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January 27, 1797 Closing of Sevier's account William Simmons John Sevier Requests that Brigadier General Sevier provide his account and vouchers for monies received from the War Office so that Simmons can close his account.
November 25, 1792 Letter from General Sevier Henry Knox Tobias Lear "Be so good after the President shall have perused the enclosed letter from General Sevier, to return it as it will be requisite for me to acknowledge its receipt."
October 18, 1793 Reconciliation with the Cherokees William Blount Henry Knox Blount observes that, except through Seneca, communications with the Cherokees have been cut off since General Sevier's march into the nation. He has dispatched John McKee to collect information from that quarter but it appears that reconciliation with the Cherokees is not probable until a general pacification has occurred among all the nations.
March 11, 1799 Announces Presidential Commission as Brigadier General James McHenry William MacPherson Announces his appointment by the President as Brigadier General of the provincial army. Requests his oath of affirmation.
November 25, 1792 Disposition of the Creek Nation Tobias Lear Henry Knox Knox is directed by the President to inform General Sevier that his assessment of the disposition of the Creek Nation is very different from that of the Superintendent of Indians Affairs in the southern region.
April 12, 1792 Knox informs Brooks of promotion Henry Knox John Brooks Letter, advises re appointment to Brigadier General.
April 16, 1792 Monies Paid to Levies David Allison Joseph Howell Allison is endeavoring to make a statement of the monies which ought to have been paid by Brigadier General Sevier to the levies from the territory south of the Ohio. To the contractor for supplies and for transportation of the troops to Fort Washington: 1750. For bounty paid 195 men at three dollars each: 585. For one month's pay to the field staff and Commissioned Officers and 195...
April 1, 1797 Account of John Sevier John Sevier William Simmons Sevier discusses his account and assures Simmons that he will send his papers by safe conveyance as soon as it's feasible.
April 14, 1786 Brigadier General McIntosh's account John Pierce John Wereat Discusses the details of the settlement of a Brigadier General McIntosh's account (for Revolutionary War service)
August 8, 1793 Governor of Georgia holds a council of war with his generals Governor Edward Telfair [not available] This document records the issues presented by the Governor to the council of war for advice on forming the military expedition against the Creek Indians.
February 28, 1793 Letters from Blount and Sevier Henry Knox Tobias Lear "I enclose you a copy of the President's note of this morning and also two letters from Governor Blount--one dated the 24th of January and the other the 1st of February and also a letter from General Sevier of the 6th of February 1793."
April 12, 1792 Knox informs Willett of promotion Henry Knox Marinus Willett Letter, advises re appointment to Brigadier General.
September 11, 1799 Explains Creation of Brigade and Brigadier General with Pennsylvania Volunteer Troops James McHenry Lt. Col. J. C. Hall Refers to transition of rank from the old army to the provisional army and General Habersham's appointment as Brigadier General. Reports that Pennsylvania has supplied more troops under the name of volunteers than any other state, creating a brigade and necessitating the need for a brigadier general.
April 12, 1792 Appointment to Brigadier General Henry Knox John Brooks Requests response to appointment of Brigadier General.
September 18, 1798 Protecting the Interests of the General Government John Sevier James McHenry Govenor Sevier assures McHenry that neither Zacharia Coxe nor anyone else would be permitted to make settlements unless permitted to do so by the General Government.
September 15, 1792 Letters Received from Equaka William Blount Henry Knox Letters received from Bloody Fellow inform Blount that the war parties have dispersed, and he is in the process of discharging regiments.
July 19, 1798 Commission as Major General of Alexander Hamilton John Adams [not available] Official appointment of A. Hamilton to post of Inspector General of Army, ranking Major General. Subsequent commissions given to other officers in enclosure.
July 31, 1793 Letter Citation William Blount Unknown Recipient "In case of war with the Cherokees as well as the Creeks, General Sevier is a fit character to command that part of the force which be employed against the Cherokees."
April 16, 1792 Account of the Monies Put into the Hands of General Sevier David Allison Joseph Howell Howell encloses an account of the monies put into the hands of General Sevier for the use of the militia of the territory south of the Ohio.
May 11, 1793 Assignment of Brigadier General Posey Henry Knox Isaac Craig Brigadier General Posey will set out for headquarters next Monday. Requests that Craig have boat ready for descending Ohio River, as soon as Posey arrives at Pittsburgh.
October 28, 1793 Report on Indian Activity William Blount Henry Knox Blount reports on General Sevier's pursuit of the Indians who murdered a frontier family and Blount's attempt to communicate with the Cherokees. Presently there are no major actions by the Indians but still many minor ones except for the massacre of Mrs. Lewis and her children in Greasy Cove, an area previously thought to be safe.
January 2, 1797 Payment of Private Robert Coane and Private John Lockner, soldiers servants of Brigadier General Wilkinson William Simmons [not available] Simmons certifies payment of $26.53 to Private Robert Coane and $19.87 to Private John Lockner, soldiers, servants to Brigadier General Wilkinson.
April 18, 1792 Statement of the Monies Paid to General Sevier Joseph Howell Henry Knox Allison presents Howell with a statement of the monies which he believed were paid by General Sevier to the forces from the territory south of the Ohio, including the sums allegedly paid to the contractors.
August 13, 1796 Peace on Frontier James McHenry John Sever Views of Sevier in line with those proposed by Congress and the President for seeking peace among the frontier inhabitants. Mentions militia.
January 16, 1786 Brigadier General Smallwood's Account John Pierce Board of Commissioners Discusses a recommendation concerning certain charges to the account of Brigadier General Smallwood arising during service in the Revolutionary War