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May 11, 1797 Settlement of Ballard's account William Simmons Representatives of the late Ballard Smith Requests muster, pay, and receipt rolls of the non commissioned officers and privates of Ballard's company with his "contingent account" so that Simmons can settle Ballard's account with the War Office. Letter includes a listing of Ballard's account.
June 14, 1786 Investigation into Missing Pay for Regiment John Pierce Richard Fenner Requested certificates of officers who knew and served with Captain Ballard and would verify his integrity. Believed in Ballard's strength of character but Pierce had to adhere to rules that required procuring as much evidence as possible. He is responsible for money that was advanced to him but no such notations appear in his records, Ballard is therefore accountable for that money.
March 27, 1792 Delivery to Ballard Smith John Stagg William Knox Knox should deliver to Capt. Ballard Smith one hundred stand of arms and accoutrements complete along with five swords for sergeants. They should be transported to Richmond Virginia by water.
October 12, 1796 Pay of Private John Gilmor, Deceased, of Captain Ballard Smith's Company, 1st US Regiment William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $20.27 is due John Gilmor, late a private in Captain Ballard Smith's Company 1st US Regiment, being his pay from January 1 to November 4, 1791 following the day of his death, which sum is payable to his wife and administratrix, Dorothy Gilmor.
March 12, 1796 Pay of Private David Bates, Deceased, of Captain Ballard Smith's Company, 1st United States Regiment William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $20.27 is due the estate of David Bates, late private in Captain Ballard Smith's Company 4th Regiment, being his pay from Jan. 1 to Nov. 4, 1791, the day of his death.
June 29, 1792 Abbott's & Ballard's Receipts Edward Carrington Joseph Howell Enclosed are James Abbott's receipt for $300 and two receipts from Capt. Ballard Smith, one for $240.40 and one for $42, the amounts having been transmitted in post notes of the Bank of the United States.
December 26, 1797 Etheldred Ballard oath of enlistment Etheldred Ballard [not available] Document whereby Etheldred Ballard acknowledges having enlisted for five years as solder in the 4th United States Regiment.
April 17, 1789 Requests for Commissions and Federal Positions for Friends and Family James McHenry George Washington Includes requests from friends, including Robert Purviance's desire for a federal position, Captain Barney's request for a naval commission, Colonel Ballard's solicitation for office, support for the Federalists, and brother-in-law John Caldwell as a federal attorney.
December 17, 1797 Statement of enlistment into the United States Army Etheldred Ballard [not available] Etheldred Ballard oath of allegiance as a soldier in Army of United States of America. Enlistment is for five years.
March 19, 1792 100 Suits of Clothing John Stagg William Knox The Secretary of War requests that Knox furnish Capt. Ballard Smith with 100 suits of clothing complete having previously inspected same. They should be packed in boxes for transportation to Col. Edward Carrington in Richmond Virginia.
March 2, 1784 Pay Claim Jonathan Dayton John Pierce Capt. Jonathan Dayton discusses his claim for pay
July 8, 1792 Letter Citation Major Ballard Smith James Wilkinson Cited in Washington to Knox, 08/22/1792.
June 13, 1792 Accounts of the State of Virginia Edward Carrington Joseph Howell Carrington discusses various accounts in the Department of Virginia. He notes that Howell has directed him to transmit his duplicate receipts but he must be mistaken since the Secretary of the Treasury has directed Carrington to keep them which he feels compelled to do for his own safety.
August 10, 1792 Regarding preparations and troop readiness Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Mentions the council at Au Glaize and Indians. Notes that recruits will not be assembled in sufficient numbers, nor sufficiently disciplined according to the nature of warfare in which it is to be led. Discusses arrival of articles and provisions and asks Wayne to direct Major Craig to be punctual in notifying when stores are delivered. Mentions contractors of clothing have not furnished the...
July 13, 1792 Innoculation, Deployment, and Provisioning of Sundry Units Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Knox discusses the innoculation, deployment, and provisioning of the sundry units involved in the expedition against the western Indians and the prospects for peace.
June 24, 1786 Account of General Clark Thomas Clark War Department Account of Colonel Clark's expenditures as commander of the North Carolina Brigade in the Revolutionary War
August 24, 1792 Wayne's Legion Ready in the Spring Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Wayne declares his readiness to confront the full force of Indians by the following Spring [1793] and expresses more confidence in his ability to defeat the Indians than in an inconclusive peace.
November 14, 1792 Preparations for Winter, Placement of Fortifications, Soldiers' Pay, and Food Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Wayne explains his thinking on the placing of his fortifications and his preparations for the approaching winter. He talks of the absolute necessity of paying his men and lists several officers who, for various reasons, are no longer in the Legion. He emphasizes the critical need for flour which can't be easily transported because of the low waters in the rivers.
October 16, 1792 Thomas Gibson's Power of Attorney Thomas Gibson Samuel Hodgdon Thomas Gibson of the County of Hamilton, Northwest of the Ohio, gives Samuel Hodgdon of the City of Philadelphia his Power of Attorney.
June 10, 1790 Protection of Frontier Henry Knox Beverley Randolph Congress passed Act that authorized the calling up of a battalion and several militia for the more permanent protection of the frontier counties in Virginia and Kentucky from Indian attacks. Scouts are no longer needed.
October 23, 1793 Issues of Supply & Initial Contacts with Indians Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Notes Legion's march from Hobson's Choice continued from Oct. 7 to the 13th, when it stopped for lack of provisions. Notes that rations contractors are totally inadequate, and the entire Legion has been engaged in moving provisions, as the contractors cannot. Nonetheless optimistic about staying supplied, and vows not to fall back. Notes problem of protecting supply convoys, and relates tale...
July 13, 1792 Smallpox, Troop Movements, and Organization Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Knox approves Wayne's plan to separate troops who have not had smallpox from those who have had it and to innoculate those who have not had the disorder during the coming winter. He discusses in detail the progress in the movement of various forces to Pittsburgh and addresses the problem of faulty saddles. The division of officers into four Sub-Legions has been arranged and it is hoped that peace...
August 10, 1792 Postponing the Campaign Until Winter Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Regardless of the outcome of the peace negotiations, an offensive campaign should not be undertaken before winter. The peace council probably won't finish until late October nor will the recruits be assembled or trained before that time. Referring to Wayne's complaint about not receiving the stores that were requisitioned, Knox wishes he were more explicit regarding exactly what had not been...
February 6, 1786 Report on Colonel Shreve's Recruiting Accounts Caleb Swan John Pierce Report on the state of Colonel Shreve's recruiting accounts for the year 1777. Lists company Captains in the regiment.
September 1788 Captain Power's claim H. Henly Joseph Howell Discusses Captain Power's claim against Henly.