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March 14, 1795 Requested Furlough for Captain Dale Timothy Pickering George Washington Pickering requests a furlough for Captain Dale with the understanding that Dale will return from China in time to take command of his frigate. Captain Barry and Captain Truxton are engaged to provide advice and assistance during Captain Dale's absence.
May 19, 1798 Pistols & Muskets to Captain Dale for the "Ganges" James McHenry John Harris Harris is asked to deliver to Captain Dale of the ship "Ganges" ten pairs of pistols and 24 muskets with bayonets upon Dale's return of 24 muskets into store.
June 11, 1798 Regarding orders for Captain Richard Dale John Caldwell Captain Richard Dale Chief Clerk Calwell says he was not unmindful of Dale's request respecting the French and English colours. Mentioned this to Tench Francis. Not procured yet. When procured will send with Mr. Hubrecamp, pilot. Notes that the "film" is daily falling from more eyes. Sends copies of John Fenno's newspaper. Has directed Hubrecamp to call on Mrs. Dale.
May 1798 Instructions to Captain Richard Dale, Commander of the United States ship of war, The Ganges Thomas Pickering Captain Richard Dale Notified Dale that Congress has yet to pass act authorizing ships of war authority to protect U.S. commerce vessels, therefore Dale's power was limited. Outlines U.S. maritime boundaries and authorized acts by U.S. vessels.
May 28, 1798 Orders for Captain Richard Dale War Department Captain Richard Dale Two pilot boats dispatched with instructions. One to southward of Capes of Delaware; other to the eastward. Adds that Dale's zeal, courage, and prudence is relied upon for execution of instructions.
March 14, 1795 On granting a furlough to Captain Richard Dale Timothy Pickering George Washington Regarding Captain Dale furlough to China, Pickering says that it is solicitous to retain in the public service so inestimable an office as Captain Dale, that in order to save the service from injury, he be granted a furlough. Dale will undoubtedly return from China in time to take command. Recommends that the superintending be given to Captains Samuel and Robert Barron. Both are from Norfolk,...
December 7, 1791 Pay of Richard Dale Joseph Howell Captain Richard Dale Enclosed is a schedule of Dale's pay through December 1791. He will receive the money from Capt. Miles for which he will provide a receipt.
May 26, 1798 Delivery of dispatches to Captain Dale James McHenry Willings & Francis Asks that a fast sailing pilot boat be prepared to sail at a moment's notice to carry dispatches to Captain Dale.
September 10, 1795 Pay and Subsistence of Navy Captain Richard Dale William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that $170.80 is due George Rumsted and Archibald McCall, attorneys to Captain Richard Dale in the Navy, being his pay and subsistence from April through August 1795.
April 9, 1796 Pay of Navy Captain Richard Dale William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $780.60 is due Navy Captain Richard Dale for his pay and subsistence as a Captain in the Navy from September 1795 through March 1796.
September 29, 1795 Dale's Receipts Returned Under Cover Captain Richard Dale Timothy Pickering Following his instructions, Dale returns the receipts of his company. The men who can write signed their names while the others were witnessed as they made their marks.
February 13, 1795 Capt. Dale's Account Joseph Howell Captain Richard Dale Howell reminds Dale of the steps he must take to update his account so as to be exonerated from existing charges.
March 14, 1795 Furlough Granted to Captain Dale Timothy Pickering Captain Richard Dale Pickering informs Captain Dale that the President has granted him a furlough so long as Dale returns from China in time to take command of his frigate.
May 27, 1796 Discussion of Frigate Timbers William Pennock Josiah Fox Discusses timber for masts, and planks and scantling. Hopes that construction on the frigates will continue. Captain Dale returns to India.
May 18, 1798 Articles to Captain Dale for the Ship "Ganges" James McHenry John Harris Harris is directed to deliver prickers and brushes, flints for muskets, and assorted pistols to Captain Dale for the use of the ship "Ganges."
September 10, 1795 On the approved furlough of Captain Richard Dale of the Navy John Stagg Joseph Howell Stagg informs Simmons that Captain Richard Dale is about to engage on voyage to China and is by authority of President of United States, on furlough. His pay and subsistence continue to be as if present.
June 12, 1798 Request for pilot boat to locate and deliver letter to Captain Richard Dale on board the ship Ganges [not available] [not available] Regarding hiring of Pilot boat to find and deliver letter to Captain Richard Dale aboard "Ganges." Dale's ship is to be found somewhere between Cape Henlopen and Cape James, off the coast of Delaware.
May 14, 1798 Iron Ballast for Captain Dale James McHenry John Harris Harris is directed to deliver eight tons of iron ballast to Captain Richard Dale.
May 28, 1798 Letter from the War Office to Garrett Holsteincamp to find and deliver dispatches to the ship of war Ganges, commanded by Captain Richard Dale [not available] Garrett Holsteincamp Holsteincamp to commandeer pilot boat and deliver dispatches for Captain Richard Dale aboard the "Ganges." Ganges to be found between Delaware Bay and Long Island.
March 14, 1795 Response to Captain Richard Dale's request for furlough Timothy Pickering Captain Richard Dale Secretary of War Pickering forwards response to Captain Richard Dale's request for furlough during frigate construction in order that he may undertake a voyage to China. Response is from President Washington's Secretary Bartholomew Dandridge who informs that request for furlough has been approved by the President. Pickering reminds Dale that one of the conditions of the furlough is that he...
November 13, 1795 Request for vouchers William Simmons Captain Richard Dale Requests from Capt. Dale that he immediately forward vouchers from the sum of 113 dollars he received for a detachment of militia in Delaware.
May 28, 1798 Instructions Inclosed, Pilot Boats Dispatched James McHenry Captain Richard Dale McHenry has sent two pilot boats, one south and one east, carrying instructions for Dale in case he has left the Bay. McHenry is relying on Dale's zeal and courage to ensure execution of the instruction, and he sends Dale and his crew his best wishes.
August 8, 1794 Frigate construction at Norfolk Henry Knox Captain Richard Dale Secretary Knox asks Captain Richard Dale of the U.S. Navy to depart for Norfolk immediately in order to commence the building of the frigates. John Morgan has been appointed constructor of the frigate, but he may be delayed. Captain Dale is therefore asked to work with agent William Pennock to find a builder.
May 28, 1798 Request to Convey Instructions to Capt. Richard Dale James McHenry [not available] The receipients are asked to engage a fast sailing pilot boat to convey instructions to Captain Richard Dale of the ship of war Ganges. If the Ganges has not passed Lewis Town, the pilot boat should wait there to deliver the instructions when the ship passes. The boat and its pilot will be liberally compensated for the work.
June 12, 1798 Request to Convey Enclosed Letter to Capt. Dale of the Ship, Ganges James McHenry Willings & Francis Captain Dale and his ship the Ganges have been ordered to be at a certain location on the 12th. McHenry asks that Willing & Francis hire a pilot boat to deliver the enclosed letter to the Captain.