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February 27, 1792 Clothes for Asheton's Recruits John Stagg William Knox Knox is asked to issue clothes for Capt. Asheton's recruits for which a receipt will be required.
February 6, 1797 Closing Asheton's account William Simmons Joseph Asheton Requests that Captain Asheton provide his account and vouchers for monies received from the War Office so that Simmons can close his account.
November 2, 1797 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Joseph Asheton William Simmons Joseph Asheton William Simmons informs Joseph Asheton that failure to settle his account with haste will result in placing his name among the delinquents.
June 17, 1792 Asheton's Receipt Joseph Asheton Staats Morris Receipt for $831 received from Lieutenant Morris by Joseph Asheton.
March 21, 1792 Arms & Clothing for Capt. Asheton John Stagg William Knox Stagg asks Knox to let Capt. Asheton have thirteen muskets and bayonets to complete the stand of arms for his recruits. Also he should be issued 100 suits of clothing which should be forwarded as soon as possible.
January 8, 1798 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Joseph Asheton William Simmons Joseph Asheton William Simmons requests that Joseph Asheton produce vouchers necessary to settle his recruiting account.
December 21, 1797 Letter Citation Joseph Asheton William Simmons Cited in Simmons to Asheton, 01/08/1798. William Simmons requests that Joseph Asheton produce vouchers necessary to settle his recruiting account.
April 14, 1798 Certification of payments; account of Major Joseph Asheton William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $3.27 is due Major Joseph Asheton, being the balance of bounties paid and premium allowed him for enlisting recruits for the Army of the United States.
June 17, 1792 Asheton's Receipt Staats Morris Joseph Howell Enclosed is Major Joseph Asheton's receipt for $831 which Howell had charged to Morris. Morris asks therefore that Howell destroy his receipt for this same amount.
March 27, 1792 Wagon for Capt. Ashton's Equipage John Stagg William Knox The Secretary of War requests that Knox immediately furnish a wagon to convey the camp equipage of Capt. Asheton's detachment to Reading. He should also furnish the necessary means of transportation for 100 suits of clothing to Reading.
July 7, 1792 Army Detachments to Pittsburgh Henry Knox Anthony Wayne It is good news that the frontier is quiet. Troops are in motion from Virginia and Maryland and several detachments under Campbell and Asheton should arrive in Pittsburgh soon. Recruiting continues to languish.
June 29, 1792 Preparations for the Western Expedition Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Knox discusses the state of readiness and location of various units preparing for the expedition against the western Indians.
1792 Estimate of money wanting in the Quartermaster's Department Quartermaster General's Department [not available] From Quartermaster General's Dept. and Commissary of Military Stores Dept. Account Book. Estimate for monies wanting in the Quartermaster's Department
May 27, 1791 Ten Lottery Tickets, Etc. Josiah Harmar Joseph Howell General Harmar wants Howell to buy him ten New York Lottery tickets and send him the numbers thereof. Captains Asheton, Bradford, and Mc Curdy should send the returns of clothing of the men discharged in 1788 and 1789 but the men who allege that they are due arrearages of clothing are not to be credited.
May 27, 1791 New York Lottery, Etc. Josiah Harmar Joseph Howell Howell wants Harmar to purchase for him ten tickets on his account in the New York Lottery and three on account of Howell, Harmar and Beatty. He pledges to order Capts. Asheton, Bradford, and McGurdy to forward to Harmar the returns of clothing due the men who were discharged in 1788 and 1789.
March 9, 1791 Settling Accounts & Buying Lottery Tickets Joseph Howell Josiah Harmar Howell issues his instructions for settling the accountsof the men and units under General Harmar's command. He adds that even though he is in poor health, he will buy five lottery tickets for the General.
February 6, 1797 Accounts of Capt. Staats Morris William Simmons Unknown Recipient Capt. Staats Morris submitted his accounts that show that he is owed $89 which he has requested due to the recent policy allowing officers to paid for their expenses. Simmons does not believe the account should be paid unless expressly ordered by the Secretary of War.
April 5, 1790 Court of inquiry relative to Lacassagne's complaint; return of troops; Lieutenant Armstrong's mission Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Mentions court of inquiry relative to Lacassagne's complaint against Captain Ashton. Although Ashton's conduct not justified, the fellows in the vicinity of the garrison are such vagabonds as not to be entitled to the privileges of citizens. Encloses monthly return of troops. Lieutenant Armstrong left rapids of Ohio. Major Doughty, with Mr Vigo, at Wabash Island, preparing to start for...
June 28, 1791 Successful Engagement with the Enemy Charles Scott Henry Knox General Scott reports on a successful engagement with the savages in which his officers and men acted with gallantry and humanity despite insuperable obstacles created by the weather and terrain.
April 22, 1791 The Western Country Will Swarm, Etc. Joseph Howell Josiah Harmar Howell reports on a number of accounting matters dealing with arrearages, bounties, and the shortage of gold. The recruiting effort seems successful in a number of states and levies are so plentiful that soon the Western Country will swarm with them. He has also purchased ten lottery tickets for Harmar.
June 29, 1792 Troops are Marched as Fast as They are Recruited Henry Knox Anthony Wayne In order to alleviate Wayne anxiety, Knox reports on the recruitment and transportation of men and supplies to support Wayne's expedtion against the western Indians.
January 15, 1792 Sketch of Block House Isaac Craig Henry Knox Enclosed sketch of newly completed block house and other buildings with full description of size, location, and plan for additional buildings.
September 21, 1792 Measures Necessary to Protect the Frontier Henry Knox Anthony Wayne It appears that Wayne's force will not be over 3500 men and stores, forage, and shelter will be provided accordingly. Wayne should take whatever measures are necessary to ensure that the frontiers are protected. The trial of Ensign Morgan should proceed forthwith. Eleven deserters have been punished. Etc.
January 12, 1792 Supplies and Update from Fort Franklin Isaac Craig Henry Knox Request to Turnbull and Marnie to cast six pound shot for United States. Due to severe winter weather, procuring materials for block house has been difficult and Craig cannot give an accurate estimate of costs. Levies have deserted for want of proper winter clothing. Military updates from Fort Franklin.
[not available] Summary of correspondence from General Knox to General Wayne Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Accounts of raising & recruiting army companies; advises re uniforms, arms & accoutrements; standardization of procedures. Peace negotiations with Indians.