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June 30, 1793 Heavy Rains Affecting Winter Crops John Harris Samuel Hodgdon Harris briefly relates personal and fort-related news to Hodgdon, mentioning the army's readiness to engage the Indians in war and the effects of the heavy rains on the winter grain crop.
February 6, 1792 Memorandum of discharges for 1792 in the Hands of Robert Smith Lieutenant Smith [not available] List of officers and soldiers discharged for services in the Western Territories.
May 1, 1799 Importance of Good Settlers to Maintain Good Indian Relations David Henley James McHenry Reports that all public business is in good order. Heavy rains have detained shipment to Mr. Hooker. The South West Point ferry is not adequate. Wants to rent land to appropriate farmers of good character, for such settlers are necessary to maintain good relations between Indians, military, and government and to keep the peace.
November 19, 1790 Displeasure with Harmar's Performance George Washington Henry Knox Washington expresses extreme displeasure with Harmar's expedition against the Wabash Indians. He notes that he expected little from the moment he heard Harmar was a drunkard. He expected less when he heard that the people of the Western country had no confidence in him and gave up all hope of success when there were disputes with Harmar about command. The information is from a report only, but...
August 17, 1793 Our Settlements Much Distressed by Indians General Robertson Secretary Smith Robertson reports on the depredations of the marauding Indians in his district and his efforts to combat them with military force.
June 22, 1793 Forwarding Money; Post at Wheeling; Indian Baggage Henry Knox Isaac Craig Reports that $5000 sent as requested. Directs suspension of erection of post at Wheeling because of state of waters. Laments late arrival Indian baggage.
November 18, 1793 Extremely Dangerous for Me to Go John McKee William Blount Because of the bloody turmoil on the southwestern frontier resulting in depredations by Georgians and Indians, McKee has been warned by traders that it would be extremely hazardous for him to proceed into Indian country.
August 22, 1793 Indians Have Been Commonly in Our Settlements General Robertson William Blount Robertson reports on the hostile actions of the Indians which, though frequent, have been committed by small parties which can be confronted by companies of cavalry.
July 21, 1798 Receipt of Goods David Henley Samuel Hodgdon Letter, mentions that a few of the bales of goods received from Mr. Hamilton's teams were wet because of the continual rains.
July 29, 1788 Regarding the pursuit of the men who apprehended Pickering Timothy Pickering Benjamin Franklin Pickering reports on the status of the men who apprehended him and the subsequent pursuit of the suspects by Captain Rosewell Franklin. Captain Franklin followed the offenders up the river. Joseph Dudley, Nathan Abbot, and Benjamin Abbot were all apprehended after a confrontation. Captain Franklin is coordinating with people upriver to ensure the capture of all offenders. John Jenkins is...
July 25, 1796 Discussion of Yellow Fever Nathan Jones Josiah Fox Letter, discusses yellow fever.
June 20, 1793 Forecast of Indian Attendance at Sandusky, Etc. Federal Commissioners Treaty at Sandusky Henry Knox Federal commissioners for conference at Sandusky report that interpreter Parish is late, probably due to incessant rains. Moravian missionaries, John G. Heckewelder, Dr. McCoskey, Captain Hendricks with companions of Stockbridge Indian tribe, sailed from Fort Erie to Detroit to gain intelligence. They await arrival of commissioners, who intend to go to Detroit. Canada Lt. Governor Simcoe...
April 2, 1800 Copy of David Henley's wastebook. [not available] Unknown Recipient Extracts from the wastebook of David Henley, Agent for the Department of War Tennessee for month of February 1800. Records accounts and expenditures for the Department in Knoxville. Items include boarding for members of the Chickasaw Nation and a suit of clothes for the funeral procession of General Washington.
June 24, 1798 Abstract of Pay Due the Militia Called into Service for the Protection of the Frontiers 1793 Joseph Howell [not available] Abstract of pay due the militia called into service for the protection of the frontiers South of the Ohio by order of the Governor, William Blount in the year 1793.
July 13, 1799 Certification of Payment Due Captain John Bishop and John Dickens William Simmons James McHenry Certifies that $76.06 is due Captain John Bishop for subsistence and pay of John Dickens.
April 8, 1785 Memorial of Captain Wyley and Captain Jordan for commutation Joseph Howell John Pierce Refers to Captain Stong and the memorial of Captain Wyley and Captain Jordan for commutation with a resolve of congress.
June 22, 1793 Money Forwarded, Delivery Henry Knox Isaac Craig Money requested by Craig is forwarded, other payments discussed. Knox mentions delivery of Indian baggage.
June 1, 1794 Acceptance of Appointment as Captain John Stagg [not available] Captain Barry accepts his appointment as a captain in the pay of the U.S.; received by the War Department the last day of 1794.
October 29, 1796 Pay of Private John Rye, waiter to Captain John Wade of the 1st Sub Legion William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $40 is due Private John Rye, waiter to Captain John Wade of the 1st Sub Legion, being his pay from January through October 1796.
September 22, 1785 Administrative Matters John Pierce John White John Pierce sends to John White a letter praising the close scrutiny of accounts. However, Pierce adds that White not let his meticulous accounting practices delay the payments to the line. Pierce says he wants the money off his hands.
February 10, 1797 Account of Captain John Wade and omission of monies received William Simmons [not available] Simmons sends Henley a list of charges from the books of accountant's office against Captain John Wade, who marched Captain Gibbon's men. States that Wade omitted some monies received. Asks that Henley advise of probability of receiving money from Wade, or provide proper documentation.
November 5, 1799 Request for delivery of clothing and equipment Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Request to deliver clothing and equipment to Captain Joseph Elliot for use of a detachment of men belonging to Captain John Bishop's company.
September 11, 1800 Forwarding Recommendation for Captain's Appointment John Adams Samuel Dexter Forwards the recommendation of a man as a captain in the 2d Regiment of Artillerists & Engineers. Adams adds his own opinion of the man.
December 15, 1792 Request to Forward Clothing for Captain John Pratt's recruits John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon A request to have articles of clothing forwarded to New Brunswick New Jersey for Captain Pratt's recruits of 1st Sub Legion. Also mentions sending woolen overalls to Captain Cornelius Sedam's recruits.
September 14, 1799 Captain John Heth subsistence account John Heth [not available] Captain John Heth, 3rd U.S. Regiment, subsistence account from July 1798 to August 1799.