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September 19, 1799 Nomination of Two Young Gentleman as Cadets Alexander Hamilton Commandants of Regiments Circular to the Commandants of Regiments: "The Secretary of War has determined to appoint immediately two Cadets to each regiment and he has directed me to request from the several Commandants a special recommendation of two young gentlemen for the purpose. You have nominated different persons from time to time as Cadets severally: but [it is now wished that you should make a selection of two...
October 28, 1799 Encloses Appointments for Cadets James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Encloses appointments for Joshua Jamison and Thomas Buck as cadets.
January 27, 1800 Fuel Allowance for Cadets Alexander Hamilton [not available] As directed by the Secretary of War in his instructions of January 25, 1800, Cadets in the fortifications upon the seaboard and at West Point shall receive the same allowance of fuel per month as that granted to lieutenants.
March 16, 1795 Clothing for Two Cadets Named Philip John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Philip Landais and Philip Rodrique have been appointed Cadets in the Corps of Artillerists and Engineers. According to the law, each is entitled to a sergeant's suit of clothing, with sword and belt, which should be issued immediately.
November 11, 1799 Nominations of Stickney and Wilson as Cadets Alexander Hamilton Nathan Rice Hamilton informs Rice that Stickney and Wilson have been recommended to the Secretary of War for appointment as Cadets in his regiment but it is important that seniority in the ranks be based on dates of appointment.
1797 Examinations for qualifying cadets for service James McHenry [not available] Memorandum explaining the examination used to qualify and judge candidates for vacancies in the corps of engineers or elsewhere in the military.
January 7, 1800 Certification of payment; John W. Fenno for printing copies of commissions of cadets, regulations of volunteer associations and furnishing paper William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payment; $35 to John W. Fenno for printing copies of commissions of cadets, regulations of volunteer associations and furnishing paper for the office of Secretary of War.
October 26, 1799 Nominations for Appointments as Cadets Nathan Rice Alexander Hamilton "As by your favor of the 19th ultimo I am requested to select and nominate two persons whom I should prefer to be appointed cadets. I now do myself the honor of soliciting that appointment for Mr. Edward Le Britton Wilson whom I have named before and Mr. Joseph Stickney--a very genteel young man of the town of Worcester in the commonwealth--as the two whom I prefer."
January 27, 1800 General Orders William North Alexander Hamilton Notification that the rules for enlistment were changed. Instead of recruits being placed with a specific corps or regiment, they are simply to be enlisted for service to be determined. Allowance for the cadets at West Point and "upon the sea board" approved by the Secretary of War.
July 3, 1798 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Richard S. Blackburn Simmons informs Blackburn that the cadets under his charge have overdrawn their rations. Consequently, Simmons suspends their accounts until the designated amount is refunded.
July 21, 1800 Allowance of Wood for Cadets William Simmons John Henry Simmons was unaware of the extension of allowance of wood for cadets and therefore the account that was suspended due to these charges was done in error. John Dexter to repay Henry for charges made against him for the wood that was allowed.
July 23, 1800 Account Stoppages William Simmons Daniel Jackson Simmons received accounts with stoppages issued by Simmons from Secretary of War. Simmons stated that only alteration to be made is wood allowance for cadets due to general order issued by Adjutant General that Simmons was unaware of at the time of stoppage.
July 16, 1800 Proposal for Plan of Instruction for Artillery & Engineer Cadets Samuel Dexter John Adams Submits a plan for the instruction of artillerists and engineers under the current laws. The law dictates 2 cadets per artillery company, or 64 in all, and 4 teachers & 2 engineers for instruction, with the War Department providing the instruments for teaching. Recommends that the teachers and an engineer be hired and that cadets be recruited and concentrated at a school. Sees it fit to mention...
August 24, 1799 Parker's Complaints and Recommendations Thomas Parker Alexander Hamilton Parker complains about the want of clothes for the soldiers, the lack of subsistence money for officers, rusted arms, and unwieldy cartridge boxes. He believes that the appointment of cadets would enhance the recruiting service.
August 19, 1799 Men and Supplies of the Twelve Additional Regiments Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton reports on sundry matters related to the officers and men and supplies of the twelve additional regiments.
July 9, 1799 Some of the men are actually almost naked... Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton discusses the number of cadets to be assigned to each regiment and the urgency of Captain Morris's request for clothing for the men at his garrison. "Some of the men of the infantry are actually almost naked."
July 12, 1796 Scarcity of Officers at West Point Stephen Rochefontaine William Simmons Rochefontaine submits the muster and pay rolls for June. Due to the low number of officers at West Point, he has appointed Cadets as quarter master and pay master, and he would like them to be compensated for their work.
January 3, 1800 Certification of Vouchers Lewis Tousard Alexander Hamilton Tousard requests Hamilton's certification of a number of vouchers for items that are sorely needed, including tents for men under smallpox quarantine, shoes, a barge for Fort Adams, and wood allowed to the cadets.
February 13, 1792 Discussion of Military Discipline & Hospital Stores James Wilkinson Henry Knox Letter, discusses military discipline; discusses quality of hospital stores.
July 23, 1800 Update on the Stoppage of Accounts William Simmons Caleb Swan Simmons notified Swan that he just received information regarding the stoppage of accounts. Due to general order issued by the Adjutant General, cadets at West Point and all seaboard fortifications to receive a fuel allowance equal to that of a lieutenant. Simmons mentioned Major D. Jackson's account and requested a credit issued to his account on the books of the Paymaster General.
July 25, 1800 Approval of Cadet Instruction Plan, With Expanded Discussion of Naval Midshipmen John Adams Samuel Dexter Approves whole-heartedly with Dexter's previously submitted plan for the instruction of artillery and engineer cadets, adding only that he feels multiple naval midshipmen should be allowed at the cadet school, and that a naval school should also be conducted aboard each frigate. Discusses several individuals recommended to serve as teachers or engineers in the school. Adams objects to appointing...
June 28, 1798 Suggested Improvements for the Military James McHenry Samuel Sewall Extract from a longer letter. McHenry lays out reasons why it would benefit the armed forces for the officers to receive education on certain aspects, and suggests hiring teachers for specific subjects. He suggest raising the pay of cadets and the establishment of an Inspector of Artillery to correct the deficient state of ordnance in the nation.
January 9, 1799 Uniforms for the Army of the United States James McHenry [not available] Describes the uniforms of officers in order of descending rank: the Commander in Chief; other General officers; Major Generals; Aides of the Commander in Chief; the Inspector General; Infantry; Artillery; Colonels; Majors; Captains; Lieutenants; Cadets; Sergeant-Majors; Quartermaster Sergeants; Sergeants; Corporals; Chief Musicians; Musicians; Etc.
March 19, 1799 Assisting Turbulent Young Men General William Irvine James McHenry Writing for his son who is ill, General Irvine observes that the two men acting as sergeants may not be able to provide adequate assistance to Lieutenant Wolstencraft so he suggests another officer join them at Reading.
September 18, 1799 Muskets, Socks, and Appointments James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Regarding the state of muskets and other goods issued to Lieutenant Colonel Smith.