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August 6, 1795 Status of Cavalry Horses Peter Hunt Samuel Hodgdon Officers written regarding status of horses purchased for cavalry, awaiting replies.
July 2, 1799 Small Body of Cavalry is Indispensable Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton affirms his commitment to raising and equipping one cavalry troop as the best means of experimenting with various types of cavalry tactics.
June 21, 1799 Let One Troop of Cavalry be Raised and Mounted Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton expresses his dismay at the postponement of the raising of additional cavalry troops and argues that at least one such troop should be raised and mounted. Let all the officers be collected for instruction and exercise at one rendezvous where tactics for both cavalry and infantry can be taught.
March 22, 1797 Delivery of Cavalry Pistols Multiple Authors John Harris Directs issue of cavalry pistols to Hodgdon.
August 10, 1798 Appointment as a Lieutenant in the Cavalry Samuel Hoffman Alexander Hamilton Hoffman would like to be appointed a Lieutenant in the Cavalry of the Provisional Army.
July 13, 1792 Proper Use of Cavalry Horses Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Letter, discusses potential misappropriation of cavalry horses: one for the aide de camp, one for a servant. Knox is apt to think this is a mistake, and asks that the horses be returned to the troop. Cavalry horses must be cherished and sacredly appropriated to the service for which they are designed.
May 11, 1792 Purchasing Cavalry Horses Henry Knox Isaac Shelby Secretary Knox asks Colonel Shelby to assist in the purchase of horses for the cavalry.
March 19, 1799 Insurrection and militia in Pennsylvania James McHenry Timothy Pickering Discusses insurrection in Pennsylvania and mentions militia cavalry. Requests that Pickering attend his office at half past one o'clock.
May 22, 1800 Disbandment of Cavalry Alexander Hamilton James McHenry The disbandment of the six additional troops of Cavalry has been announced but the General and other staff were not included in the orders because it was thought that they might still be needed after the troops have quitted the ground.
August 8, 1800 Contemporary Copy of Letter, Alexander Hamilton to James McHenry Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Discusses appointment of Major Solomon Van Renssalear to the Cavalry.
December 31, 1795 Concerning cavalry equipment William Simmons Constant Freeman Informs Constant Freeman, agent of the War Department in Georgia, that he has not been accurately informed of the amount of cavalry equipment for Capt. Armstrong's troops.
September 18, 1794 Holsters & Cartouche Boxes for the Cavalry at Trenton James Mentges Samuel Hodgdon Mentges discusses necessary articles for the dragoons and the cavalry.
April 28, 1800 Account for Majors Buell and Greenleaf, Cavalry Swords William Simmons Samuel Hodgdon Major Buel and Major Greenleaf paid for one thousand cavalry swords with their scabbards and belts manufactured by them at Hartford Connecticut.
April 17, 1792 Cavalry Clothing for Sergeants John Stagg William Knox Knox is asked to issue to Lt. Davidson two complete suits of cavalry clothing for sergeants and one trumpet, taking his receipt.
April 24, 1799 Certification of payment; Captain Benjamin Williamson, in the Cavalry Peter Hagner James McHenry Certification of payment; $153.80 pay to Captain Benjamin Williamson, in the Cavalry.
January 27, 1800 Suspension of Cavalry and Infantry Enlistments James McHenry Alexander Hamilton The House of Representatives voted to suspend enlistments for the six additional Companies of Cavalry and the twelve Regiments of Infantry. Orders should be issued accordingly.
September 5, 1798 Cavalry Equipments to be Had in This City, Etc. Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Hodgdon advises McHenry of the advisability of producing cavalry equipment in Philadelphia. This equipment can be made as cheaply there as elsewhere and will provide employment for mechanics during the winter.
November 26, 1798 Observations on Arms, Accoutrments, & Clothing Thomas H. Cushing Alexander Hamilton Cushing provides his assessment of the current state of arms, clothing, and accoutrments. Though his knowledge of the cavalry is limited, he believes their clothing is generally as defective as that of the other corps.
August 19, 1785 Case of John Carroll of Moylan's Regiment of Cavalry Jonathan Nicholson Joseph Howell Refers to Howell's indisposition and wishes him well. Laments the distance and the difficulty it causes in the late accounts. Asks for information from the musters on the case of John Carroll of Moylan's Regiment of Cavalry. When was he discharged, reenlisted?
January 10, 1795 Letter from the Secretary at War Timothy Pickering Presley Nevill Letter, discusses pay of Pennsylvania militia and cavalry.
December 17, 1798 Suggests Addition of 2 Troops to Cavalry Regiments Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Refers to instructions from the Commander-in-Chief, adding two troops to the regiment of cavalry for a total of ten troops.
August 28, 1794 Cavalry Requests from Virginia John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon [Partly illegible] The number of cavalry requests from Virginia are three hundred.
July 20, 1799 Concerning Additional Companies of Cavalry James McHenry John Adams Stresses the need of clothing and other supplies for new recruits and asks why no issues have yet been ordered to Major General Hamilton to raise six additional companies of cavalry.
September 9, 1794 Equipment and arms for the cavalry Alexander Hamilton Samuel Hodgdon Secretary Hamilton requests that the Commissary of Stores, Samuel Hodgdon, furnish a return of what equipment and arms for the cavalry are in the public stores.
October 8, 1798 Receipt of money advanced for manufacturing of cavalry swords Nathan Starr [not available] Receipt of $3500 advanced for manufacturing of 2000 cavalry swords with scabbards and belts at Middletown Connecticut.