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July 21, 1800 Return of the fresh provisions for the brig Sophia Samuel Hodgdon Israel Whelen Letter, directs the issue of provisions for Brig Sophia.
August 17, 1800 Preventing Bail for Captain Merchants, Accused of Piracy Charles Page Jeremiah Condy Page discusses the case of Captain Merchants who, having been charged with piracy, escaped confinement and was recaptured.
November 28, 1795 Regret at the Delay in Sailing Timothy Pickering Samuel Hodgdon Captain Sedam has indicated that the second brig will not be ready to sail for several days. Pickering considers Sedam a dull sailor and wonders why, if there is a liklihood of delay, the first brig could not sail on a fine day such as today.
April 12, 1792 Appointment to Brigadier General Henry Knox John Brooks Requests response to appointment of Brigadier General.
July 20, 1800 Return for fresh provisions for the Brig Sophia John Smith [not available] Stores, return for fresh provisions for the Brig Sophia.
August 10, 1792 Goods for General Sargent Daniel Sargent Samuel Hodgdon Daniel Sargent sends goods requested by his uncle, Winthrop Sargent (father of the general), on board the brig Swallow. Hodgdon is to forward the goods to General Sargent. Request of Sargent's uncle, Winthrop Sargent, answered. Goods shipped to care of Hodgdon.
September 9, 1793 Capture of the Brig "Nancy" Henry Knox Thomas Jefferson Jefferson is asked to inform the British minister that two French privateers have captured the brig "Nancy" of Jamaica and taken her to New London. The Governor of Connecticut has captured this brig with a party of militia and will deliver her up to her master or owner but so far no such persons have appeared.
June 19, 1794 Penalty levied on the Brig Florida Alexander Hamilton George Bush Letter from the Secretary of Treasury regarding a penalty levied on the Brig Florida according to the 3rd section of the Registering Act. The "act concerning the registering and recording of ships or vessels" was passed on December 31, 1792.
May 20, 1800 Rules Regarding Double Rations William Simmons Caleb Swan After examination of accounts submitted by Swan, Simmons noted that double rations are only allowed to officers commanding separate posts. In the case of Brig. Gen. Wilkerson, when he ceased to be commander in chief, he lost the privilege of double rations therefore a deduction from the accounts submitted was made. Secretary of War was written for a decision on the subject and his private...
November 29, 1799 Claims of the United States at Detroit John Francis Hamtramck Alexander Hamilton Hamtramck informs Hamilton of the claims that had been the property of the Crown that should now be the property of the United Staes.
March 31, 1800 Letter to the President of the United States James McHenry John Adams Letter to the President of the United States concerning the case of Captain Levin Jones, formerly of the brig David Stewart, against whom a bill has been found by a Grand Jury for murder.
July 12, 1796 Packages Shipped by the Brig "Welcome Return" John Habersham Samuel Hodgdon The packages shipped by the brig "Welcome Return" for the troops at Colerain and the box for Mr. Seagrove were received in good order and shipped in a schooner bound for that post.
September 12, 1788 Mr. Storer's accounts Caleb Swan Joseph Howell Is flanked in every quarter by old papers of the old regiment. Mr. Storer, likely in arrears at $200 will not be able to pay until his brig arrives from West Indies in fall.
May 18, 1797 Letter to James McHenry Felix D. St. Hilaire James McHenry A cryptic note from St. Hilaire to James McHenry that mentions the posting of General Charles Cotesworthy Pinckney as Ambassador to France.
March 4, 1796 Expenses of Lieutenant Colonel Willis Willson William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $48.54 is due Willis Willson, Lieutenant Colonel of Militia, being the expenses of a detachment of Virginia militia detaining a Brig commanded by Captain Maney who tried to go to sea in violation of a Congressional embargo.
November 22, 1793 General Stewart declines appointments; brigs Cunningham and Pilgrim Henry Knox Thomas Jefferson General Stewart declines acceptance of appointment as inspector of the Philadelphia port and naval office. He made the application at insistence of father in law, who is now convinced that office will hurt commercial pursuits. Encloses letter from Governor of Maryland regarding capture of brigs Cunningham and Pilgrim.
September 10, 1799 Encloses Letters from the Quartermaster General and Brig. Gen. Wilkinson James McHenry John Adams Encloses letter from the Quartermaster General and from Brigadier General Wilkinson.
November 26, 1798 Receipt for Ordinance of the Algerian Brig and Two Schooners Timothy Pickering [not available] Acknowledges receipt of round shot and bar shot for six pounders, nine pounders, twelve pounders, and eighteen pounders, agreeable to an order from the War Office, for the use of the Algerian brig and two schooners, to be paid for by the Secretary of State.
May 3, 1792 Knox Informs Williams of Promotion Henry Knox Brigadier General Otho H. Williams Letter, advises regarding appointment as Brigadier General.
February 16, 1801 Voucher No. 173 Brig. Gen. J. Wilkinson Disbursement of Cash John Wilkins, Jr. James Wilkinson Receipt of $80 for money to pay for secret services paid to William Chubbs.
May 3, 1792 [PRIVATE] Appointment Henry Knox Brigadier General Otho H. Williams In the event that Brig. Gen. Morgan declines appointment, Knox hoped to appoint Otho Williams. Requests Williams acceptance or declination of possible appointment.
May 22, 1792 Instructions to Brig. Gen. Rufus Putnam Henry Knox Rufus Putnam The Secretary at War instructs General Rufus Putnam as follows: "Your first great object upon meeting the Indians will be to convince them that the United States requires none of their lands." Knox authorizes Putnam to allow the Indians to keep U.S. Army officers as hostages in order to secure the agreement of the Chiefs to travel to Philadelphia.
June 5, 1799 Reports Accounts for Ship Carpenters; Encloses Dimensions for Masts, Spars Samuel Hodgdon Matthew Ernest Reports the arrival of the ship carpenters with their drafts; the accounts will be corrected. Encloses the dimensions of the spars and masts for brig building
October 1, 1794 Reports Interactions with Various People; Complains about Expectations of War Department Tench Coxe Alexander Hamilton Received letter with military supply requests after Hamilton's departure. Reports that Major Stagg has set out after the President with Gen. Wayne's dispatches. Reports communications and requests of Samuel Hodgdon and Tench Francis. Colonel Fish has assured him that blankets and shoes will be sent next week. Reports that Captain Barry will sail for Georgia on a brig carrying live oak. Complains...
July 20, 1800 Articles That Can Be Disposed Of to the Jews in Lieu of Cash, Etc. John Smith Samuel Hodgdon Smith discusses his experiences dealing with the rulers of Algiers and the Jews with whom he does business.