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May 30, 1796 Act of Congress Authorized Additional Pay of Wayne and De Butts Charles Lee [not available] Attorney General authorized the additional payment of all who hold treaties with Indians and for commissioners who assist. Excerpt from Act attached.
June 24, 1797 Delivery of Camp Kettles for Recruits James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver camp kettles for recruiting service.
August 23, 1791 Request for More Cartridges Patrick Phelon Samuel Hodgdon Captain Patrick Phelon reports all men accounted for, but box of ammunition did not contain amount expected. Requests that Col Hodgdon send ammunition on next provision boat.
May 11, 1798 Request for Issue of Camp Kettles James McHenry John Harris Directs issue of 2 camp kettles.
July 15, 1785 Form a Company of Infantry to Attend Indian Treaties Henry Knox Nicholas Fish Congress directs that a company of Infantry be detached to Fort McIntosh to attend the Indian Commissions during the treaty being held at the falls of the Ohio and mouth of the Great Miami River. Fish is ordered to form a full company of Infantry from the recruits of the state, to be ready to march by the 25th. Fish must also make a return of camp equipage and other articles necessary for the...
October 8, 1799 Delivery of Camp Kettles James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver camp kettles for 11th Regiment.
August 8, 1798 Request for Transportation Edward Miller Samuel Hodgdon Due to yellow fever, transportation is required for the baggage in order to move camp a safe distance from the city.
November 21, 1794 Delivery of Contracted Goods, Suppression of Insurgents Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Notification that Craig drew on Hodgdon in favor of contractors, and others to settle accounts. Noted militia successfully convinced "deluded multitude" that the army has enough strength to "chastise them when necessary." Several insurgents in confinement awaiting transport to Philadelphia for trial, other evaded capture. Request for more money to settle accounts and needs of garrisons added...
May 5, 1791 Materials to be Forwarded, Movement of Troops Henry Knox Major General Richard Butler Marching origins of troops across eastern seaboard detailed, all directed to upper Ohio to protect frontier.
January 15, 1790 Request for Camp Kettles and Straw William Price Henry Knox Informs the Secretary at War Henry Knox that Lt. Privee has requested camp kettles and straw for his men at the garrison. Tells Knox that there are only two camp kettles at the store and that straw can be purchased for 3 to 4 pence per bundle.
August 22, 1789 Indian Attacks Robert Johnson Beverley Randolph Detailed account of Indian attacks and resulting defense and attack by U.S.
April 2, 1799 Request for Issue of Horse & Camp Equipment, With Complaint James McHenry John Harris Directs issue of horse & camp equipment for the quartermaster general. A note from the QMG is appended, complaining of the slowness of fulfillment.
March 12, 1800 Wood for Union Camp Alexander Hamilton Aaron Ogden Hamilton orders a delivery of wood to Union Camp.
May 25, 1797 Delivery of Clothing and Camping Equipment James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver uniforms and camp equipment for Artillerists and Engineers under command of Capt. Donald Mitchell.
December 20, 1797 Balance due Deceased Soldier Dwight Foster William Simmons Foster requested information on the account of Capt. Samuel Camp, continental soldier in Capt. Barnes Company, Co. Nitron's regiment from the Massachusetts line. Relatives of camp claim a balance of wages due Capt. Camp.
November 18, 1799 Lieutenant Izard Appointed as Aide to Camp Alexander Hamilton Charles Cotesworth Pinckney "Pursuant to a conversation which I had with you while in this city I have concluded to offer to Lt. Izzard the place of Aide de Camp in my family. I have mentioned to Mr. Izzard that you will dispense with the form of an application to you as Commanding General of the district."
October 27, 1800 Delivery of Camp Kettles, Wooden Bowls, Axes, Water Buckets Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Letter, directs delivery of camp kettles, wooden bowls, axes, water buckets.
October 27, 1800 Issue of Camp Kettles to Company of Artillerists and Engineers Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Letter, directs issue of camp kettles to G.W. Carmichael for Captain Irwin's company of Artillerists and Engineers.
July 27, 1799 Delivery of Camp Kettles James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver camp kettles to Fort Mifflin.
July 26, 1799 Return for tin Camp Kettles for the use of the garrison at Fort Mifflin Francis Gibson James McHenry Return receipt for tin Camp Kettles at Fort Mifflin.
November 6, 1799 Want of Camp Equipage Phillip Charles Blake Samuel Hodgdon Hodgdon is asked to provide as quickly as possible camp equipage for two companies of infantry to be recruited for the 1st Regiment. General Hamilton informed Blake at Trenton that an order for them should be issued immediately. Major Cass wants everything in order for the mission. They are particularly in need of camp kettles but napsacks were drawn for Captain Samuel White which he does not...
November 13, 1799 Delivery of Camp Kettles Samuel Hodgdon John Harris Orders to deliver camp kettles for recruiting party.
December 3, 1798 Appointment as volunteer aid-de-camp to General Washington Charles Carroll James McHenry Carroll expresses his gratitude of McHenry's recommendation that he become a volunteer aid-de-camp to General Washington as soon as he enters into active service.
October 31, 1785 Table of company equipment Henry Knox Unknown Recipient The Secretary at War issues a standard table of camp equipment for a 70 man company. An equipment allowance is made for officers' servants. Ordinance is not included in camp equipage.
October 9, 9800 Recommendations for the Position of Aide de Camp Charles Carroll Alexander Hamilton Carroll recommends the Comte De Moelien to be one of Hamilton's aides de camp and encloses two testimonials.