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May 13, 1791 Account of Major Finley Joseph Howell Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Encloses the statement of accounts for Major Samuel Finley of the late line of Virginia, concluding that Finley is entitled to pay.
May 11, 1791 Certifying the Service of Major Finley Christian Lebiger Joseph Howell Lebiger certifies that when he took command of the troops at Cumberland Courthouse after the surrender of Yorktown, he directed Major Finley, then posted at Penn's Tavern in Amherst County, to join with his detachment. Finley was Major at the post until March 1782 when he marched with the battalion under command of Lieutenant Colonel Rawlings to join the southern army under General Green and...
October 11, 1787 Joseph Howell discusses army accounts with Captain McConnell Joseph Howell Matthew McConnell Joseph Howell issues certificates to Captain McConnell for disbursement to the 3rd Regiment and to Lieutenant James McFarlane of the 1st Regiment.
September 28, 1797 Settlement of Accounts, with details William Simmons Nehemiah Freeman Finley and Cornwall's account considered by Simmons. Col. Rochefontaine noted Freeman regarding issue, Simmons declared it by no means facilitated settlement. After considering every point of view, Simmons deducted $9.40 from account, remaining balance: $29.60. Simmons requests Freeman pay the parties with the unappropriated monies in his hands after acquisition of appropriate receipts. ...
November 23, 1792 Reed's & Finley's Account, Etc. Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Craig is sorry that Reed's and Finley's accounts did not reach Hodgdon but feels confident that no pains will be necessary to reach a final settlement of all the charges against the Quartermaster General's department during Hodgon's administration.
October 20, 1787 William McConnell discusses army accounts with Joseph Howell William McConnell Joseph Howell William McConnell confirms receipt of certificates sent by Joseph Howell.
January 25, 1794 Account of Finley McCaskell Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of service and settlement of pay for Finley McCaskell, late private in the 3rd South Carolina Regiment.
May 13, 1791 Statement of Claims of Major Samuel Finley Joseph Howell Oliver Wolcott, Jr. The United States in account with Major Samuel Finley of the Virginia Line.
May 13, 1791 Accounts of Major Samuel Finley Joseph Howell Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Howell discusses the accountsof Major Samuel Finley of the late line of Virginia.
August 30, 1797 Denial of Extra Pay for Artillerists and Engineers William Simmons Nehemiah Freeman Believed it improper to approve extra pay for instructing muster corps of artillerist and engineers as requested in the accounts of Robert Finley and George Stuart Drummers. The task should be considered a duty and therefore not rewarded. Enclosed returned accounts.
September 15, 1797 Outlines Affairs with Ebenezer Bullard; Recommends William Carson Edward Price James McHenry Reports from Ebenezer Bullard about assistance at the factory. Prefers not to discharge Bullard but seeks to suspend him until he resigns or quits. Recommends William Carson, a friend of Captain Finley, who has good blacksmith skills. Seeks instruction for affairs before he leaves for Philadelphia.
August 25, 1797 Instructions for monetary advances for pursuing deserters William Simmons Nehemiah Freeman In agreement with a previous letter sent to Nehemiah Freeman on July 9th, Simmons enclosed instructions for issuing advances in payment to those pursuing deserters. Account of Finley and Cornwall for pursuing deserters was deemed extravagant and submitted to Col. Rochefontaine for remarks.
June 2, 1786 Finley's final settlement with Army Joseph Finley Joseph Howell The author believes he was wrongfully deprived of Three Hundred dollars in his final settlement with the Army and has the receipt to prove it. Also enclosed is the amount owed Andrew Finley which, it is hoped will be transmitted by the next stage.
June 8, 1786 Regarding Finley's final settlment with Army Joseph Howell Joseph Finley The author grants the recipient's request for a final settlement of three hundred dollars but first the recipient must draw an order from the Commissioner of Army Accounts in the author's favor before the Certificate can be sent. The charges of Andrew Finley cannot be granted as requested because they might have already have been drawn for him by his regiment which still has unsettled accounts...
May 10, 1793 Outfitting of Boats; the Work of Pilot Denis Ferris Isaac Craig James O'Hara Reports on fitting of boats at Legion Ville. Mentions Major McCully and taking charge of the boats at Wheeling. Directed Major Finley to give Denis Ferris charge of the boats and send them forward. Praises the work of the diminutive Ferris as a boatman and pilot.
August 9, 1797 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Nehemiah Freeman Simmons discusses expenses deemed allowable in pursuit of deserters.
April 29, 1784 Regarding warrants drawn on foreign officers Unknown Author Mr. Morris List of foreign officers in the army who drew warrants for pay from the war office.
April 29, 1799 Officers Required to Complete Pennsylvania Regiment, & Recommendations James McHenry John Adams Declares the number of officers needed to complete the set for the new regiment being raised in Pennsylvania, namely one captain and five lieutenants, and encloses recommendations for each post.
December 10, 1791 Certificates of John Bennett and John Strahan Joseph Howell Robert Denny The certificates issued for John Bennett and John Strahan of Lee's Legion and issued to Mr. White are found to have been cancelled by the Treasury but it is not evident who funded them or who disposed of them. Richmond is of the opinion that Mr. White lodged all the certificates remaining in his hands with Mr. Harwood or Mr. Johnston. Denny is asked to examine all the receipts lodged by Mr. White...
September 18, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Robert Howe Simmons informs Howe to expect payment from Griffith McRee.
November 9, 1792 Receipt for Payments: Captain Sparks, Lieutenant Vance, Captain Briggs Joseph Howell Isaac Craig Receipt for payments: Captain Sparks, Lieutenant Vance. This completes payments intended for Captain Briggs.
July 11, 1795 Pay of Captain Thompson, Lieutenant Elmer & Lieutenant Hardy, & Recruits William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that $433.57 is due Captain Alexander Thompson, Lieutenant Theophilus Elmer and Lieutenant George Hardy, and the recruits under Captain Thompson, being for his and their pay through June 1795.
April 4, 1798 Accounts of Capt. McRea Griffith James McRee William Simmons Transmitted are McRea's recruiting account and vouchers. As only $200 has been paid, there is a balance due which should be remitted. Finley and Miller are good soldiers whose fidelity entitles them to their bounties upon reenlistment. McRea also includes his own account for the pay due him.
February 16, 1797 Officers with unaccounted money William Simmons Caleb Swan Cover letter for packet of letters to listed officers with outstanding charges for money received from the War Office
August 31, 1799 Submission of Proposed Appointments & Promotions for 12th Regiment James McHenry John Adams McHenry submits a list of proposed promotions and appointments in the Twelfth regiment of Infantry, for Adams' approval. Two lists follow, compiled separately and contingent on whether a certain officer has resigned; the lists account for 5 first lieutenants, 6-7 second lieutenants, 1 surgeon, and two surgeon's mates.