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September 3, 1795 Reprimand of Captain Home Timothy Pickering Phineas Bond Punishment for Capt. Home's actions and current aggressions should not be postponed any longer. Any additional information regarding the subject of inquiry requested.
September 12, 1795 Politics Surrounding Capture of U.S. Seamen Timothy Pickering Phineas Bond Secretary Pickering discussed politics and supposed lies surrounding the aggressions of Captain Home against U.S. seamen.
September 3, 1795 Delay in Letters from Newport Phineas Bond Timothy Pickering Bond believed delay in communications from Newport was due to an accident. No answers on Capt. Home incident.
September 5, 1795 EXTRACT: Governor's Opinion on Capture of Seamen by British Arthur Fenner Timothy Pickering Letter assured innocence of Captain Home, and dispelled rumors regarding capture of U.S. Seamen by British ship of war, Africa.
September 5, 1795 Revocation of Vice Consul Post Timothy Pickering T. H. Moore President did not approve of Vice Consul's role in assisting Captain Home insults against seamen of United States. Revoked title and power.
August 21, 1795 Foreign Relations Timothy Pickering Phineas Bond Statements of Home and Moore required for investigation into the capture of British seamen.
November 30, 1795 Documents Refuting Claim of Seizure Phineas Bond Timothy Pickering Bond noted his possession of documents that refuted claims that Captain Home detained U.S. seamen unlawfully.
September 12, 1795 Complaints Regarding Accusations of Capt. Home Phineas Bond Timothy Pickering Addressed discourse on the misconduct of Captain Rodham Home, for alleged violation of sovereignty of United States.
September 5, 1795 Ruling on Conduct of British Officers Timothy Pickering Phineas Bond The United States government waited for sufficient responses from Captain Rodham Home and the Vice Consul before issuing ruling on conduct to punish officers. Protest of U.S. officers included.
September 7, 1795 Request for Information on Copy of Statement of Facts Phineas Bond Timothy Pickering Bond requests confirmation on the mailing of the Copy of Statement of Facts relative the the case on Capt. Home and detained officers.
March 30, 1795 [DUPLICATE] Allegations of Unlawful Seizure Phineas Bond Timothy Pickering Referred to international relations with British. Noted complicated demands made regarding Capt. Home's reassignment due to his "unlawful" detention of a vessel. Enclosed documents that supported the acts of Capt. Home and the seamen were within the jurisdiction of the U.S.
August 24, 1795 Politics with Foreign Nations Phineas Bond Timothy Pickering Wrote Capt. Home and King's Vice Consul in Newport, RI for answers regarding accusations, expects answer shortly. Discussed insult and ill feelings toward government.
October 11, 1797 Certification of payments due; pay of Private Wright William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $16.86 is due Pvt. Moses Wright of Capt. Edward Butler's late company of levies, being his pay from April 30 to November 16, 1791, including the time allowed him to go home.
March 23, 1801 Details of Post-Presidential Journey Home John Adams Samuel Dexter Adams relates the details of his journey home after the end of his term as president, and of the state of his home, sending respects to Jefferson, and compliments to Madison, Lincoln, Dearborn and Stoddert.
February 26, 1799 Certification of payments; Private John Watkins in Captain Greatonís Company, 2d Sub Legion, following time he was taken prisoner by Indians William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payments; $97 pay Private John Watkins in Captain Greatonís Company, 2d Sub Legion, following time he was taken prisoner by Indians; includes a reasonable allowance for him to return to his home town.
October 1, 1797 Money for Mr. Grant Jonathan Smith William Simmons It is the desire of the Committee that Mr. Grant be furnished the amount of money neccessary to defray his expenses home. The money should be furnished as soon as possible, Grant having been removed from the power of the sheriff and waits only for the money to travel home.
January 30, 1784 Pay for Officers of a Disbanding Battalion E. Bunschoton John Pierce Bunschoton requests that Pierce provide pay for the officers of the Battalion now being disbanded. He says that the orders for discharge did not arrive until the 5th so the men could not be discharged until the 6th. Most of the men have not been paid for four months and are far from home. Without their pay, they would have a difficult time getting home.
July 31, 1795 Cited letter or document, Captain Home to T. H. Moore Captain Home T. H. Moore Letter, Citation only.
March 2, 1784 Pay Claim Jonathan Dayton John Pierce Capt. Jonathan Dayton discusses his claim for pay
September 7, 1792 The Deposition of William Cockran William Cochran [not available] Father lives on "waters of Holston" river and that he was attacked by Indians near his fathers home.
April 13, 1799 Deposition before Mayor Richard Varick of NYC Edward Chinn [not available] Chinn certified he knew Joseph Biden and that Biden had to leave his home and property during the American invasion.
October 7, 1800 Expense for Removal from Philadelphia to Washington Unknown Author William Simmons Lists expenses related to travel, transportation, and shipping of home goods and family from Philadelphia to the City of Washington.
January 23, 1784 Information on Depreciation John Jacob Faesch Samuel Hodgdon Author requests that recipient provide the "Table of Depreciation" that Congress made for him or let him know where it can be found as he soon plans to leave for home.
March 9, 1791 Expenses of a Corps of 760 Men for Thirty Days Henry Knox [not available] This is a schedule of the expenses of 760 men, calculated on a scale of thirty days from the point of departure, allowing three days for travel to the rendezvous and three days for returning home.
June 6, 1797 Pay of Private John Chapman of Captain Jacob Slough's Company of Levies William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $21.10 is due Private John Chapman of Captain Jacob Slough's Company of Levies, being the balance of pay due him from April 11 to November 15, 1791, including the time allowed for him to go home.