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January 7, 1793 Account of James Buckley Joseph Howell Richard Harrison The United States in account with the estate of James Buckley, Dragoon of Colonel Lee's Legion. Buckley is owed 242 dollars.
April 19, 1799 Buckley and Brooke at Birdsborough Forges offer to deliver [not available] Samuel Hodgdon An offer indicating that Buckley and Brooke at Birdsborough forges in Pennsylvania have offered to deliver in Philadelphia to Mr Hodgdon three forms of guns made of grubbs iron. Communicated through Mr Jolly.
May 26, 1799 Growing opposition to the Federalist Party Theodore Sedgwick James McHenry Sedgwick expresses concern of the growing opposition to the Federalist Party, spurred in part by the regular pay of officers in the Provisional Army before they performed any actual services.
December 3, 1797 Diplomatic relations with Portugal and Spain James McHenry William Loughton Smith McHenry congratulates Smith - U.S. ambassador to Portugal - for beginning to master the Portuguese language, stressing that fluency is integral to diplomatic relations. With respect to Spain, McHenry argues that Spain has more to dread from war with the United States than the U.S. does, and suggests that Smith keep that in mind in diplomacy.
November 28, 1786 Account of Public Securities John Pierce Oliver Wolcott Informs Wolcott that his request for the accounts of the State of Connecticut will be attended to. Encloses an original receipt given by Jonathan Phillips and John Thomas for over 10,000 dollars of certificates unaccounted for.
March 4, 1790 Return of Invalids of Rhode Island Paid Their Annual Pension Jeremiah Olney [not available] Return of Invalids of Rhode Island paid.