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July 7, 1791 Regrets Resignation of Brigadier General Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Expresses regret at resignation of Brigadier General Harmar, as he esteems him as a good officer.
November 25, 1787 Arthur St. Clair's appointment to government of Western Territory and Josiah Harmar's promotion to brevet Brigadier General Josiah Harmar Arthur St. Clair Harmar congratulates Arthur St. Clair for his appointment to the government of the Western Territory [northwest of the Ohio River]. Reports that Congress has honored Harmar with brevet commission to Brigadier General, and thanks St. Clair for is friendship and influence upon the occasion. Mrs. Harmar sends compliments. Major Duncan left for the Falls.
April 25, 1795 Deceased Soldiers to whom Balances Appear to be Due William Simmons Timothy Pickering It appears that John Lalor, late a Sergeant in the First Regiment under the command of Brigadier General Harmar, has administered the estates of several deceased soldiers to whom balances appear to be due. This is shown also on the enclosed list extracted from the account of balances due the same Regiment.
September 24, 1791 Proceedings of the Court of Inquiry Major General Richard Butler Arthur St. Clair This is the letter from Butler accompanying the transcipt of the proceedings of the Court of Inquiry into the military performance of General Harmar. Without any evidence being provided by members of the Kentucky militia, the proceedings are closed and the transcript presented to General St. Clair.
January 4, 1792 Resignation of General Harmar Henry Knox Josiah Harmar Knox accepts, upon behalf of the President, the resignation of General Harmar but assures the general that the President regrets the loss of his service to the public.
April 3, 1790 Employing Scouts for Kentucky Henry Knox Harry Innes From most information received, Indians still continue depredations on frontiers. Knox encloses same authority and discretionary power for employing Scouts for Kentucky as were sent on March 3d to Governor of Western Territory, or in his absence, Brigadier General Harmar.
April 27, 1791 Deposition of John Thorp John Thorp [not available] In his deposition, John Thorp attests to General Harmar's military manner, great sobriety, and eminent viligance during the expedition against the Omee towns.
June 12, 1790 Enclosed Letters Henry Knox Beverley Randolph Letters from Judge Innes and others to be forwarded.
August 8, 1793 Governor of Georgia holds a council of war with his generals Governor Edward Telfair [not available] This document records the issues presented by the Governor to the council of war for advice on forming the military expedition against the Creek Indians.
March 11, 1799 Announces Presidential Commission as Brigadier General James McHenry William MacPherson Announces his appointment by the President as Brigadier General of the provincial army. Requests his oath of affirmation.
November 2, 1790 Request for Information on the Harmar Expedition George Washington Henry Knox There's been no news regarding Brigadier General Harmar's expedition against the Wabash Indians; the President requests the most recent information regarding the expedition.
June 23, 1791 Payment of the Army, Court of Inquiry, Etc. Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Knox advises General St. Clair that Captain Beatty is marching to him with a sum of money intended to be a military chest for the issuance of warrants and one month's payment of St. Clair's army. St. Clair is ordered to assemble a Courth of Inquiry to assess General Harmar's conduct during the late expedition against the Miami Indians.
September 11, 1799 Explains Creation of Brigade and Brigadier General with Pennsylvania Volunteer Troops James McHenry Lt. Col. J. C. Hall Refers to transition of rank from the old army to the provisional army and General Habersham's appointment as Brigadier General. Reports that Pennsylvania has supplied more troops under the name of volunteers than any other state, creating a brigade and necessitating the need for a brigadier general.
April 12, 1792 Knox informs Brooks of promotion Henry Knox John Brooks Letter, advises re appointment to Brigadier General.
March 25, 1791 Arrangement of Levies. Henry Knox [not available] A chart showing the arrangement of levies into regiments, battalions and companies and the personnel assigned to the regimental staff, the battalion staff, and the officers, non-commissioned officers, privates, and musicians assigned to companies.
September 15, 1791 Requirements for the Court of Inquiry Arthur St. Clair Major General Richard Butler St. Clair's letter in which he describes the requirements for the Court of Inquiry's investigation into General Harmar's military performance during the recent campaign against the Miami Indians.
May 5, 1791 Deposition of Caleb Worley Caleb Worley [not available] Lieutenant Worley attests to the dutiful attention paid by General Harmar to the safety and order of the troops under his command and that he never observed the General in a state of intoxication.
April 14, 1786 Brigadier General McIntosh's account John Pierce John Wereat Discusses the details of the settlement of a Brigadier General McIntosh's account (for Revolutionary War service)
December 14, 1790 Reports on the Recent Harmar Expedition Henry Knox George Washington Knox encloses reports from Lieutenant Ebenezer Denny, Governor St. Clair, and Brigadier General Harmar about the recent western expedition, which includes a list of killed and wounded. He references a separate expedition of federal troops under Majors Whitely and Hamtramck. Hamtrack destroyed Indian towns on the Wabash without opposition. Knox speaks highly of Lieutenant Denny.
April 12, 1792 Knox informs Willett of promotion Henry Knox Marinus Willett Letter, advises re appointment to Brigadier General.
November 24, 1787 Recommendation of Mr. Coudray Josiah Harmar Henry Knox If there is a vacancy in the Connecticut quota, General Harmar recommends Mr. Coudray who has been a volunteer in the regiment for a considerable time and has conducted himself with propriety.
July 7, 1788 Papers respectiong disposition of affairs on the Ohio River and Northwest Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Knox transmits letter from Governor of Western Territory with message from Wyandots, Ottawas, and Chippawas, delivered by Captain Coon; a letter from Superintendent Indian Affairs, Northern District, dated Fort Pitt, 20 June 1788; Extract of letter from Brigadier General Harmar with reports from Lieutenant Armstrong and Lieutenant Spear.
May 11, 1793 Assignment of Brigadier General Posey Henry Knox Isaac Craig Brigadier General Posey will set out for headquarters next Monday. Requests that Craig have boat ready for descending Ohio River, as soon as Posey arrives at Pittsburgh.
September 23, 1791 Proceedings of a Court of Inquiry Winslow Warren Arthur St. Clair The transcript of the entire proceedings of the Court of Inquiry into the conduct of General Harmar during his campaign against the Miami Indians. (A common theme in the testimony is that the failure of the campaign was due to the incompetence and cowardice of the state militia.)
April 12, 1792 Appointment to Brigadier General Henry Knox John Brooks Requests response to appointment of Brigadier General.