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September 31, 1791 Transportation of Stores Isaac Craig Henry Knox Craig to send the majority of stores with Capt. Buell upon his departure.
January 10, 1793 Regarding Irregularities in Shipments of Clothing Isaac Craig Henry Knox Craig details the shipment of clothing to recipients and addresses correspondence from Captain Henley and General Wilkinson on irregularities in packing up and shipping clothing from Pittsburg to Fort Washington. The boxes were packed in Philadelphia.
January 7, 1792 Defensive Measures Along the Northwestern Territory Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Secretary Knox believes that the defense of the frontiers demands instant attention and asks about defensive measures being taken in Kentucky, Muskinghum and Galliapolis, and Pittsburgh.
October 6, 1791 Movement of Troops, Possession of Stores Isaac Craig Henry Knox Updates and request for information in troops movement. Messrs. Turnbull and Marmie selling off stores, very ill natured about property rights.
October 13, 1791 Errors on Ordnance Return Isaac Craig Henry Knox Politics of officers and resignations. Apologies for mistakes in ordnance return. Letters forwarded to noted recipients.
November 24, 1791 Transport of Goods and Bookkeeping Isaac Craig William Knox Detailed account of items included on books, despite omissions on invoices and receipts. Updates on goods transported between head quarters, Fort Washington, and Pittsburgh.
May 25, 1792 Updates on Supplies Isaac Craig Henry Knox List of supplies forwarded under the care of the Quartermaster General. Major Smith in pursuit of Indians that crossed Allegheny River. Turnbull and Marnie notified Craig that shot is ready, it must be inspected and paid for at furnace.
December 29, 1791 Letters forwarded, Indian Relations Isaac Craig Henry Knox Details of letters and dispatches forwarded to Cushing. Overalls sent forward. Fidelity of Northwestern Indians not to be trusted. Details of troops marching for Fort Washington. Craig does not have the right shot for his six pound cannon.
November 24, 1791 Report in aftermath of St. Clair defeat Arthur St. Clair Henry Knox A sick and bedridden St. Clair provides Knox an account of the ill fortune that befell his army during its November engagements with the Miami Indians. St. Clair is governor of the Northwest Territory.
November 4, 1795 Payment Due Troops, Construction, Hospital Stores Isaac Craig Timothy Pickering Troops all located at Presque Isle, Le Boeuf, and Fort Franklin therefore mustering them at Pittsburgh must be postponed. Money due troops at Presque Isle requested. Expenses related to construction increased Quartermaster's Department expenses, all hospital stores on hand sent to Fort Washington.
December 1, 1791 Hospital Isaac Craig Henry Knox House rented and amenities provided to care for sick. Request for instructions regarding hospital barracks in general.
April 1793 New & Improved Fortfications are Absolutely Necessary Rufus Putnam Henry Knox Putnam discusses the improvement of current fortifications and the erection of new ones for the protection of frontier inhabitants and accomodation of the troops of the garrison at Gallipolis.
February 6, 1786 Report on Colonel Shreve's Recruiting Accounts Caleb Swan John Pierce Report on the state of Colonel Shreve's recruiting accounts for the year 1777. Lists company Captains in the regiment.
September 1788 Captain Power's claim H. Henly Joseph Howell Discusses Captain Power's claim against Henly.
November 28, 1786 Account of Public Securities Delivered Jonathan Phillips John Pierce Oliver Wolcott Discusses accounts of public securities delivered to Mr. Jonathan Phillips.
July 3, 1796 Reports Activity of Captain Lewis and Captain Bruff James McHenry George Washington Has been anxiously awaiting Captain Lewis. Reports movement of Captain Bruff's company of artillery and arrival at West Point.
November 16, 1791 Positive Report for Captain Hudang Joseph Shaylor Samuel Hodgdon Reports attention of Captain Hudang to the duties of his command.
April 8, 1785 Memorial of Captain Wyley and Captain Jordan for commutation Joseph Howell John Pierce Refers to Captain Stong and the memorial of Captain Wyley and Captain Jordan for commutation with a resolve of congress.
March 24, 1799 Recommendation of Captain Freeman George Ingersoll Alexander Hamilton Ingersoll recommends Captain Freeman to replace Captain Littlefield as commander of the company.
April 12, 1790 Captain Burbeck, Captain Savage, and Captain Smith have all Recruited their Number Henry Knox Josiah Harmar From Lieutenant Frothingham, Harmar reports that Captain Burbeck, Captain Savage, and Captain Smith have all recruited their number and are bound to sail for Georgia to protect its frontiers.
June 7, 1799 Discussion of Captain Elliott's Detachment from Command James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Reports Captain Elliott's response at Fort Mifflin, considering himself detached from his command. Writes of Captain Wadsworth and the Secretary of the Treasury.
July 20, 1792 Payments Isaac Craig Henry Knox Lists various payments made, promised receipts. Wayne satisfied with powder, much stronger than previous orders.
November 9, 1792 Receipt for Payments: Captain Sparks, Lieutenant Vance, Captain Briggs Joseph Howell Isaac Craig Receipt for payments: Captain Sparks, Lieutenant Vance. This completes payments intended for Captain Briggs.
December 14, 1795 Settlement of accounts with First, Second, Third, Fourth Sub Legions Caleb Swan William Simmons Lists pay, forage and subsistence for officers; warrants; muster rolls, settlement of sundry subsistence accounts.
January 4, 1784 Questions on an Officer's Status Joseph S Carth Samuel Hodgdon Requests information from Col. Hodgdon as to whether Captain Emes is to be continued the station he currently fills or be removed. Information either way will be satisfactory. Reference to letter from Mrs. Emes.