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April 30, 1787 Discussion of Iron, Stone Supply & Frigates William Price Henry Knox Discusses pig iron available for frigates; also discusses availability of stone. Two vessels drifted down river and were damaged or destroyed near Fort Montgomery.
August 20, 1794 Sketch of the ground at the Rapids of the Miami of the Lake, showing the position of General Wayne's Army previous to and after the Action of 20 August 1794 [not available] [not available] Sketch of the ground at the Rapids of the Miami of the Lake, showing the position of General Wayne's Army previous to and after the Battle of Fallen Timbers, on 20 August 1794.
August 5, 1794 On the Whiskey Rebellion Alexander Hamilton George Washington Secretary Hamilton writes to President Washington on the Whiskey Rebellion. Mentions that the Collector of the Revenue, Robert Wilson, was attacked by the rebels: "stripped of his Cloaths which were afterwards burnt, and after having been himself inhumanly burnt in several places with a heated Iron was tarred and feathered - and about day light dismissed - naked wounded and otherwise in a very...
June 28, 1793 Letter from Federal Commissioners for Sandusky conference to Major Isaac Craig on interpreters, wampum, runners, and timing of Sandusky Conference Federal Commissioners Treaty at Sandusky Isaac Craig [not available]
March 17, 1793 Alarming & Melancholy Account of Creek Depredations James Seagrove Henry Knox Seagrove provides a detailed account of depredations apparently committed by renegade Lower Creeks.
June 18, 1788 Provisions and Supplies William Price Henry Knox Discusses various provisions and supplies with the Secretary at War. Acknowledges that he has received his previous letter enclosing the invoice for 134 suits of clothes. Old carriages are being burnt and the iron stored. Mr. Morrow wishes to purchase some of the old cartridge boxes.
January 3, 1793 Report on the Southwestern Frontier James Seagrove Henry Knox Seagrove discusses the situation on the frontier which is mostly peaceful despite several incidents involving violence by Indians.
June 28, 1793 We shall sail with the first fair wind. Benjamin Lincoln Isaac Craig Commissioners LIncoln, Randolph, and Pickering report on the status of their expedition to treat with the Western Indians.
October 28, 1792 Indian Relations James Seagrove Henry Knox Expects arrival of Creek chiefs. Enclosed copy of letter from McGillivray, the letter does not please Seagrove. Seagrove discussed McGillivray's duplicitous nature and his underhanded actions. Hopes the U.S. will reprimand any Indian tribe for actions taken against the nation.
October 4, 1789 Indian Attacks Col. Benjamin Wilson Arthur St. Clair Detailed account of Indian attacks.
October 21, 1798 [PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL] Appointment of Officers George Washington James McHenry Requests letter and enclosure be "burnt as soon as they are read". Contents relative to the appointment officers to Cavalry and McHenry's lack of communication on the current candidates.
August 11, 1790 Discussion of Transportation of Military Stores from Rhode Island Henry Knox Jeremiah Olney Letter, discusses transportation of public stores from Rhode Island.
July 26, 1797 Statement of Powder at Various Places Samuel Hodgdon [not available] Statement of the quantity of powder at various places.
October 26, 1792 Coalescence of the Legion at Pittsburgh, Winter Encampment, and Stance Toward Indians Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Has returned from scouting a winter site for the army; must wait for water to rise (for ease of supply) before relocating there. Refers to retention of interpreters. Capt. Pierce will soon arrive from Philadelphia with 192 noncoms and privates; complains that Capt. Eaton "of whom we have heard so much" has brought only 44 noncoms and privates, and that all arriving detachments thus far have had...
April 1, 1797 Statement of Brass Cannons and Carriages Samuel Hodgdon [not available] Statement of brass cannons and carriages on books of intendant of stores
January 23, 1801 Plate & Copies Were All Burnt at the Destruction of Our Office, Etc. Jonathan Newman Samuel Hodgdon Since the plate and copies were all lost in the fire that destroyed the War Office, Newman requests a copy of one of the commissons issued by the President to officers of the Volunteer Corps.
February 10, 1798 Contract price of rations for 1797 and 1798 R. J. Heath William Simmons Contract prices of rations Fort Fayette, Fort Massac, Fort Knox, Michilamackanac, Fort Wayne.
September 22, 1791 Troops Marching to Fort Washington Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Knox acknowledges receipt of two of St. Clair's letters and informs of several troop movements toward Fort Washington.
December 29, 1786 State Funding for a Fort Samuel Hodgdon Jonathan Nicholson Letter, mentions state funding of fort..
June 23, 1797 Condition of Old Fort and Storage of Powder Isaac Craig James McHenry Status of magazine at old fort no longer appropriate for storage of powder. Advised the storage at Fort Fayette and notified McHenry he will attempt to sell the old magazine and its building materials.
June 5, 1794 Return of the non-commissioned officers Henry Knox Unknown Recipient Return of the non-commissioned officers and privates belonging to the legion of the United States.
July 19, 1791 Garrisoning at Fort Washington Arthur St. Clair Henry Knox Letter, discusses garrisoning Fort Washington.
1796 Quantity of troops at various posts James McHenry [not available] McHenry lists the number of troops stationed at each post.
September 15, 1803 General Lee and the Scouts of Mason County Alexander Dalrymple Orr William Simmons General Lee has shown Orr a letter from Simmons dated April 1, 1802, stating that Caleb Swan has credit in the office of the Accountant for $1156.66 advanced to Lee for the Scouts of Mason County between May and December, 1792. Orr was in charge of receiving all money for Lee at the time and submitted vouchers for all payments received. He believes the amount is correct, but does not know where...
December 11, 1800 Articles requested by Samuel Hodgdon for various Forts Purveyor's Office Samuel Dexter List of articles requested by Samuel Hodgdon for various Forts.