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December 8, 1797 Charles Carroll recommends Wilkinson to McHenry Charles Carroll James McHenry Charles Carroll recommends Joseph Wilkinson, the son of Colonel Wilkinson of Calvert County, to the Secretary at War for appointment into the army. Carroll asks for news from Europe and France.
March 18, 1800 Response to Colonel Hamtramck's Letter Alexander Hamilton Samuel Hodgdon Hamilton notes that he has received a copy of a letter from Hamtramck to Wilkinson with the enclosed paragraph. He wants to know what measues have been taken to respond to the requisitions discussed in the paragraph.
April 1, 1797 Money for Mrs. Wilkinson William Simmons John Pierce Cover for letter forwarded from Brigadier General Wilkinson to Pierce. Also requests that Pierce pay him two hundred dollars owed to Wilkinson that Wilkinson wants Pierce to pay over to Mrs. Wilkinson.
March 17, 1792 No News Henry Knox Isaac Craig Post has not yet arrived, no news to communicate. Enclosed copy of letter to Wilkinson, request to forward it at first opportunity.
November 26, 1800 Letter for Colonel Hawkins Samuel Dexter Commanding Officer, Fort Wilkinson Georgia The War Office directs the Commanding Officer at Fort Wilkinson, Georgia to forward a letter to Colonel Benjamin Hawkins.
November 13, 1799 Colonel Hamtramck's Winter Quarters Alexander Hamilton James Wilkinson Hamilton affirms to Gen. Wilkinson that Col. Hamtramck should winter at Fort Fayette with the army rather than at Cincinnatti as he has requested.
February 8, 1792 Request for money to a little girl James Wilkinson Samuel Hodgdon James Wilkinson asks Col Hodgdon to give 3 shillings and 9 pence to the "little girl" who bears the note. Hodgdon notes that he made the payment.
January 26, 1792 Letter from Wilkinson to Hodgdon James Wilkinson Samuel Hodgdon Report from General James Wilkinson to Samuel Hodgdon.
April 2, 1789 Order for payment from James Wilkinson James Wilkinson Colonel Patterson Orders to pay doctor for services.
September 5, 1800 Report from Edward Wright from Fort Wilkinson Edward Wright David Henley Reports on status of accounts, travels of officers, and the health of himself and family.
June 23, 1797 Forwarding Letter to Butler Concerning Wilkinson's Request for Reinforcements James McHenry James Wilkinson Forwards Wilkinson a copy of a letter to Lt. Col. Butler concerning several companies of the 3rd Regiment. The letter to Butler tells him that Wilkinson has seen intimations of Indians stirring for hostilities in the Northwest, and is looking for reinforcement from Butler's command -- thus he has had boats prepared in Tennessee for the transport of the reinforcements. Asks Butler to send the...
May 5, 1797 Money to Mrs. Wilkinson William Simmons James Wilkinson Reports that he has paid General Wilkinson's wife the money owed to Wilkinson by Captain John Pierce..
November 30, 1798 Difficulties in the manner of paying troops while General Wilkinson is away Caleb Swan John Steele Swan reports that Wilkinson has put him in charge while away from the post at Cincinnati [presumably Fort Washington]. Discusses some of his instructions and some of the difficulties that have occurred in the execution of the system for the payment of the troops.
April 12, 1793 Knox writes to Wayne regarding Mrs. Wilkinson Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Letter, asks for assistance for Mrs Wilkinson in traveling down the Ohio River.
June 2, 1797 Strengthening the Garrison at St. Louis James Wilkinson James McHenry Lieutenant Colonel Howard and his regiment have arrived in Saint Louis. He is strengthening the works at that place and organizing the militia. General Wilkinson has confidential information that the Spanish determined as early as September that they would not give up their posts on the Mississippi.
January 2, 1801 Regarding Request for Furlough James Wilkinson John Wallington Informs Wallington that his request for a furlough must be sent to his colonel.
April 22, 1798 Officers Conduct Edward Price James McHenry Documents explaining the impertinent behavior of the commanding officers at Fort Wilkinson towards Price.
June 11, 1798 Letters regarding resignation of Jonathan Meigs James Wilkinson Return Jonathan Meigs Wilkinson confirms Meigs' resignation. He had hoped to see Meigs to say goodbye, and regrets that he was unable to do so.
March 29, 1799 Correspondence from General Wilkinson & Others Alexander Hamilton James McHenry In order to keep track of current military affairs, McHenry asks Hamilton to forward to him letters from General Wilkinson and any others that may be important.
March 8, 1792 Unauthorized Action James Wilkinson Samuel Hodgdon Wilkinson never authorized the building of a government house by Col. Sargent.
September 3, 1799 Cover Letter, Request for Goods Edward Wright John Harris Cover letter forwrding a letter from Colonel Benjkamin Hawkins. Also mentions that the Indians at the Fort Wilkinson trading post are most in need of powder, flints, and blankets.
July 20, 1792 Regarding Communications with General Wilkinson Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Letter, directs that General James Wilkinson will keep up a constant correspondence with Wayne. Knox will answer correspondence from Wilkinson and transmit a copy.
August 4, 1793 Advance to Col. Sargent, Etc. Caleb Swan Joseph Howell The advance of $620 to Colonel Wintrhop Sargent for his pay, subsistence, and forage as Adjutant General in 1791 appears to Swan to have been authorized by Gen. Wilkinson's letter of January 1792 to him. Gen. Wilkinson has raised some scruples because the payment was not authorized by his signature but, if there is a difficulty, Wintrhop has pledged to refund the money.
February 27, 1800 Movement of the Corps to the Low Country, Etc. James Wilkinson Alexander Hamilton Wilkinson observes that should the Corps be needed in the Low Country, they should decamp from Pittsburgh and descend the Ohio anterior to the recession of the vernal floods because the voyage may be difficult during the summer months.
October 12, 1797 Wilkinson's Proclamation and Related Documents Timothy Pickering James McHenry Pickering encloses General Wilkinson's proclamation at Detroit, John Askin's petition to General Wilkinson complaining about the proclamation, and Wilkinson's response to the complaint. Also included is Wilkinson's letter to the Justices of the British western district of Upper Canada and their answer.