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[not available] Letter from Henry Lee Henry Lee James McHenry Request for a meeting with McHenry and Benjamin Stoddert at McHenry's house.
March 23, 1801 Details of Post-Presidential Journey Home John Adams Samuel Dexter Adams relates the details of his journey home after the end of his term as president, and of the state of his home, sending respects to Jefferson, and compliments to Madison, Lincoln, Dearborn and Stoddert.
June 3, 1800 Expenses of the Move to Washington Benjamin Stoddert William Simmons Benjamin Stoddert finds that the estimates for the removal of William Simmons' office to Washington are higher than those for other offices. An advance of $800 will be made to Simmons for himself and $3878 for the gentlemen in his office, for which he is held accountable. Those with families should not receive more than $100 in excess of the amount due them.
February 21, 1804 The Prospect of Selling Some Land Benjamin Stoddert Jean Baptiste Duquesne Stoddert is anxious to sell some of his lots in the city but is concerned about the prospect of selling at a price that reflects what he considers the appropriate value of the property.
May 15, 1800 Meeting between Heads of Departments Benjamin Stoddert James McHenry Secretary of the Navy Benjamin Stoddert informs McHenry that he has been requested by John Adams to arrange a meeting between the Heads of Departments at his house at 7:00 that evening.
June 15, 1799 Appointment of Talbot to U.S.S. Constitution Benjamin Stoddert Captain Thomas Truxtun Talbot appointed to Constitution, Stoddert and Talbot to remain at separate stations. Issues of seniority addressed.
August 24, 1798 Letter Citation Benjamin Stoddert Alexander Hamilton Cited in Hamilton to Stoddert, 08/29/1798.
September 27, 1798 Letter Citation George Simpson Benjamin Stoddert Cited in Stoddert to Simpson, 09/29/1798.
June 5, 1800 Letter to the Secretary of the Navy Alexander Hamilton Benjamin Stoddert Letter from Major General Alexander Hamilton to Benjamin Stoddert, Secretary of the Navy. Image not available.
August 1, 1799 Completing the three arsenals and establishing a fourth Benjamin Stoddert James McHenry Stoddert suggests to McHenry that if the three United States arsenals were completed and filled with arms, a fourth arsenal - or possibly a fifth or sixth - should be established as well. This should not be done, however, before properly filling the other three with arms. Stoddert suggests that Harper's Ferry is the most important to fill first, due to its strategic location.
June 2, 1800 Advance from Treasury for Removal of War Office to Washington William Simmons Benjamin Stoddert Simmons notified Hon. Benjamin Stoddert that in compliance with his letter, Simmons advanced the gentlemen in his office their salaries through June in order to pay for the expenses related to moving themselves and their families to Washington. Simmons advanced himself his salary for the same reasons.
July 10, 1798 Request for Orders to Furnish Space for Captured Goods Benjamin Stoddert James McHenry Schooner to be prepared for cruise by Humphreys, goods must be off-loaded. Stoddert requested room for storage of goods.
August 13, 1798 Receipt of Brass Mounted French Muskets Benjamin Stoddert [not available] Acting for Secretary of the Navy Benjamin Stoddert, Captain Gill confirms receipt from John Harris of one hundred brass mounted French muskets.
May 26, 1800 Appointing officers in the artillery John Adams James McHenry Responds to a letter concerning appointments for Major Tousard. Adams states that he will omit appointing any officer in the artillery, except for Robins Chamberlain. Notes that he will inform Benjamin Stoddert and McHenry's successor of a petition by Robert Gilmore.
May 28, 1798 Acceptance of Post, Travel Plans for Philadelphia Benjamin Stoddert James McHenry Believed himself unqualified for the appointment given by McHenry, but accepted the appointment with patriotic vigor. Will travel to Philadelphia, Stoddert's family will follow shortly thereafter. Requested a letter regarding McHenry's desire for Stoddert to communicate his acceptance or refusal.
July 12, 1799 Dispute Over Relative Importance of the Army & Navy, & Need for Congressional Approval of Military Supply System James McHenry John Adams McHenry addresses a dispute between himself and the Secretary of the Navy, Benjamin Stoddert, regarding the relative importance of the army and navy. Also notes review of Hamilton's plan of military supply, and is of the opinion that its adoption requires no act of Congress. However, given the controversy on this matter, he will also submit it to the Secretaries of the Navy and State for their...
June 7, 1800 Letter from the Secretary of Navy [not available] John Harris Largely illegible letter from Benjamin Stoddert, Secretary of the Navy, and Samuel Hodgdon, Commissary of Military Stores, to John Harris, Keeper of the Military Stores.
August 21, 1798 Request for Status of Appointment to Navy Alexander Hamilton Benjamin Stoddert Fearful that his letter was lost, Stoddert again recommended his relative for a position in the navy, despite his status as a foreigner.
May 27, 1800 Speech to the Troops James McHenry Alexander Hamilton Mr. Stoddert, the new Secretary of War, has asked whether Hamilton or Gen. Pinckney has been directed by the President to thank the troops or say any clever things to them on announcing the order for their disbandment.
January 4, 1796 Discussion of Inflammatory Article Supposedly Published by Benjamin Stoddert Captain Thomas Truxtun Josiah Fox Letter, discusses article in the Maryland Journal regarding the raising of a Frigate, claiming Stodder [Stoddert] wrote the anonymous article.
March 3, 1798 Money for Bridge Work James McHenry Charles Lowndes As requested by Lowndes, Templeman, and Stoddert, McHenry advances $75 for the five shares he holds in the bridge so that the work on securing the safety of the bridge can go forward.
August 1, 1798 Request for Advice Regarding the Employment of Galleys Benjamin Stoddert James McHenry Three Galleys missing from the lot of ten due to Rhode Island for its protection. Stoddert requested advice from McHenry on the number and/or necessity of Galleys to protect the coast so that he might procure them immediately.
September 7, 1798 Forwarding the 24 Pounders to Savannah Samuel Hodgdon Benjamin Stoddert Hodgdon informs Stoddert of the means by which the 24 pounders were forwarded to John Habersham in Savannah.
December 12, 1800 Rental Agreement between Department of Navy and War Department for Marine Corps Benjamin Stoddert William Simmons Stoddert, Secretary of Navy, agreed with the Secretary of War to pay $500 for the house rented for the war office on the water side, for the use of that house for the Marine Corps, until the end of the year for which it was rented. Stoddert paid $500 to Colonel F. Deakins.
August 13, 1798 Old Copper in the Public Store Samuel Hodgdon Benjamin Stoddert Hodgdon alerts Stoddert of the amount of Old Copper that remains in the public store and presumes that it can be possessed in the usual way.