jealous times a visit from General Hunter and the Duke of Kent is not to be encouraged, but if they do visit, they should be accorded the same ceremonies as would be observed toward similar characters in our own country.
December 29, 1799 [Funeral Procession.] Ebenezer Stevens [not available] Rules governing the funeral procession of George Washington.
1795 Discussion of Cutlery for Navy Yard William Pennock Josiah Fox Letter, discusses knives & forks for Naval yard.
May 5, 1797 Pay for Troops and Compensation for "Deranged Officer" Isaac Craig William Simmons Enclosed muster and pay rolls along with updates of several companies. Discussed compensation for Polhemus as a "deranged officer". List of vouchers enclosed.
July 29, 1795 Hamilton's Financial Affairs Alexander Hamilton Robert Troup Hamilton asks Troup to be the executor of his will and then provides the details of his financial affairs. He laments the necessity of omitting his Scottish father from his will.
December 23, 1799 Monument to George Washington William S. Smith Alexander Hamilton Lt. Col. William S. Smith discusses his plans for a monument to the memory of General Washington, with an inscription of a poem penned by him the previous night: "Sacred to the Memory of the Illustrious George Washington, General of the Armies of the United States of America, Who paid the Great Debt of Nature, The 14th. of December, 1799. To Commemorate his virtues. To hand down to Posterity,...
August 24, 1797 Adventures in Portugal William Loughton Smith Timothy Pickering Smith relates to the Secretary of State his observations regarding Portugal and their contentious relations with other European powers, including Spain, France, and Holland.
August 12, 1790 Jefferson makes inquiries regarding protocol to the Secretary at War Thomas Jefferson Henry Knox Letter, Jefferson asks Knox for permission to invite guests.
July 9, 1793 Remarks of Federal Commissioners and Indian Chiefs at Sandusky Conference Captain Joseph Brant [not available] Council convened on 9 July 1793 at Navy Hall Niagara. Captain Brant, interpreter furnished opening remarks of good will and conducted ceremony with strings and belts. Chiefs state that the Western Indians are of one mind, and if they can agree with whites, peace may ensue. Prior treaties were not binding because they did not account for all the tribes as one. Chief then provide the nations in...
July 18, 1794 Wayne's Campaign/Indian Affairs Henry Knox Jonathan Dayton Letter, encloses commission for unnamed Lieutenant; discusses the positive prospects for Wayne's campaign; discusses Indian affairs with the Six Nations.
November 15, 1793 Evidence of Sedition Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Letter from General Anthony Wayne to Secretary Knox describing evidence of sedition.
1784 Resignation of Brigadier General James Wilkinson James Wilkinson President John Dickinson Wilkinson submits his resignation as Brigadier General of the Pennsylvania militia and recommends his successor. [ Gen. James Wilkinson to Pres. Dickinson, 1784 ] Sir, I shall offer no apology for this address; it must doubtless be unexpected, but the occasion will, I flatter myself, excuse it. Being about to take a long leave of the State of Pennsylvania, I conceive it my duty to abdicate...
November 15, 1793 Wayne discusses good order and discipline within the ranks with Knox Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Letter, dis discontent among officers in the Legion.