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March 27, 1798 Certification of payments; account of John Lockwood, deceased William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $73.20 is due John Lockwood, late Sailing Master of the frigate "United States", being for his pay and subsistence from August 1, 1797, the date of his appointment, to September 12, 1797, the date of his death.
June 28, 1792 Appointment as Captain in United States Army Henry Knox William Preston William Preston is appointed captain in United States Army vice William Lowther, who declines, pending Senate approval. Subalterns are Lieutenant Benjamin Lockwood and Ensign Stephen Trigg. Money for recruiting to be forwarded to Richmond.
November 22, 1792 Regarding Recruiting, Supplies, Rations Henry Knox William Preston Knox pleased to hear of Captain Preston's success in recruiting. Discusses supply of clothing to be shipped to Richmond and procurement of rations.
June 22, 1792 Appointment of Wiliam Preston Henry Knox William Preston Secretary Knox advises William Preston on the conditions of his appointment as captain, pending the approbation of the Senate at their next session. Also offers the names of his subalterns.
August 2, 1792 Procurement of equipment and route of travel Henry Knox William Preston Because of the remoteness of Captain Preston's situation, SecretaryKnox forwards money for personal equipment, and one month's pay for the men. Equipment will be transported to Pittsburgh by Major General Wayne to Point Pleasant, mouth of Great Henhawa. Captain Gibson's company will provide escort from Green Briar Court House to Point Pleasant. Discusses difficulty of transport of arms and...
December 10, 1800 Duplicate Returns for Quarter Masters' Stores Issued in November1800. [not available] [not available] Includes returns of sundry articles, including stationery and articles wanted for the use of the Cherokee Nation.
September 5, 1797 Enlistment Pledge of John Casely John Casely [not available] Casely acknowledges that he has voluntarily enlisted to serve one year in the Marine Service, unless sooner discharged, according to the Act passed July 1st 1797 which provides a Naval Armament. The rules and articles of the Navy against mutiny and desertion have been read to him and he will be paid six dollars per month.
April 7, 1800 Duplicate Returns (issued) of QM Stores [not available] [not available] Return for sundry articles wanting in the Quartermaster's Department at the post of Southwest Point. Documents note return of wagon wheels and ploughs for the use of the Cherokee Nation.
November 12, 1800 Duplicate Returns Issued in the Month of October for the Quarter Masters' Stores [not available] [not available] Returns issued in month of October Department of War in Tennessee at Southwest Point post
December 29, 1791 Payment to Scouts on Ohio County Virginia David Shepard [not available] Sundry receipts and statements related to the employment of Scouts in Ohio County Virginia.
[not available] Summary of correspondence from General Knox to General Wayne Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Accounts of raising & recruiting army companies; advises re uniforms, arms & accoutrements; standardization of procedures. Peace negotiations with Indians.
November 15, 1799 Arrangement of the Officers of the Infantry Regiments James McHenry Alexander Hamilton McHenry suggests to Hamilton that the rule of seniority should be followed with regard to assignment to specific regiments and transfers between regiments should not be detrimental to individual officers. He then lists numerous assignments and transfers that have aided or injured specific officers.
March 12, 1800 Duplicate Returns for the Quarter Master Stores in February 1800 [not available] [not available] Returns of Quartermaster stores for month of February 1800 from the War Department of Tennessee, specifically at Southwest Point. Includes an order for black velvet for making a pall.
February 5, 1800 Duplicate Returns (issued) of QM Stores. [not available] [not available] Copy of returns of Quartermaster stores for month of January 1800 from the War Department of Tennessee, specifically at Southwest Point. This includes receipt of a horse for the use of an agent for the Indian Department in the Cherokee Nation. Also includes an order for black silk and velvet.
August 3, 1792 Detailed Plans for Gibson; Preston; Thomas Lewis, and Howell Lewis Companies Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Detailed account of supplies, number of troops, and locations to which they'll march. Enclosed invoices with materials distributed.
July 23, 1800 Duplicate Returns of Quartermasters Stores for the Dept of War in Tennessee [not available] [not available] Inspection returns for sundry items for use of troops of from posts at Southwest Point and Tellico in Tennessee.
July 28, 1792 Discussing the outfitting and deployment of troops Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Wayne discusses the deployment and outfitting of some of his forces, the need for rifle uniforms, and the punishment of a difficult young man named Lieut. Smith.
March 7, 1792 List of Insufficient Vouchers Joseph Howell Richard Harrison List of insufficient vouchers for the account of William Stevens, agent in the 6th Regiment of Artillery.
August 3, 1792 Discussing Progress of Recruits, Allocation of Stores, and Indian Relations Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Knox talks of the progress of the movement of recruits and the allocations of stores and the procedures for strict accountability of all public property. Uniformity of pay procedures is advocated. Responds to Wayne's inquiry regarding scouts. No effort should be made to keep the hostile Indians at the council nor should the friendly Chickasaws be retained since they will not be needed in the...
September 21, 1792 Measures Necessary to Protect the Frontier Henry Knox Anthony Wayne It appears that Wayne's force will not be over 3500 men and stores, forage, and shelter will be provided accordingly. Wayne should take whatever measures are necessary to ensure that the frontiers are protected. The trial of Ensign Morgan should proceed forthwith. Eleven deserters have been punished. Etc.
February 6, 1786 Report on Colonel Shreve's Recruiting Accounts Caleb Swan John Pierce Report on the state of Colonel Shreve's recruiting accounts for the year 1777. Lists company Captains in the regiment.
September 1788 Captain Power's claim H. Henly Joseph Howell Discusses Captain Power's claim against Henly.
November 28, 1786 Account of Public Securities Delivered Jonathan Phillips John Pierce Oliver Wolcott Discusses accounts of public securities delivered to Mr. Jonathan Phillips.
July 3, 1796 Reports Activity of Captain Lewis and Captain Bruff James McHenry George Washington Has been anxiously awaiting Captain Lewis. Reports movement of Captain Bruff's company of artillery and arrival at West Point.
November 16, 1791 Positive Report for Captain Hudang Joseph Shaylor Samuel Hodgdon Reports attention of Captain Hudang to the duties of his command.