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September 5, 1786 Counterfeited certificates John Pierce John Jay Concerning John Phelon, the former confidential clerk in the Office of Army Accounts who allegedly stole certificate paper to counterfeit. Phelon has fled to Canada and so the propriety of going after him is debated. According to the customs of nations, however, Phelon cannot be delivered up. If Phelon is not arrested and the certificate paper not confiscated, he may do "considerable mischief" to...
September 22, 1786 Mr. Phelon returns John Pierce Robert Treat Paine The former confidential clerk of the Office of Army Accounts, John Phelon, has returned from Canada and found in Boston. Phelon allegedly stole certificate paper for the purposes of producing counterfeit certificates. His guilt or innocence is not known at the present.
August 30, 1786 Failed effort to catch suspected counterfeiter Simon Jackson John Pierce Capt. Simon Jackson writes John Pierce, describing his efforts to catch Capt. John Phelon before he flees to Canada. Phelon was Pierce's confidential clerk at the Office of Army Accounts and is suspected of having stolen certificate paper in order to counterfeit. Jackson was unable to find Phelon, who has most likely reached Quebec.
October 22, 1786 Bail for Mr. Phelon John Pierce Samuel Barrett Notes that the suspected counterfeiter of certificates, John Phelon, has been granted permission for bail by the Board of Treasury.
August 30, 1786 Letter to the Commissioner of Army Accounts S. Jackson John Pierce Letter to the Commissioner of Army Accounts concerning Captain Phelon; discusses his various travels in pursuing Phelon.
August 30, 1786 Counterfeited certificates John Pierce Board of Treasury Letter to the Board of Treasury regarding John Phelon, Pierce's former confidential clerk who is suspected of having stolen certificate paper to counterfeit. Capt. Simon Jackson has been dispatched to cut Phelon off before he flees to Canada.
August 23, 1791 Request for More Cartridges Patrick Phelon Samuel Hodgdon Captain Patrick Phelon reports all men accounted for, but box of ammunition did not contain amount expected. Requests that Col Hodgdon send ammunition on next provision boat.
July 16, 1794 Deficiencies in the Account of Capt. Patrick Phelon Joseph Howell John King The reason why Capt. Phelon's accounts are not settled is due to the defiency of his vouchers and the unauthorized advances he has made, in addition to the confusion caused by the blending of his accounts with those of other officers.
September 23, 1786 Return of Mr. Phelon John Pierce Samuel Barrett The Commissioner of Army Accounts discusses the return of John Phelon, former confidential clerk, from Canada. Phelon was suspected of stealing certificate paper for counterfeiting, but his return now makes his guilt somewhat dubious.
October 30, 1786 Counterfeited certificates John Pierce Loan Officers Circular letter to the Loan Officers of the different States describing the counterfeited certificates passed by former confidential clerk John Phelon.
August 25, 1786 Counterfeited certificates John Pierce John Sullivan Writes the President of the State of New Hampshire concerning the case of counterfeited certificates. Major Amos Morrill and John Phelon are suspected.
August 7, 1786 Final settlements certificate paper taken John Pierce Thomas Chittenden Writes Governor Thomas Chittenden of Vermont that Capt. John Phelon, employed as confidential clerk in the Office of Army Accounts, has taken a quantity of the final settlements certificate paper, on which the debt of the United States is certified. Pierce writes that this will do a great disservice to the United States and Pierce's own reputation.
October 30, 1786 Circular Letter Regarding Counterfeiting John Pierce [not available] Pierce encloses a register of certificates which he believes may have been counterfeited by Phelon. He directs the officers how to deal with possible counterfeits.
July 31, 1786 Letter to the Board of Treasury John Pierce Board of Treasury Letter from the Commissioner of Accounts to the Board of Treasury. Mentions the counterfeited certificates from recent letters.
January 19, 1784 Commutation Pay Patrick Phelon John Pierce Discusses the denial of commutation pay for a major.
August 30, 1791 Disposition of Travelers Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Passage by boat was without incident. Craig was intoxicated, John complained loudly, horses to be transported shortly.
July 11, 1790 Jackson asks Knox to find employment for Captain Phelon Henry Jackson Henry Knox Letter, recommends candidate for appointment.
April 8, 1792 Contemporary Copy of Letter, Jonathan Haskell to Henry Knox Jonathan Haskell Henry Knox Letter, describes passage of troops; discusses frontier protection.
January 19, 1784 Pay of Aids-de-Camp John Pierce Patrick Phelon Discusses Congress's intentions as to the pay of officers who served as aids-de-camp in the army.
September 23, 1786 Suspicions surrounding an official John Pierce Samuel Barrett Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts regarding suspicions surrounding a particular official; mentions working with the Attorney General.
November 12, 1791 Doctor request for payment John Anderson Henry Knox Doctor Anderson reports that he took care of three soldiers under Captain Phelan, 2d Regiment of United States, at Bedford. Asks for payment. Describes the treatments in detail.
July 12, 1791 Avoid an Open Rupture with the Crown Henry Knox Major General Richard Butler Knox warns against incidents that may incite the British since the present situation of the United States inhibits actions against them unless the honor of the country is at stake.
August 4, 1791 Additional Necessary Supplies & Inadequacy of Furnace; Order for Advance down the Ohio Henry Knox Samuel Hodgdon Informs Hodgdon that the bills he had drawn will be paid. Expresses dismay at a reported need for additional supplies, particularly for shells, which cannot be obtained; casts aspersion on Turnbull & Marmie's Furnace, which has proved inadequate. Strongly suggests that the force now assembling at Pittsburgh descend the Ohio as soon as possible.
July 12, 1791 Avoid an Open Rupture with Great Britain Henry Knox Richard Butler Even though Thomas Rhea alleges British complicty with the hostile Indians, Knox warns against antagonizing the British at a time when the campaign against the Indians is at hand.
December 9, 1795 Pay of Private Abiather Alvord, deceased, 2d Regiment under Captain Phelan William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies $8.63 due Private Abiather Alvord, 2d Regiment under Captain Phelan to 4 November 1791, the day of his death, payable to Caleb Strong, Esquire, Attorney for Jonathan Alvord, father and heir.