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May 29, 1791 Poor Beatty, Lottery Tickets, Etc. Ebenezer Denny Joseph Howell Poor Beatty could stand it in New Brunswick no longer so Denny had to go up so Beatty could retire to his brothers in Prince Town [Princeton] where he will remain for at least a fortnight. Six of Denny's and Howell's [lottery] tickets turned out blanks, there were three prizes of 50, and one still on the wheel. Captain Steadford had great success. General Harmar should have had the opportunity to...
March 7, 1785 Regarding agents and the allowance given to Major Bowen and Captain Beatty Jonathan White Joseph Howell At Mr. Hamilton's request, asks if anything is done in Congress for the agents and the allowance given to Major Bowen and Captain Beatty.
May 7, 1799 Recruiting Efforts for Captain Brothers and Captain Beatty James McHenry Carvel Hall Speaks of recruiting efforts for Captain Brothers in Hagers Town and Captain Beatty at Frederick Town.
January 16, 1794 Information Regarding Payment Major Erkuries Beatty Joseph Howell Beatty recounted the transfer of money and the collection of receipts by Mr. [Hough]. Beatty believed money came from Mr. Carleton of the War Department.
June 18, 1791 Money for the Pay of Harmar's Regiment Joseph Howell Major Erkuries Beatty Captain Beatty is entrusted by Howell with the task of conveying $17,844 to General Harmar for the pay of his officers and men.
July 18, 1790 Purchased Lottery Tickets for Harmar and Captain Beatty; No News on Alexander MGillivray's Arrival Joseph Howell Josiah Harmar Howell purchased ten lottery tickets for General Harmar and Captain Beatty, numbers 23882-23891. Drawing will be on the first Monday in August. A second lottery is proposed; the tickets to be $10 and prizes to be double. Asks Harmar to inform if he wants to purchase tickets, as there will only be half as many for the second lottery as there were for the first. Alexander McGillivray has not...
January 2, 1790 Pay for Harmar's Troops Joseph Howell Josiah Harmar Howell discusses the plan for making the first and second installments of the pay for Harmar's troops but wishes to postpone the third installment until the regiment's account is settled with the help of Captain Beatty.
January 9, 1793 Major Beatty's Account Caleb Swan Edward Wayne There are charges exhibited to Swan against Major Erkuries Beatty related to the raising and marching, and providing one month's pay, of his company in 1791 amounting to $1098.25. Beatty has lodged vouchers in the amount of $895.65 so that leaves him indebted to the US for $202.70 pending the resolution of the remainder of his account.
April 20, 1785 Money from M.J.; compliments to Beatty Joseph Howell George Reid Expresses good wishes; mentions Beatty.
January 2, 1790 Blank Bills of Exchange for the Regiment Joseph Howell Major Erkuries Beatty Howell discusses Beatty's need for blank Bills of Exchange and fears that the 282 he is sending will not be sufficient for Beatty's needs.
May 20, 1785 Will forward balance; in want of money Philip Audebert Joseph Howell Will forward balance first safe conveyance along with what Captain Beatty must have paid. Is in need of money; furniture has only arrived on this day. Asks that Howell come to New York as fast as possible.
January 31, 1789 William Knox informs of Henry Knox's illness; report on arrival of Lieutenant Beatty in company with Captain Ferguson William Knox Josiah Harmar William Knox writes on behalf of his brother, Secretary of War, informing that he is sick with rheumatic fever and is unable to write. Reports on arrival of Lieutenant Beatty in company with Captain Ferguson. Mentions Mr. Vigo's account.
August 14, 1787 Letter and account from Oliver Wolcott Thomas O'Hara Joseph Howell Encloses letter and account from Oliver Wolcott. Says he is a total stranger to this business and transmits by Captain Beatty that Howell may do the needful. Compliments to Mrs. Howell; is happy to find that she is better.
January 10, 1793 Settlement of Major Beatty's Account Caleb Swan Joseph Howell Major Erkuries Beatty has exhibited his vouchers for the expenditure of public monies charged to him in order to obtain his discharge from the service. Said vouchers are enclosed, though not validated, being referred to Howell's office for final settlement.
January 3, 1787 Settlement of Major Erkuries Beatty account Major Erkuries Beatty Joseph Howell Beatty has sent copies of receipts for payments to Colonel Harmer's Regiment so that his account can be settled promptly.
December 6, 1789 Cited letter or document, Major Erkuries Beatty to Joseph Howell Major Erkuries Beatty Joseph Howell Letter, Citation only Cited in Howell to Beatty, 01/02/1790.
January 11, 1794 Letter Citation Joseph Howell Major Erkuries Beatty Cited in Beatty to Howell, 01/16/1794.
January 3, 1787 Letter Citation Major Erkuries Beatty John Pierce Cited in Pierce to Beatty, 01/18/1787.
January 2, 1790 Blank Bills of Exchange for the Regiment Joseph Howell Matthew Ernest Howell asks Ernest to forward the blank bills of exchange to Capt. Beatty to be used for the business of the regiment.
April 11, 1785 Regarding Joseph Ashton's account Joseph Ashton Joseph Howell Refers to matter of settlement with Regimental agents and paymasters. Mr. Pierce indicated that settlement depended on the meeting of congress. Since this has since occurred, asks for Howell to give Captain Beatty assistance in settling Ashton's account.
November 10, 1785 Response to the Demands of Creditors John Pierce Major Erkuries Beatty Pierce notifies Beatty that his response to the creditors of the officers and men whose money he holds should be in accordance with the rules of the War Office.
June 16, 1791 Letter Citation William Knox Major Erkuries Beatty Cited in Beatty to Knox, 06/19/1791.
June 19, 1791 One More Wagon Major Erkuries Beatty William Knox Beatty has written General Knox about an additional wagon to meet him in Trenton. He finds that it will be impossible for him to transport the quantity of spare clothing, arms, and tents that he is obliged to carry for his party of at least 100 levies without one more wagon.
September 28, 1794 Bountiful & Charitable Supply Major Erkuries Beatty Joseph Howell Beatty writes on behalf of Mr. Runyan, legitimate father of Jonathan and Benjamin Runyan whose pay he claims as their lawful heir since neither of them left wife or child.
September 1788 Captain Power's claim H. Henly Joseph Howell Discusses Captain Power's claim against Henly.