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October 31, 1800 Simmons Requesting Secretary Dexter's Assistance in Evaluating and Remunerating Truman Mosely's Accounts William Simmons Samuel Dexter Truman Mosely has submitted a claim for $252.14, and Simmons requests that Dexter examine Mosely's accounts and determine what part of that amount is to be awarded to him.
November 6, 1800 Certificate of pay deductions by request of Truman Mosely William Simmons [not available] At the request of Truman Mosely, the author of the letter certifies that, upon settlement of his account, certain deductions were made for forage charged to particular officers. These officers returned to places of residence not allowed by the Act of Congress of March 3, 1799. The officers and amounts in question are: Lieutenant Colonel Timothy Taylor ($2), Major John Ripley ($3),...
July 1, 1799 Citation only Truman Mosely William Simmons Citation only, no image.
January 12, 1792 This Unfortunate Affair, Etc. Robert Barr Samuel Hodgdon The only course to follow is to have Col. Darke represent the true state of the case to Congress and at the same time draw a draft for the appropriate amount. Surely Col. Darke will do everything in his power to help us out of this unfortunate affair given his own role in leading us into it.
April 18, 1799 RE Organization of Individual Regiments Alexander Hamilton Truman Mosely Routine instructions and correspondence concerning the organization of individual regiments.
June 16, 1799 Citation Only William Simmons Truman Mosely Cited in Simmons to Mosely, 07/06/1799.
January 25, 1796 Pay of Private Elisha Barrow, Deceased of Captain Joseph Shaylor's Company 2nd Regiment William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that $22.63 is due the estate of Elisha Barrow, a private in Captain Joseph Shaylor's Company 2nd Regiment, being the balance of his pay which is payable to Eleanor Bassett, his mother.
June 5, 1792 The State of Indian Talks; Threat of Attack Rufus Putnam Henry Knox Putnam informs Knox of the state of the negotiations between the US and some of the northern tribes and warns that any attack by the US on Indian towns would severely hinder the talks and endanger all US citizens in the vicinity of the attack.
August 3, 1799 Account Book Entries William Simmons [not available] Forwards account due to Theodore Sedgwick and claims for mustering milita. Notice of issue of warrant for $2000 in favor of Lieutenant John G. McWhorter. Reports condition of health of D. Thompson.
May 16, 1799 Assignment of Officers Alexander Hamilton [not available] Hamilton lists the assignment of officers to the two Regiments of Artillerists and Engineers.
July 6, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Truman Mosely Simmons informs Mosely that his accounts and vouchers were received. Simmons also encloses duplicate copy of a miscarried letter.
April 27, 1799 Vouchers of Troops in Georgia John Habersham James McHenry Five-page list of vouchers delivered by Ensign Hugh McCall, Paymaster to the Federal Troops in Georgia, to John Habersham on behalf of Lt. Truman, agent for the War Department, to be submitted by him to the Accountant of the department and passed to the credit of said McCall.
July 17, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Truman Mosely Simmons informs Mosely that future payments will be governed by pay and muster rolls.
September 20, 1799 Account Book Listing Accounts for Paymasters William Simmons [not available] Abstract of moneys forwarded to Paymasters, as well as other accounts for various individuals.
March 13, 1786 Office of Army Accounts Business John Pierce John White Discusses the priority for settling accounts; discusses the demands of an officer for pay and allowances; mentions pay certificates received and issued
June 5, 1792 We Shall Unite in Friendship & Love Rufus Putnam Tribes on the Miami, Tawa, & Wabash Rivers This is a copy of a speech by General Rufus Putnam to the tribes of the Miami, Tawa, and Wabash Rivers in which he assures the Indians of the peaceful intentions of the President and Congress and his plans to meet with the tribal headmen soon to resolve any differences between them and the United States.
August 6, 1792 Accounts of Capture by Indians & Rumor of Indian Attack on Detroit Anthony Wayne Henry Knox The letter begins by informing Knox that it is certain that Indians killed Colonel Harding and Major Truman. Two men who were taken prisoner by the Indians provide an account of how the men lost their lives. There is also a report that a Simon Girty left with four hundred Indians and is planning an attack on the Americans in Detroit.
August 2, 1799 Paymaster Accounts William Simmons Caleb Swan Accounts of paymasters and their debits. Lists payments for regiments as well as their commanding officers. Has furnished instructions relative to duties.
August 1, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Caleb Swan Simmons provides the accounts of designated paymasters to Caleb Swan for examination.
April 16, 1799 Pay, Nominations, Commissions, Etc. James McHenry Alexander Hamilton McHenry discusses a number of accounting and personnel matters related to the Provisional Army.
February 12, 1794 Pay roll of the militia guard, 09/22/1793 to 10/19/[1793]. Thomas Holt Accountant's Office List of names and pay of soldiers employed to guard the public arsenal in New London, Virginia.
July 27, 1792 Military expeditions against Northwest Indians Henry Knox James Wilkinson Secretary Knox discusses peace overtures with the Northwest Indians to General Wilkinson. Also discusses expeditions against Indians.
February 6, 1786 Report on Colonel Shreve's Recruiting Accounts Caleb Swan John Pierce Report on the state of Colonel Shreve's recruiting accounts for the year 1777. Lists company Captains in the regiment.
September 1788 Captain Power's claim H. Henly Joseph Howell Discusses Captain Power's claim against Henly.
November 28, 1786 Account of Public Securities Delivered Jonathan Phillips John Pierce Oliver Wolcott Discusses accounts of public securities delivered to Mr. Jonathan Phillips.