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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
April 30, 1793 Power of Attorney to Samuel Shannon from John Burton John Burton Samuel Shannon Power of attorney given by John Burton to Samuel Shannon regarding service rendered as soldier. Documents signed by John McCluster, Thomas Woods, and John Burton.
1797 Information on Fraud Unknown Author William Simmons Related details of conversation "in this office" that pertained to fraud, John Connor, and John Shannon.
November 29, 1794 Enclosed Return of Captain Shannon William Winchester William Rickard "Enclosed is Captain Shannon's return with my report on it."
December 1796 Deposition of John Shannon John Shannon [not available] Testament of illegal impersonation of soldiers by John Hindman and John Connor.
October 13, 1797 Pay of Artificer at Fort Norfolk and other discrepancies William Simmons John Saunders Simmons received muster and pay rolls for detachments at Fort Norfolk, September 1797. In rolls, John Saunders indicates pay of Sergent Michael Shannon as artificer. Simmons advised that none are entitled to receive pay, it is their duty. Simmons requests Saunders transmit a certificate specifying the trade of Shannon which will enable Simmons to judge the propriety of admitting the charge. ...
1796 MIscellaneous Papers Relative to Fraudulent Claims Against the United States Christian Hubbert [not available] Cover page of large file of documents stating that various Justices of the Peace in New York, New Jersey, and Delaware had their signatures/seals/certificate of power of attorney forged.
January 30, 1799 Certification of payments; Phoebe Shannon, matron to hospital Fort Norfolk, Virginia William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payments; $112 to Phoebe Shannon, matron to hospital Fort Norfolk, Virginia for her pay.
June 10, 1793 Power of Attorney for James Powers James Powers [not available] Power of attorney given by James Powers to Samuel Shannon. Document signed by David James, James Powers, and Samuel Laventy, and John Baker.
May 4, 1793 Power of Attorney Zebulon Fuller Samuel Shannon Power of attorney given by Zebulon Fuller to Samuel Shannon.
October 27, 1797 Receipt Rolls Deductions William Simmons Richard S. Blackburn Two receipt rolls for pay of Blackburn and detachment for July and August received. Deductions made to pay of Benjamin Noter, Matthew Madden, William Hughes, Forman Berston, Isaac Smith, Fielding Harding, John Willroy, David Griffith, Thomas Reeder. David Patterson, Michael Shannon, Benjamin Wells, Cuthbert Shelton all overpaid. Sum of $647.98 passed to the credit of Blackburn's account. ...
October 20, 1796 Muster and pay rolls and claims and bounty William Simmons Nehemiah Freeman Acknowledges receipt of muster and pay rolls of the Corps of Artillerists and Engineers at West Point. Provides Freeman with a list of the claims due by name to the soldiers in Captain Staats Morris's company and a list of balances due by name to soldiers in the Corps for "additional bounty"
September 14, 1797 Account Details for Fort Norfolk William Simmons Richard S. Blackburn Simmons received letter from Lieutenant John Saunders dated September 2nd containing muster and pay rolls for August. Total amount: $310.35. Additional monies added to total for payment of Simeon Jarvis, David Patteson Surgeon's mate, and Cuthbright Shelton. Deductions from total were taken for over-calculation of Patteson, Michael Shannon, David Griffith, and Benjamin Wells' pay. Remaining...
February 6, 1792 Memorandum of discharges for 1792 in the Hands of Robert Smith Lieutenant Smith [not available] List of officers and soldiers discharged for services in the Western Territories.
May 23, 1797 Statement of Iserloan Casper Iserloan [not available] Testimony in Commonwealth v Christian Hubbard and John Shannon
June 21, 1797 Credit to Blackburn's account William Simmons Richard S. Blackburn Acknowledges receipt of receipt roll that, after the specified corrections, will be credited on the books of the War Department accountant’s office. List soldiers who did not give receipts for pay.
May 17, 1793 Power of Attorney [not available] [not available] Christian Snyder grants Samuel Shannon power of attorney.
January 24, 1799 Disability Payment for Nathan Rawlings James McHenry Unknown Recipient Secretary McHenry authorizes Nathan Rawlings, captain of a company of Kentucky volunteers under the command of Major General Charles Scott, to receive disability pay ($10 per month until no longer disabled).
August 3, 1797 Deposition of James Humphreys James Humphreys [not available] Discussed employment of Humphreys by John Connor in "speculating in soldiers rights." Forgery of powers of attorney discussed.
August 21, 1798 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Richard S. Blackburn Simmons informs Blackburn to expect payment from Edward Carrington.
May 23, 1797 Examination of Casper Iserloan Casper Iserloan [not available] Addendum to deposition given by Iserloan to the Commonwealth on the false powers of attorney documents. Iserloan declares that two annexed papers are the forged powers of attorney he refers to in his testimony.
June 24, 1798 Abstract of Pay Due the Militia Called into Service for the Protection of the Frontiers 1793 Joseph Howell [not available] Abstract of pay due the militia called into service for the protection of the frontiers South of the Ohio by order of the Governor, William Blount in the year 1793.
July 13, 1799 Certification of Payment Due Captain John Bishop and John Dickens William Simmons James McHenry Certifies that $76.06 is due Captain John Bishop for subsistence and pay of John Dickens.
April 8, 1785 Memorial of Captain Wyley and Captain Jordan for commutation Joseph Howell John Pierce Refers to Captain Stong and the memorial of Captain Wyley and Captain Jordan for commutation with a resolve of congress.
June 1, 1794 Acceptance of Appointment as Captain John Stagg [not available] Captain Barry accepts his appointment as a captain in the pay of the U.S.; received by the War Department the last day of 1794.
October 29, 1796 Pay of Private John Rye, waiter to Captain John Wade of the 1st Sub Legion William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $40 is due Private John Rye, waiter to Captain John Wade of the 1st Sub Legion, being his pay from January through October 1796.