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October 29, 1800 Bowles will Receive $70 from Edward Carrington for Rent of a Hospital William Simmons Jesse Bowles Edward Carrington will pay Bowles $70 upon Bowles providing the necessary receipts. The money is for rent of a hospital for the sick in Captain Eddin's company from November 1798 to October 1799 while in Richmond.
April 29, 1792 Regarding the Bowles Affair Henry Knox Alexander McGillivray Knox refers to the treaty McGillivray and chiefs made with the United States in New York. States that Bowles' presence and his absence have been troublesome, but Bowles has been arrested. Urges him to decide on boundaries with Seagrove; says Americans don't want their land. Says McGillivray's nephew is fine.
April 8, 1792 Incarceration of Bowles in New Orleans Alexander McGillivray James Seagrove McGillivray [M'Gillivray] describes for James Seagrove the capture by the Spanish of William Bowles and Bowles' subsequent incarceration in New Orleans.
March 7, 1800 Mischievous Tendencies of Mr. Bowles, Etc. James Wilkinson Alexander Hamilton The garrisons of Fort McHenry and Sargent have been given orders to evacuate their posts and join Fort Adams. The Snow, carrying ordnance for Fort Stoddert, delivered its cargo manifest to the Spanish customs official, which may prevent its traveling any further upriver. Mr. Bowles may be acting on behalf of the British, but Wilkinson does not think he has a commission from them. Mr Bowles'...
April 11, 1792 British Disavow Association with Bowles Henry Knox James Seagrove Knox informs James Seagrove of the British disavowal of any association whatsoever with William Bowles.
November 6, 1799 Punishment of mischief makers; William Augustus Bowles Benjamin Hawkins James McHenry Informs of efforts to aid Creek chiefs in execution of plan to punish mischief makers. Discusses talk to nation concerning William Augustus Bowles and his attempts to disturb the peace.
October 20, 1799 British Conduct; William Augustus Bowles Benjamin Hawkins James McHenry Hawkins disturbed by British conduct. Notes that by sending Bowles into the U.S. to meet with Indians, Great Britain is complicit in disturbing peace of the nation.
June 14, 1792 Bowles is a Mere Tool of Other Persons Governor Quesada James Seagrove Governor Quesada thanks Seagrove for keeping him informed of events that may be of concern to the Spanish. He is convinced that Bowles and others have attempted to turn the Indians against the Spanish and the Americans, although he believes Bowles is not acting on his own but is being controlled by others.
October 29, 1800 Simmons Notifying Carrington of Money that Should be Transmitted to Jesse Bowles William Simmons Edward Carrington The Treasurer of the United States is remitting $70 to Carrington for the payment of Jesse Bowles for rent of a hospital between November 1798 and October 1799 in Richmond.
July 10, 1800 Success of Expedition; William Augustus Bowles Benjamin Hawkins Samuel Dexter Letter, discusses expedition along southern frontier. Deputation from the nation went down the Chattahootchee River. Ships cannonaded the St. Marks fort. Mentions William Augustus Bowles and the taking of goods by Indians.
October 29, 1800 Certification of payment; Jesse Bowles, Richmond Virginia for rent of house, occupied as a hospital by the sick of Captain Eddins’ Company William Simmons Samuel Dexter Certification of payment; $70 to Jesse Bowles, Richmond Virginia for rent of house, occupied as a hospital by the sick of Captain Eddins’ Company at Richmond.
November 30, 1799 Bowles writes to Cowoppe William Augustus Bowles Cowoppe Bowles warns Cowoppe, son of Mad Dog, that Benjamin Hawkins is a dangerous man.
March 25, 1792 The Spanish Have Seized Bowles Alexander McGillivray James Seagrove An extract in which McGillivray [M'Gillivray] tells James Seagrove that, since William Bowles has been captured by the Spanish, he is free now to meet him at Rock Landing
June 13, 1792 Depredations by Bowles' White Wretches James Seagrove Governor Quesada Seagrove advises Gov. Quesada that any depredations by the Creek Indians against the Spanish were probably instigated by white associates of William Bowles. Seagrove assures Quesada that he will transmit to him any information that might be useful to the Spanish government.
March 30, 1792 Assertions of Mr. Bowles Are False George Hammond Thomas Jefferson George Hammond assures Jefferson that the British have done nothing to encourage or supply William Bowles in his attempts to unify and enflame the southern Indians.
June 22, 1797 Regarding Frigate Freight and Completions Josiah Fox Forman Cheesman Letter, mentions Frigates; discusses freight for Frigates.
May 18, 1793 I am a Keeper of Bedlam Alexander McGillivray James Seagrove Creek chief McGillivray laments that the sinister machinations of the Spaniards, British, and Bowles and his partisans in tampering with the Indians has rendered the situation on the southwestern frontier a Bedlam of distractions.
May 17, 1792 Pernicious Counsels of Mr. Bowles William Blount Alexander McGillivray Governor Blount creates for General McGillivray a long list of murders, horse stealings and other depredations by the southern Indians, particulary the Creeks and Cherokees. He has been informed that William Bowles may be the mastermind behind these atrocities.
May 10, 1792 Bowles' Capture Improves the Chance for Peace Timothy Barnard [Bernard] James Seagrove Timothy Barnard informs James Seagrove that with William Bowles captured by the Spanish, the subversive activities that had stirred up the lower Creeks should cease and improve the chances for peace.
August 29, 1792 Indian Relations Leonard Shaw William Blount Updates on incursions from Creeks. Mentioned possible coalition with Bowles due to supply of ammunition from Spanish. Cherokees are frustrated with Creeks, but will not seek justice. Politics of incidents to be examined at first national council to convene shortly.
January 15, 1800 Monthly Returns for Quarter Master Stores; Proclamation of William A. Bowles David Henley James McHenry Encloses monthly returns for quartermaster stores for December. Includes a list of people licensed to trade in the Indian Nation in 1799. Encloses proclamation of William A. Bowles, Director General of Muskegee, as sent to Colonel Benjamin Hawkins.
February 17, 1792 Expulsion of William Bowles Henry Knox Alexander McGillivray Knox informs McGillivray that the expulsion of William Bowles is not only essential to peace among the southern Indians but necessary for McGillivray's continuance as a Creek headman. The laying of the boundary line as delineated in the Treaty of New York must continue and US troops will help with that project as needed. It is hoped that the southern tribes will join the US in the next campaign...
May 19, 1796 Compensation of Nathaniel Folsom, Superintendent of the fortifications at New Castle, Portsmouth New Hampshire William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $316 is due Nathaniel Folsom for his compensation as Superintendent of the fortifications at New Castle, Portsmouth New Hampshire from June 26 to Nov. 30, 1795 payable to Captain John Bowles.
August 28, 1800 Accounts to be Examined William Simmons Edward Carrington Account of Jesse Bowles for the rent due him for the use of his house as a hospital by Capt. Eddin's Company received. To be examined in due course. In regards to the claim of Mr. Loftus Jones for fuel furnished Capt. Blue and Lieut. Ewell, Simmons gave credit to account of Jones which Carrington will receive from Treasurer.
June 18, 1800 Report on expedition to Appalatcha Franco Gelabert Benjamin Hawkins From Pensacola, Gelabert reports of an unexpected surrender at St. Marks Fort. Mr. Ferguson the secretary to Mr. Bowles the adventurer, who ran away with captain of Brig Sheerwater, which had been captured by Indians.