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November 26, 1794 Accounts of Dr. Malachi Treat and Dr. Nesbitt Joseph Howell Doctor Malachi Treat An order in Dr. Treat's favor for $67.12 has been made at the branch bank of the United States at New York, being for the amount of Treat's and Dr. Nesbitt's account at the Treasury.
October 13, 1794 Accounts of Dr. Malachi Treat [not available] Doctor Malachi Treat Dr. Treat's accounts have been handed to the Auditor of the Treasury for adjustment but further evidence is needed before they can be settled. The same is true for Doctor Nesbitt.
July 11, 1835 Statement on Service in the Revolutionary War Edward A. Bangs Peter Hagner Statement regarding the Revolutionary War service of Captain Samuel Treat of the Artillery.
September 29, 1794 Account Against the U. S. by Capt. Sedam Doctor Malachi Treat Joseph Howell Enclosed is an account against the United States by Capt. Cornelius Sedam at Governors Island with a certificate for Doctor [?] who is with Dr. Treat at Portsmouth.
October 27, 1792 How to Treat Indians Henry Knox Henry Gaither Advised to always be on guard for Indian attacks but to to avoid air of suspicion toward friendly Indians. Always treat them with kindness.
March 9, 1793 Appointment as Commissioner to Treat with Hostile Indians Henry Knox Benjamin Lincoln Lincoln is notified of his appointment as a Commissioner to treat with the Indians north of the Ohio. The other Commissioners will be Governor Randolph and Colonel Pickering.
March 21, 1784 Election of Indian Commissioners Charles Thomson [not available] Appears to be a copy of the resolutions of Congress regarding the appointment of Commissioners to treat with the Cherokees and other southern Indian nations.
April 10, 1790 Knox discusses Indian affairs with Wayne Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Letter, discusses Georgia's right to treat with Indians.
July 25, 1794 Knox directs Chapin to treat with Six Nations Henry Knox [not available] Letter, informs Chapin re Indian council; directs Chapin to treat with Six Nations; mentions Post Office; mentions Quakers; directs accommodation and provision for Indians & commissioners.
September 21, 1798 Forwarding Lieutenant's Petition John Adams James McHenry Encloses a letter with some form of petition from a long-standing lieutenant "at the castle."
January 21, 1796 Use of Recruiting Funds by Captain Blackburn Timothy Pickering Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Pickering discusses the case of the late Lieutenant Grayson who was given recruiting money by Captain Blackburn but never acquired any recruits. It appears that Capt. Blackburn was justified in making the payment but Pickering challenges the actions of the accountant who seems to treat every man settling an account as a rascal.
July 11, 1792 Recent News from Fort Jefferson John Harris [not available] Harris reports on recent events at Fort Jefferson, including the loss of several lives due to the depredations of hostile Indians.
April 21, 1788 Captain Jones's account Margaret Jones Joseph Howell From the letter book of Joseph Howell, Assistant Commissioner of Army Accounts in the Board of Treasury's Office of Army Accounts. Captain Jones's widow discusses the statement of Captain Jones's account.
February 19, 1790 Pay Due to Family of Deceased Continental Officers Joseph Howell Henry Knox Discusses pay due to the heirs of deceased members of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War.
August 21, 1793 Letter to Major General Anthony Wayne, Fort Washington from Federal Commissioners Sandusky Conference on Indian decision not to treat Federal Commissioners Treaty at Sandusky Anthony Wayne Commissioners report that they are returning from the mouth of Detroit River, where they waited for four weeks for Indians to close the council at rapids of Miami in order to convene treaty proceedings at Sandusky. They report that the Indians have determined not to treat at all; final answer on this matter received 16 August. Commissioners continue to hope for peace and express thanks to General...
September 22, 1786 Mr. Phelon returns John Pierce Robert Treat Paine The former confidential clerk of the Office of Army Accounts, John Phelon, has returned from Canada and found in Boston. Phelon allegedly stole certificate paper for the purposes of producing counterfeit certificates. His guilt or innocence is not known at the present.
June 1784 Estimates of debts due in the Quartermaster General's Department Quartermaster General's Department [not available] From Quartermaster General's Dept. and Commissary of Military Stores Dept. Account Book. Estimate of the sum necessary for paying the listed debts due in the Quartermaster General's Department for June 1784.
September 1, 1786 Counterfeited certificates John Pierce Robert Treat Paine In Pierce's previous letter, he enclosed a sundry disposition of the individuals who sold the counterfeited certificates. Discusses the case further.
November 25, 1796 Confronting Intruders on Indian Land, Etc. James McHenry Richard Sparks Sparks is directed to assume whatever position on the frontier, or in Indian Country, that he and Mr. Henley feel is best calculated to cover the most exposed and greatest scope of Indian Country. He is to erect the necessary works for the security of his men and place the post in such a position as to be defended in case of attack. As to intruders on Indian land, Sparks will treat them in the...
December 16, 1793 Table of Contents Volume II, including instructions to commissioners appointed to treat with Indians north of Ohio, statement relative to Southwestern Frontier & the Creek and Cherokee Indians, letter accompanying return of ordnance and military stores of United States Henry Knox [not available] Table of contents includes instructions for commissioners appointed to treat with Indians north of Ohio [Sandusky Conference], and a journal of the proceedings; a letter from Secretary of War Henry Knox accompanying a return of ordnance, arms and military stores of United States; and statement relative to the South Western frontiers as connected with the State of Georgia and the Creek Indians,...
October 13, 1795 Pay of Captain Samuel Tinsley, Ensign Samuel Allinson & Men William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that $500.80 is due Captain Samuel Tinsley, Ensign Samuel Allinson, and the men under Captain Tinsley's command at Richmond Virginia, being their pay for August and September 1795.
June 28, 1793 We shall sail with the first fair wind. Benjamin Lincoln Isaac Craig Commissioners LIncoln, Randolph, and Pickering report on the status of their expedition to treat with the Western Indians.
November 13, 1795 Pay of Captain Tinsley, Ensign Allison, & Their Men William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that $274.68 is due Captain Samuel Tinsley, Ensign Samuel Allison, and the men under Captain Tinsley's command, being his and their pay for October 1795.
December 30, 1800 American Treatment of Armed French Vessels Benjamin Stoddert Commodore Barry Despite the fact that a treaty with the French Republic is before the U. S. Senate, Secretary of the Navy Stoddert orders Barry to treat French armed vessels as hostile so long as they continue their depredations against American trading vessels.
June 21, 1793 Keeping Up a War with the United States Samuel Fulton [not available] Fulton attests to the machinations of a number of men, including Governor O' Neal and Mr. Panton, encouraging the Creeks to keep up a war with the United States. The Indians themselves say that they can ravage citizens of the U.S. and still expect to treat with them and receive presents because the citizens are so good-natured.