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September 13, 1798 Discussion of Appointments of Brooks and North John Adams James McHenry Returns blank commissions. Speaks disparagingly of Major Brooks's appointment. Defers to McHenry and Stoddart to make decision as he considers Brooks a total stranger. Discusses appointment of General North. Requests attention to troops of North Carolina.
August 18, 1798 Correspondence on Military Matters and Artillery Officers John Adams James McHenry President Adams addresses McHenry on some "very unpleasant information" coming from Benjamin Brooks, one of the majors of a new artillerist corps. Adams appoints his personal friend James Lovell as captain of artillery in the place of a Captain Mitchell.
July 12, 1799 Requests Report on Uniform for Jared Brooks, Cadet James McHenry William Simmons Announces that Jared Brooks has been appointed cadet in regiment of artillerists and engineers. Requests report on uniform.
May 7, 1794 Account of Joseph Brooks Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of service and settlement of pay for Joseph Brooks, late private in the 3rd South Carolina Regiment.
March 7, 1793 Accounts of Captain Brooks Caleb Swan Joseph Howell Enclosed is Capt. Brooks's accounts and a copy of the receipt.
September 15, 1798 Discussion of Affairs with Georgia Governor, Brooks, Morgan, Rhode Island James McHenry John Adams Recognizes difficulty to please governor of Georgia; lists items sent to troops there. Has no relationship with Brooks. Encloses correspondence from several different people about different movements in different locations.
April 18, 1795 Payment of Sarah Brooks, nurse at Carlisle Pennsylvania William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that the sum of $24 is due to Sarah Brooks for her pay as a nurse at Carlisle, Pennsylvania from August to November 1794.
April 26, 1792 Letter Citation John Brooks Henry Knox Cited in Knox to Brooks, 05/03/1792.
April 12, 1792 Knox informs Brooks of promotion Henry Knox John Brooks Letter, advises re appointment to Brigadier General.
June 5, 1799 Major Hoops Commanding in place of Major Brooks Alexander Hamilton Staats Morris Until Major Brooks takes his station at Fort Jay, Major Hoops will command in his absence so his orders should be followed and letters should be addrssed to him.
November 19, 1799 Administration of Individual Officers and Soldiers Benjamin Brooks Alexander Hamilton Routine correspondence concerning the appointment, transfer, promotion, discharge, desertion, leave, and assignment of individual officers and soldiers.
October 8, 1785 Evils Done by the State of Massachusetts to Veterans of the Continental Army Benjamin Lincoln William Jackson Benjamin Lincoln requests a meeting with General William Jackson so as to rectify the "evils" done by the offices of the state of Massachusetts to the veterans of the Continental Army. Said officers are asking daily for their sufferings to be represented to the U.S. government.
September 4, 1798 Discussion of Officer Appointments John Adams James McHenry Discusses the appointment of a man suggested by General Hamilton as a candidate for Inspector of Artillery. Adams also comments on the nomination of a Major Brooks to an officer's post in the army, saying he will never sign his commission until he receives explanation for terrible insults Brooks has supposedly pronounced. Says he has been convinced by McHenry's reasoning to alter the assignment...
July 29, 1788 Money mentioned by Mr. Sherman Joseph Howell Elisha Ely Money mentioned by Mr. Sherman is a sum credited by Howell to Colonel Brooks. Mr. Pierce too ill to reply to letter.
December 14, 1798 Disposition of the Troops, Etc. Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig In addition to a discussion of the disposition of troops and problems supplying them, Hodgdon discusses a number of matters involving Colonel Sargent, Mr. Brooks, and General Washington.
August 9, 1800 Certification of Payment; G. Heiskell, Contractor at Fredericksburg, Virginia William Simmons Samuel Dexter Certification of payment; $19.92 to G. Heiskell, Contractor at Fredericksburg Virginia for Whiskey and Vinegar furnished Captain Brooks' detachment.
April 23, 1799 Arranging Massachusetts into Districts, Etc. Nathan Rice Alexander Hamilton Rice explains that he awaits Colonel Brooks' assistance in arranging Massachusetts into districts and still has not nominated the rest of his regimental staff due to reasons already enumerated.
May 6, 1792 Contingent appointment to Colonel Hull Henry Knox William Hull Secretary Knox makes a contingent offer to appoint Colonel Hull, a Brigadier. The decision of General Brooks to accept appointment will impact the offer made to Hull.
May 6, 1792 Knox Informs Hull of Potential Candidacy for Promotion Henry Knox William Hull Letter, discusses Brigadier General commission; advises offer of commission to Hull should Brooks decline.
October 18, 1799 Certification of payment; Jeremiah Buck, Contractor, for rations and quartermaster stores furnished recruits of the 11th Regiment at Bridgetown, New Jersey under command of Captain A. Brooks William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payment; 245.75 to Jeremiah Buck, Contractor, for rations and quartermaster stores furnished recruits of the 11th Regiment at Bridgetown, New Jersey under command of Captain A. Brooks.
August 29, 1798 On Relative Rank, Both for General Officers & New Field Officer Appointments in New Corps James McHenry John Adams Discusses the fort at Castle Island [Massachusetts], and the relative suitability of various officers. The latter largely concerns the abilities of a Major Brooks to one of the new regiments. Discusses various officers for the corps of artillerists & engineers, noting the problems which arise when an army is expanded quickly, and normal lines of promotion are thrown off track.
April 24, 1792 Brooks requests details of promotion from Knox J Brooks Henry Knox Letter, asks for info re terms of the commission of Brigadier General.
August 1789 Brooks solicits a federal appointment from Knox J Brooks Henry Knox Letter, asks for federal appointment.
April 10, 1799 Plans for the Recruiting Service Alexander Hamilton Richard Hunewell Hamilton stresses that the rendezvous within the recruiting subdistricts ought to be chosen with an eye toward accommodating recruits and ease of procuring supplies. The plan for recruiting in Massachusetts from the Congressional delegation is enclosed. Nominations for regimental staff must be provided soon.
December 3, 1799 Forwards Communication for Benjamin Hawkins James McHenry Henry Gaither Requests forward of enclosed packet to Benjamin Hawkins, principal temporary agent for Indian affairs.