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March 24, 1799 Recommendation of Captain Freeman George Ingersoll Alexander Hamilton Ingersoll recommends Captain Freeman to replace Captain Littlefield as commander of the company.
June 10, 1796 Oaths and Service of "Spies", Etc. Constant Freeman William Simmons CITATION only. Simmons to Freeman 06/17/1796. [Discusses Freeman's muster rolls; lack of funds for Freeman's salary; the muster rolls of Captain Randolph's company of dragoons; and the pay of the regular troops in Georgia.]
April 5, 1800 Return from Captain Littlefield Constant Freeman Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed is a return from Captain Littlefield for clothing which Freeman believes is due his Company. Hodgdon is asked to forward the return following commutation at his office, if Freeman's conjecture is found to be correct.
August 17, 1792 Request for Supplies to be Forwarded Rudolph Elkton Constant Freeman Major Rudolph waited on Captain Freeman for clothing.
August 17, 1793 Appointment of Captain Constant Freeman as agent for War Department for Troops in Georgia Henry Knox Henry Gaither Knox informs Major Gaither that Captain Constant Freeman has been appointed as agent of War Department for troops in Georgia. Asks that Gaither afford Freeman all assistance in exercise of duty. Stresses that every part of public administration be conducted with republican economy
January 6, 1797 Regarding the Pay of John Lane Captain Freeman William Wilson Freeman discusses the pay of John Lane, Wilson's servant; for April and May. He suggests a way for Lane to receive the pay.
May 3, 1800 Questions Respecting Captain Frye's Clothing, Etc. Constant Freeman Samuel Hodgdon Reqarding the questions about Captain Frye's clothing, Freeman declares that when Frye's company arrived at Fort Johnson he had a large quantity of clothing which Freeman assumed belonged to the company. Therefore, Freeman never touched the clothing. He admits that he should have supplied Captain Kalteisen's company from his stock and would have if he had been apprised of the circumstances....
December 4, 1800 Regarding pay and allowances Samuel Dexter Hugh McCall This letter informs Captain McCall that Captain Webb is entitled to compensation and Major Freeman is entitled to double rations.
October 23, 1795 Letter from James Seagrove Creek Indian Agent, to William Simmons on delivery of money to Captain Constant Freeman James Seagrove William Simmons Seagrove informs Simmons that he encloses Captain Constant Freeman's receipt for $40,000. Reports that it was fortunate he met Freeman, as the money was wanted.
October 22, 1799 Remittances; Clothing Issued Captain Freeman Ebenezer Stevens Samuel Hodgdon Stevens thanks Hodgdon for a timely transmission of funds. He notes that he has supplied Captain Freeman with shirts, cockades, and eagles. He encloses Lawrence Huron's acceptance of a draft.
September 16, 1795 Instructions to pay Lieutenant Freeman William Simmons Nicholas Fish Directs Nicholas Fish to pay Lt. Freeman and the garrison at West Point.
May 23, 1796 Freeman's Account Nehemiah Freeman William Simmons CITATION only. Simmons to Freeman 06/08/1796. [Notifies Freeman that his "account current" and vouchers were received, examined, approved, and credited.]
December 17, 1796 Accounts of Hugh McCall Hugh McCall William Simmons Freeman submits the accounts of Ensign Hugh McCall, paymaster.
February 17, 1795 Delivery of money from James Seagrove to Captain Constant Freeman James Seagrove Joseph Howell James Seagrove Creek Indian Agent, informs Howell that he has delivered $11,407.63 to Constant Freeman , Agent of Department of War. Seagrove explains that the money was with him for an extended period of time because of Captain Freeman's presence on the frontier.
November 2, 1799 We Are in Want of Almost Everything Constant Freeman Samuel Hodgdon DeBerger is currently in the hospital but probably only has a cold. The clothing will be very acceptable since most of the men are in want. Freeman has recently made a general return of all the ordnance and stores which will assist General Pinckney in his application for supplies. Freeman observes that they are in want of almost everything.
October 22, 1795 Credit to Account Nehemiah Freeman William Simmons Money delivered by Samuel Fisher, Fisher paid by Freeman. Freeman described the amounts credited to his account. Corrections to receipt rolls sent to Simmons by Freeman acknowledged and Freeman promised to be more attentive. Request for decision regarding a signed letter authorizing Colonel Tousard to sign the receipt rolls in the absence of Lieut. Geddes.
June 30, 1799 Letter Citation Nehemiah Freeman William Simmons Cited in Simmons to Freeman, 07/12/1799. Cited in Simmons to Freeman, 07/18/1799.
February 10, 1794 Statement of Account for Regular Troops Constant Freeman Joseph Howell Constant Freeman enclosed account information for the payment of the garrison at Fort Fidius. Balance in hand of Freeman was not accurate due to advances made to Indian Department. Credit to account of Dr. Dalcho. Freeman requested money to pay garrison and also that the request be mentioned to the Secretary of War.
September 21, 1799 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Nehemiah Freeman Simmons directs Freeman to pay the balance remaining in his hands to Nicholas Fish.
July 24, 1798 Request for Credit to Account Constant Freeman William Simmons DUPLICATE: Freeman requested money from rolls submitted by Col. Pope be passed to the credit of Freeman's account. Updates on receipt rolls, Freeman can not pay troops until rolls are received.
July 20, 1796 Money for bounties and pay of a sergeant Peter Hagner George Fleming Directs that money be paid to Captain Littlefield in accordance with his account of bounty. Pay of a sergeant in Captain Littlefield's company.
April 2, 1796 Request for Exoneration from Charges Standing to Freeman's Debt Nehemiah Freeman William Simmons Freeman discussed his request to resign his appointments which he holds in the Staff. Request denied. Freeman also requested to be exonerated from all charges that stand to his debt after the amount was paid.
December 25, 1795 Objections to Deduction in Pay Nehemiah Freeman William Simmons Freeman received blank receipt rolls and letters from Simmons. Freeman objected to the deductions in pay of Luke Aisal. The soldier served until late November when he was claimed by his master, his pay was paid up by order of the Commanding officer. Questions regarding a refund of pay, Freeman requested answers from Simmons.
July 1, 1794 Request for Advance in Payment Constant Freeman Joseph Howell PRIVATE(Freeman received word from Capt. Roberts that a soldier and relation of Howell left the country and more information on his well being was unknown.) Freeman requested an advance of salary be sent to his brother in Philadelphia due to Freeman's absence from the fort the upcoming winter.
August 16, 1797 Two Letters Regarding Accounts of Hale and Thompson William Simmons Nehemiah Freeman Two letters pertaining to accounts sent to Freeman: One for Lieutenant David Hale, one for Captain Alexander Thompson. Letters to be delivered as soon as possible by Freeman. Hale on furlough from West Point, deliver to abode.