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September 24, 1789 Reply from Alexander McGillivray, Chief of Creek Nation Alexander McGillivray Commissioners for Indian Affairs in Southern Department McGillivray acknowledges receipt of letter from Commissioners. Chiefs would like to meet morning of 24 September at the ceremony of black drink, after which they will proceed with business.
July 16, 1798 Uniforms for the standard receiving ceremony John Fitzgerald James McHenry On the subject of uniforms for a standard receiving ceremony.
March 12, 1800 Religious Enthusiasm, Etc. Alexander Hamilton William S. Smith In referring to David Austin, Hamilton asserts that enthusiasm is a very good thing but religious enthusiasm is at least a dangerous instrument so he refuses to authorize Austin's employment.
September 23, 1789 Arrival of Mr. Griffin and initiation of treaty talks Commissioners for Indian Affairs in Southern Department Alexander McGillivray Commissioners inform that Mr. Griffin arrived and the three are preparing communications for the next day. General Lincoln and General Pickens will attend this forenoon at the black drink. Indians wish to receive talks on west side of Oconee River. Commissioners agree in order to take away all cause of jealousy.
December 26, 1799 Ceremony of Remembrance for George Washington Ebenezer Stevens Samuel Hodgdon Mentions plans for a ceremony of remembrance of George Washington; Gouverneur Morris will be one of the speakers. Also gives Hodgdon the compliments of the season.
December 7, 1798 Opinions of the Heads of Departments Oliver Wolcott, Jr. James McHenry Wolcott has signed the paper requesting opinions from the heads of departments but he maintains that written opinions should not be requested without the direction of the President.
March 9, 1800 School of the Navy, Etc. Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton regrets the dismemberment of the School of the Navy from the rest because he feels that all schools should be united under the Director General. Discussed general ideas of what should be taught at the School, and the differences b/w McHenry and Hamilton's ideas on the purpose of the institution. Enclosed, "An Act for establishing an Academy for Instruction relative to the Military and...
December 24, 1799 Mourning the Loss of George Washington William S. Smith Alexander Hamilton William S. Smith assures Hamilton that the troops have been put through the funeral exercise and everyone involved in the ceremony is deeply impressed with the solemnity of the sad occasion.
December 18, 1798 Opinions about 2 Military Court Cases James McHenry John Adams Encloses warrants for two military courts: one a general court martial for Captain Thomas Lewis, the other a court of inquiry for Captain Edward Miller. Suggests a standardized procedure to request opinions of Commander in Chief and Major Generals. Outlines his own opinion on the two cases.
November 12, 1798 Supplying Meat, Drink, Clothing, & Medicine, Etc. David Ames Samuel Hodgdon Amidst a discussion of supply and accounting matters, Ames want to know whether the clothing for the apprentices is to be considered articles for the use of the factory procured by Colonel Williams. Or is it his duty to deem it agreeable to the indentures and present Williams with a bill for payment to the indenturers? Is it his duty to supply the apprentices in sickness and health with meat,...
May 22, 1799 Requesting the right to recommend officers John Taylor Gilman James McHenry Expresses offense that New Hampshire Senators John Langdon and Samuel Livermore have not sought after the opinions of himself - the Governor of New Hampshire - for officer recommendations in the Provisional Army. Argues that Langdon (Democratic-Republican), in particular, is politically motivated and opposed to him and the federal administration. Says that he has had a difficult time preventing...
March 5, 1800 Disturbances at a Public House, Etc. William S. Smith Alexander Hamilton Smith took measures to obtain the correct information regarding disturbances at a public house at Elizabeth Town in which Capt. Courtlandt and Lt. Livingston were involved. Discussed Capt. Kirkland's Affairs concluding that it would be humane to let him die "as easy as possible". Addressed religious observation in the ranks. Mentioned a minister named Austin who has a strong following, Smith...
April 25, 1788 Information Regarding Jean Black Philip Liebert John Pierce Document in French. Asks for the address of Mr. Jean Black, relating to some books and merchandise.
February 27, 1800 Requests Payment for Black & Williams to Pay Troops under Col. Butler David Henley James McHenry Requests payment for Black & Williams to pay the regular troops under Lt. Col. Butler.
October 25, 1798 Discusses Differing Opinions on War, Party Factions James McHenry William Vans Murray Mentions war and bolstering party factions in the US. Speaks of differing opinions.
January 13, 1797 Supplies for Indians Isaac Craig James McHenry Articles to be furnished to Indian chiefs, per McHenry's request. Craig reported Indians and interpreters were staying at post and that they were forbade from imbibing in drink. Commissioners to be paid.
March 1, 1793 Knox and Hamilton offer opinions about oath of office to Washington Henry Knox George Washington Knox and Hamilton send their opinions regarding the oath of office to Washington. Letter, encloses opinions about the time, place and manner of the President taking the oath of office.
January 10, 1800 Ceremony for General Washington Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig describes to Samuel Hodgdon the ceremony in Pittsburgh held to honor General Washington.
May 30, 1800 Hodgdon discusses military stores and accounting matters with Major Craig Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon offers opinions to Major Craig regarding recent political changes and military reductions.
July 1, 1785 Requests Guidance about National Military Uniforms and Customs Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Reports that the cockade they wear is the Union black and white, but postulates that it may be better to establish a national uniform. Requests direction.
January 10, 1799 Report on Manufacture and Store of Black Walnut Musket Stocks Samuel Hodgdon Edward Jones Reports the store's 3,288 black walnut musket stocks, and they should be receiving 1,000 every three weeks according to outstanding contracts, until by the end of April they should have 8,288 + stocks, with very few deductions to be used to supply national armories. They will not all be completely seasoned at that time. It will be easy to receive 1,000 stocks every 8 days. While he has no power...
December 11, 1794 Work at the Springfield Armory David Ames Samuel Hodgdon The Master Armorer has arrived at Springfield and wants to be accommodated with one of the public houses for his family. Ames wants to know if their armory work should imitate the French or the English and what pieces should be done first and whether they should be black walnut.
September 9, 1797 News from the American Minister to Portugal William Loughton Smith Timothy Pickering Smith describes his experiences as Minister to Portugal with particular emphasis on the ceremony in which he was presented to the Prince.
July 31, 1799 Regimental surgeons and chaplains James McHenry [not available] Encloses a copy of correspondence between himself and Major General Pinckney, along with a letter to Colonels Rice and Hunnewell on candidates for regimental surgeons and surgeons' mates. States the current numbers of troops on the frontier are not sufficient. Also mentions potential religious instruction for the troops.
December 12, 1800 Request for Issue of Stationery Materials for Pittsburgh Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Directs issue of stationery materials for use at Pittsburgh.