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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
October 25, 1788 Certificate for Captain White Jonathan Bankson Joseph Howell Asks to render favor to Captain Simon White who bears the letter. Requests certificate for Captain White. Condolences on the loss of Mr. Pierce.
May 27, 1793 Orders from Governor Blount and Captain White to Captain Beard James White John Beard These are Gov. Blount's and Captain White's orders to Captain Beard and his company regarding the pursuit of Indians who have committed murders and depredations on the frontier.
March 24, 1796 Regarding White Oak Timbers for Frigate Construction at Baltimore Josiah Fox Joshua Humphreys Letter, discusses white oak for Frigate at Baltimore.
November 18, 1788 Captain White's certificate Joseph Howell Jonathan Bankson Has given Captain White the certificate for the real balance due.
April 29, 1794 Captain Moses White's Claim Joseph Howell Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Based on the documents in his possession, Howell concludes that Captain Moses White was only entitled to a captain's pay and therefore is not entitled to the pay of an Aide-de-Camp as he claims.
April 13, 1800 Letter Citation Andrew White William Simmons Cited in Simmons to White, 04/18/1800.
February 28, 1794 Account of Mr. White Joseph Howell John Steel Howell instructs Steel to inform Mr. White that his account is to be settled upon the same terms of the wagons employed by Mr. Allison which it is hoped will be to Mr. White's satisfaction.
September 22, 1785 Administrative Matters John Pierce John White John Pierce sends to John White a letter praising the close scrutiny of accounts. However, Pierce adds that White not let his meticulous accounting practices delay the payments to the line. Pierce says he wants the money off his hands.
January 24, 1799 Certification of payments; Captain Moses White, Paymaster for Colonel Moses Hazen’s Regiment William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payments; to Captain Moses White, Paymaster for Colonel Moses Hazen’s Regiment.
November 6, 1791 Contemporary Copy of Letter made from Recipient's Files, Joseph Ellicot to Henry Knox Joseph Ellicot Henry Knox Surveyor Joseph Ellicott tells Knox of his contacts with several southern chiefs, each of whom expressed a desire for peace
December 13, 1800 Bill for Food and Lodging at White Horse [not available] [not available] Bill for food and lodging for General Wilkinson, his suite, and their horses at White Horse. Reverse of bill has some notes.
June 1, 1800 Account of Lt. Col. Timothy Taylor Regarding Purchase of Cockades Timothy Taylor [not available] Taylor's account for for funds spent on cockades for his men. Taylor includes a copy of a circular letter sent by Hamilton regarding cockades in 1799, as well as the individual vouchers for cockade expenses from each Captain or Lieutenant.
July 31, 1799 Payment of Asa Freeman, contractor William Simmons Samuel Hodgdon Payment of Asa Freeman, contractor for Delaware for blankets and tin pans furnished Captain Samuel White.
December 29, 1788 Accounts of Maryland and Delaware; Captain Ewing Joseph Howell Jonathan White Refers to accounts of Maryland and Delaware lines. Is sorry that White is sick. Discusses accounts of Captain Ewing.
November 19, 1784 Letter from Richmond to John White [not available] John White An unsigned letter sent to John White that is enclosed with another letter from William Shirburne. White is directed to respond to Shirburne.
March 29, 1796 Letter from the War Office on the overdue delivery of live oak from Georgia [not available] David Stodder Live oak for the dead wood from Georgia is long overdue. Therefore, Stodder has permission to use white oak for pieces that were directed to be made of live oak. This white oak can be found, according to Captain Truxton, in the Maryland countryside. Closes by discussing matters of pay.
July 7, 1788 On the memorial on account of Colonel Antony Walton White Joseph Howell Commissioners of Treasury Regarding memorial on account of Colonel Antony Walton White.
March 19, 1800 Request for Explanation for Drawn Rations William Simmons Andrew White Upon examination of contractor's accounts for New York, Simmons found that White granted Mr. Hershaw certificate for 403 more rations to be given to White's detachment. Simmons could not overlook this charge and demanded an explanation.
April 29, 1785 Charges against Captain Richard Waters John White Joseph Howell White disagrees with Howell respecting the charges against Captain Richard Waters. Says there were two officers of that name. Encloses receipt for Dennis Carson's certificate.
November 18, 1785 Pierce directs White to settle pay claims of Marbury and Lucketts John Pierce John White John Pierce, Commissioner of Army Accounts, directs John White to settle the pay accounts of Captain Marbury and Lieutenant Lucketts in the same manner.
December 7, 1799 Certification of payment; John Elliott, Wilmington, Contractor, for rations and quartermaster stores furnished Captain White’s and Captain Eddins’ detachment William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payment; $188.58 to John Elliott, Contractor, Wilmington, North Carolina, for rations and quartermaster stores furnished Captain White’s and Captain Eddins’ detachment.
December 20, 1792 Accounting Document Summary Joseph Howell John Rutherford Lists documents and account details given to Colonel White.
September 23, 1788 Commutation of Captain James Ewing Joseph Howell John White Regarding commutation of Captain James Ewing, asks for copy of act of assembly which provides for them without any expense to the United States. Laments White's health. Compliments to Kite.
September 10, 1784 Settlement of White's account Office of Army Accounts, Paymaster General, Pay Office (1783-1792) Major Joseph Marbury Unknown author [pay office] issues a letter directing Major Joseph Marbury to issue settlement to John White.
November 7, 1788 William Coade's pay C. Richmond Joseph Howell Relating to William Coade's pay, White will bring the books of the First Maryland Regiment.