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July 12, 1799 Requests Money for Captain Earnest's Bills Samuel Hodgdon James Miller Requests $2,000 to discharge bills of Captain Earnest.
June 11, 1799 Requests Money to Pay Bills for Quartermaster Matthew Earnest of Detroit Samuel Hodgdon James Miller Makes an effort to make payments on bills drawn by Matthew Earnest, Quartermaster of Detroit. Requests money to pay.
November 11, 1794 Encloses Contract for Rations Tench Coxe Henry Knox Encloses contract with Mr. South and Mr. Earnest for rations.
November 1, 1797 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Doctor Allison William Simmons Richard Allison William Simmons informs Doctor Allison that his pay was sent to his attorney, Matthew Earnest.
May 3, 1799 Indian Annuities Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig discusses Indian annuities with Samuel Hodgdon.
November 27, 1791 Due Bill for Major Henry Gaither Matthew Earnest [not available] This is an account by Matt. Earnest, for Wm. Duer, of the inadequate performance by contractors and their agents and the subsequent controversy between the US and the contractors regarding the payment for their services and the inability of officers to draw a cash payment to cover the cost of their rations so they were issued a "due bill" in lieu thereof.
June 27, 1800 Scarcity of Cash in Circulation, Etc. Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig notes the slow down in operations to Samuel Hodgdon. Craig mentions that stores have not been arriving lately and merchants are complaining of scarcity of cash in circulation.
October 3, 1794 Reports Communication with Various People; Describes Journey to Georgia Tench Coxe Alexander Hamilton Copy of letter from Samuel Hodgdon. Expresses eagerness to assist Major Stagg in any way. Concerned that the business expectations of him are not satisfactory to Stagg and Hodgdon, rather, part of the duties of the Secretary of War. Coxe will attend to the public service at the best of his abilities. Desires to settle accounts with contractors between Fort Washington and Pittsburgh. Reports...
January 5, 1791 Miserable Pittance, Lottery Tickets, Etc. Josiah Harmar Joseph Howell Harmar complains bitterly about his subsistence allowance which will not enable him to "keep a table" without taking from his private purse. He asks Howell to buy ten tickets in the New York lottery for him.
June 26, 1790 Winslow solicits an appointment from Knox Samuel Winslow Henry Knox Letter, Winslow asks Knox for federal appointment.
June 12, 1794 Contemporary Copy of Letter, to Henry Knox [not available] Henry Knox Letter, discusses Council at Buffalo Creek; encloses narrative of Indian agent; advises re settlement at Presque Isle; informs re journey to Council at Buffalo Creek.
September 2, 1788 Letters to Governor of Virginia and President of Pennsylvania requesting that they prepare militias Arthur St. Clair Henry Knox St. Clair has written to Governor of Virginia and President of Pennsylvania requesting that they give orders to their Lieutenants in the frontier counties to have their proportions of militia required in readiness. Discusses plans if Indians have hostile designs at treaty talks. Makes reference to invasion and dispossession of Cherokees by people of Franklin and wonders how the Northern Indians...
July 13, 1798 Washington's Appointment as Commander in Chief George Washington John Adams Washington discusses his appointment to the post of Commander-in-Chief of the Provisional Army and how pleased he is with the public's confidence in him. He will accept the commission with the understanding that he will not be called into active duty unless the army absolutely requires his presence in the field.
October 3, 1785 Orders for Detaching West Point Troops to the Ohio Region Henry Knox Nicholas Fish Henry Knox, Secretary at War, orders Major Nicholas Fish, Commander of the troops of New York, to detach Captain Hamtramck's company of infantry from the garrison at West Point. Hamtramck will proceed under orders to the Ohio. This is an execution order. Chain of command, route of march, and logistical support necessary for movement of forces is established by this letter.
December 13, 1787 Personal Letter Regarding Trip to Philadelphia Henry Knox Samuel Ogden Discussed health of Mrs. Knox who recently birthed her eighth child, Ogden's trip to Philadelphia, and politics in Europe.
February 6, 1786 Report on Colonel Shreve's Recruiting Accounts Caleb Swan John Pierce Report on the state of Colonel Shreve's recruiting accounts for the year 1777. Lists company Captains in the regiment.
September 1788 Captain Power's claim H. Henly Joseph Howell Discusses Captain Power's claim against Henly.
November 28, 1786 Account of Public Securities Delivered Jonathan Phillips John Pierce Oliver Wolcott Discusses accounts of public securities delivered to Mr. Jonathan Phillips.
July 3, 1796 Reports Activity of Captain Lewis and Captain Bruff James McHenry George Washington Has been anxiously awaiting Captain Lewis. Reports movement of Captain Bruff's company of artillery and arrival at West Point.
December 13, 1796 List of contract prices for rations for the year of 1796 Comptroller of the Treasury [not available] List of contract prices of rations for the year 1796 received from the Comptroller of Treasury. Locations include Grenville [Greenville], Fort Wayne, below Fort Wayne on Miami River to Lake Erie, Fort Franklin, Picque Town, Sandusky, Fort Adams, Presque Isle, Fort Bruenton on Oneida Lake, Detroit, Michilamackanac, Oswego, Niagara, Fort Steuben, Fort Messac.
November 16, 1791 Positive Report for Captain Hudang Joseph Shaylor Samuel Hodgdon Reports attention of Captain Hudang to the duties of his command.
April 8, 1785 Memorial of Captain Wyley and Captain Jordan for commutation Joseph Howell John Pierce Refers to Captain Stong and the memorial of Captain Wyley and Captain Jordan for commutation with a resolve of congress.
March 24, 1799 Recommendation of Captain Freeman George Ingersoll Alexander Hamilton Ingersoll recommends Captain Freeman to replace Captain Littlefield as commander of the company.
April 12, 1790 Captain Burbeck, Captain Savage, and Captain Smith have all Recruited their Number Henry Knox Josiah Harmar From Lieutenant Frothingham, Harmar reports that Captain Burbeck, Captain Savage, and Captain Smith have all recruited their number and are bound to sail for Georgia to protect its frontiers.
June 18, 1797 Boundary Between the Cherokees and the U.S. James McHenry Benjamin Hawkins McHenry wants Hawkins and Pickens to examine the enclosed paper from William Blount relative to the boundary line between the Cherokees and the U.S. If the principles contained therein would more pefectly settle the line established by the Treaty of Holston and not violate the wishes of the Indians, then Blount's recommendations should be followed.