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December 22, 1794 Pay of Lt. McClellan's Transferred Recruits Joseph Howell John McClellan Lt. McClellan's muster rolls have been received but, since some of the recruits were transferred to Capt. Thompson's command, their pay has been remitted to him.
January 2, 1795 Enclosed Accounts John McClellan Joseph Howell Received Howell's letter, in response McClellan enclosed a muster roll under cover to the Secretary of War. McClellan was under the impression that none of his men would be called to the rendez vous but would rather stay with him until the Spring.
June 19, 1797 Purchase of a Horse for Fort Niagara John McClellan James McHenry At Captain Bruff's direction, McClellan purchased a horse for the use of the garrison at Fort Niagara. He has drawn on McHenry in favor of Clinch & Van Volgin the sum of $112.50 to be paid by the Supervisor of the District of New York.
February 2, 1795 Request for Pay to be Forwarded to Albany John McClellan Joseph Howell McClellan requested pay owed soldiers to be sent, many owed backpay and McClellan forced to make advances to men so they may settle debts.
March 3, 1800 Accounts from Major General Hamilton James McHenry William Simmons Discusses claim for expenses by Captain McClellan, incurred in attending court martial. Also encloses account for expenses pursuing deserters.
October 5, 1797 Bill of Exchange to Dr. John E. Coffin John McClellan James McHenry McClellan requests that McHenry pay his Bill of Exchange for $95 to Dr. John E. Coffin or order the same sum for value received.
November 3, 1794 Illegal attack on Cherokees William Blount M'Clellan Order from Governor William Blount of Southwest Territory to Sergeant McClellan, regarding General Logan's illegal invasion of Lower Cherokee towns, who are allies of the United States. Sergeant McClellan is ordered to intercept General Logan before he arrives at the Tennessee River. Upon finding the General, he will deliver a letter ordering him to stop.
November 3, 1794 Illegal attack on Cherokees William Blount M'Clellan Governor William Blount of Southwest Territory orders Sergeant McClellan to immediately intercept General Logan and his illegal attack on the Lower Cherokees.
July 23, 1795 Letter to the Accountant of the War Department John McClellan William Simmons Letter from John McClellan to William Simmons, War Department Accountant. Citation only
June 3, 1796 Submits Clothing Needs John McClellan Samuel Hodgdon Col. Tousard requested that McClellan write to say that West Point is in great need of summer clothing. Lists items needed by men before they leave the garrison. Col. Rochefontaine requested an estimate of necessary clothing for six months.
September 18, 1795 Abstract of Clothing and Stationary delivered to Artillerists and Engineers John Harris Samuel Hodgdon Lists items such as clothing, supplies, stationary; artillery, weapons, and food given to artillerists and engineers. Information extracted from vouchers.
December 10, 1799 Cited letter or document, Samuel Hodgdon to John McClellan Samuel Hodgdon John McClellan Letter, Citation only
June 10, 1798 Certification of Payment Multiple Authors [not available] Certified that Robert Wilson paid the authors for corn, meat, and salt for the Indians.
June 24, 1793 Abstract of Pay Due Militia Southwest of the Ohio 1793 Joseph Howell David Henley Abstract of pay due the militia called into service for the protection of the frontiers South of the Ohio by order of the Governor, William Blount in the year 1793.
January 25, 1795 Letters Received William Simmons Nehemiah Freeman Acknowledges receiving enclosed receipts from Freeman's last letter.
February 5, 1800 Expenses of General Macpherson and suite on Expedition to Northhampton James Miller William Simmons Refers to abstract for sundry stores, liquors furnished by Benjamin W. Morris for the use of General Macpherson and suite on Expedition to Northhampton. Issues include whether United States must lose articles not returned or whether Macpherson must pay for them.
May 14, 1799 Sundry Deployments of Officers, Etc. James McHenry William Grove McHenry discusses sundry officer deployments. It seems likely that Mr. Love, who belongs to the 4th Regiment, will be attached to the officer who has been ordered by Colonel Hamilton to Salisbury in Carolina. Lieutenant Rowan has been assigned to a southern garrison but his eventual employment will depend on Major General Pinckney. McHenry stresses, however, that officers will not receive pay or...
January 23, 1796 Receipts Received William Simmons Stephen Rochefontaine Informs Col. Rochefontaine at West Point that the office received his letter enclosing the receipts of Nehemiah Freeman, George Fleming, and Capt. Wadsworth.
December 22, 1794 Letter Citation Joseph Howell John McClellan Letter, citation only.
April 13, 1800 A Marquee & Baggage Wagon for General Hamilton, Etc. Ebenezer Stevens Samuel Hodgdon General Hamilton will soon take the field and his first rendezvous will be at Union Camp Scotch Plains. He will want his marquee and the Adjutant General will also want one for his office and to accomodate his family. Mr. Miller should be asked to furnish General Hamilton with a baggage wagon without delay. Captain McClallen's company of the 1st Regiment of Artillerists and Engineers are marching...
July 12, 1791 Avoid an Open Rupture with the Crown Henry Knox Major General Richard Butler Knox warns against incidents that may incite the British since the present situation of the United States inhibits actions against them unless the honor of the country is at stake.
July 9, 1799 Question of Payment for those Not Authorized by Law Samuel Vance William Simmons Vance is handing over vouchers for the payment of the volunteers on the Northampton Expedition. He notes that the muster contains a surgeon, quartermaster, lieutenant, and black men, and there is no law authorizing payment to those persons. He has submitted the question to the Secretary of War for his decision.
July 12, 1791 Avoid an Open Rupture with Great Britain Henry Knox Richard Butler Even though Thomas Rhea alleges British complicty with the hostile Indians, Knox warns against antagonizing the British at a time when the campaign against the Indians is at hand.
June 23, 1798 Payments Due Robert Wilson, Interpreter [not available] [not available] Account for payment to Robert Wilson for service as an Indian interpreter and traveling with Indians.
August 15, 1798 True State of the Garrison Samuel Hodgdon John Jacob Rivardi Because of inaccuracies in the return of the former Quartermaster, Hodgdon requests clarification relative to the true state of the public stores of the garrison at Niagara