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October 23, 1796 Account of Samuel Beaver Paul Jones James McHenry Letter to the Secretary of War concerning the balance due Samuel Beaver, deceased, late of Captain Richard Blackburn's company of artillery.
December 13, 1798 Regarding beaver and deer skins John Harris Samuel Hodgdon Mentions beaver and deer skins; also mentions Hamilton and McHenry.
January 26, 1800 Drawing of the Lottery in Philadelphia, Etc. Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Craig has directed surveyor John Beaver to give Hodgdon the military land warrant in the name of Joseph Johnston. Beaver is on his way to Philadelphia to attend the drawing of the lottery.
March 28, 1791 Friendly Indians Killed at Beaver Creek Henry Knox Seneca Chiefs Knox assures the Seneca Chiefs that the President had nothing to do with the recent murder of friendly Indians. He will ensure that Samuel Brady and the others responsible for this reprehensible deed will be brought to justice and punished. Compensation for lost horses and other property will be provided to the friends and relations of the deceased.
March 25, 1794 Estimate of Pay & Forage Due the Detachments Joseph Howell Isaac Craig Howell lists estimates of pay & forage due the detachments of Fort Fayette & Big Beaver Block House, Fort Franklin & Wheeling.
April 30, 1791 COPY: Letter of Condolence Regarding Murder at Beaver Creek Arthur St. Clair Delaware Chiefs Assurances of punishment for the murder of Indians by white people, reprimands other bad Indians for "mischief".
May 25, 1792 Appointment and Defeated Riflemen Isaac Craig Joseph Howell Appointment made to position Capt. Biggs declined, money dispensed. Riflemen defeated and some killed by Indians at Beaver Creek.
March 25, 1794 Paying the Troops of Various Detachments Joseph Howell Henry Knox No arrangements have been made for paying the detachments at Fort Fayette, Big Beaver block house, Fort Franklin, and Wheeling and provisions need to be made to meet these obligations.
April 19, 1794 Estimate of Subsistence for Officers at Fort Fayette & Big Beaver block house, Fort Franklin & at Wheeling for 1793. Joseph Howell Isaac Craig Estimate of Subsistence for Officers at Fort Fayette & Big Beaver block house, Fort Franklin & at Wheeling for 1793.
July 12, 1793 No.114 Estimates Needed for Money Requested Henry Knox Isaac Craig Will inform Sec of Treasury of opinion regarding Big Beaver Creek. Result will be transmitted. Money will be transmitted once Craig follows instructions and forwards estimates.
March 29, 1791 Extradition of the Accused by the State of Virginia Henry Knox Arthur St. Clair Regarding the murder of the Indians at Beaver Creek, Knox recommends that an inquiry by the proper magistrates should begin immediately and the appropriate legal steps taken to demand that the accused be extradited to Pennsylvania by the State of Virginia.
March 17, 1791 Our Misfortunes Seneca Chiefs George Washington The Seneca Chiefs report the misdeeds that are being perpetrated upon them despite Washington's pledge that they would be able to live safely in peace.
March 24, 1791 Hostile Intentions of the Western Indians, Etc. Henry Knox Rufus Putnam The hostile intentions of the western Indians seem clear. The recent murder at Beaver Creek of some friendly Indians should be investigated so as to avoid a general Indian war. It is hoped that the impending campaign will produce peace.
June 1, 1792 Return of Stores and Report on Activities Isaac Craig Henry Knox Forwards return of stores. Does not include boats. Mentions camp kettles. Dr. Hutcheson has set out for Fort Franklin with David Mead. Report of Major McCullen defeat at Beaver Creek proved false. Cannons not yet at hand.
June 28, 1793 Acquisition of Materials for Building Post at Wheeling Henry Knox Lieutenant Col. Clarke Knox reconsidered his order to halt building of post at Wheeling. Suggested materials for blockade, stockade, and barracks be obtained from Wheeling Creek or along Ohio River for trivial costs. Additional orders to obtain boats and necessary materials.
August 4, 1786 Security for Captain Hutchins' surveyors, conciliation of Delawares and Chippewas, and lawless settlers Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Captain Hutchins requested a body of troops to cover the surveyors. Captain Hamtramck moved from Mingo Bottom to Little Beaver to cover that purpose. Reports on lawless villains at Wheeling who threaten to waylay friendly Indians and impede the surveyors' efforts. Thinks they could use a taste of Federal law. Encloses 20 July, 1786 report from Mr. Philip Liebert.
March 13, 1794 Estimate of the Pay & Forage of the Troops Joseph Howell Isaac Craig Estimate of the pay & forage of the Troops at Fort Fayette & Big Beaver Block House.
April 23, 1791 Copy: Notification of Dissatisfaction with Murder Arthur St. Clair Seneca Chiefs Copy of letter sent to Corn Planter for the Seneca Nation, sent to Lord Dorchester and Lord Grenville. Govt upset with murder of friendly indians at Beaver Creek, reward offered for apprehension of offenders.
July 28, 1792 Discussing the outfitting and deployment of troops Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Wayne discusses the deployment and outfitting of some of his forces, the need for rifle uniforms, and the punishment of a difficult young man named Lieut. Smith.
January 17, 1794 Funding and Currency Isaac Craig Joseph Howell Major Craig discusses the muster and pay rolls for Forts Fayette, Wheeling, Franklin, and Beaver Blockhouse with Joseph Howell.
January 3, 1794 Doctor Wallace's Account; Pay and Muster Rolls Isaac Craig Joseph Howell Encloses Doctor Wallace's account. Asks for examination and instructions. Has already advanced a part of sum. Garrison at Fort Franklin paid. Muster and payrolls of Beaver Block House will be sent next post. No muster rolls from Wheeling. Garrison at Fort Fayette paid. Not possible to obtain authentic muster rolls in Captain Crawford's absence. Need more blank muster rolls.
March 17, 1791 Extract of a Letter from James Morrison Esq. to Genl. Richard Butler dated Pittsburgh March the 17th 1791 James Morrison Major General Richard Butler Gives latest location of Delaware Indian settlements that were peacefully trading with U.S. traders but suffered an attack from hostile Indians. Details of attack given.
March 30, 1793 Hiring Interpreter Isaac Craig Henry Knox Interpreter, William Wilson for the Shawnee and Delaware Indians found in next town. He was present at Beaver Creek during the killing of friendly Indians and now travels to Philadelphia to serve on prosecution team against Bradley. Craig seeks to employ him but Wilson needs to be excused from trial.
March 24, 1791 Supplies and Politics at Fort Pitt Henry Knox Isaac Craig Supplies to Fort Pitt, St. Clair to arrive shortly as chief command on frontier. Murder of friendly Indians at Beaver Creek should receive rigid inquiry.
January 17, 1794 Letters; Ohio River Iced Up; Garrison Musters and Pay Rolls Isaac Craig Henry Knox Received letters, including one to Lieutenant Robert Thompson. Weather has unexpectedly changed and prevented Major Cass from embarking; Ohio River full of ice. Captain Crawford not yet returned. Mentions muster and payrolls for Fort Franklin, Beaver Block House, and garrisons at Fort Fayette and Wheeling.