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October 10, 1794 Sum of money for the militia Henry Knox Samuel Hodgdon Secretary Knox informs Samuel Hodgdon, Commissary of Military Stores, that it is requested to transmit a considerable sum of money to the militia army at Carlisle or Bedford.
August 24, 1795 Reward of George Bedford for apprehending deserter William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that $10 is due George Bedford for apprehending Richard Roctor, a deserter from a Company of Artillerists and Engineers commanded by Captain James Gamble at Mud Island Pennsylvania.
February 18, 1784 Order to conduct a survey Samuel Hodgdon James Pearson Order for Pearson and Bedford to survey building owned by the U.S. for their value and their rental value.
October 11, 1794 Quartermasters Stores Alexander Hamilton Ephrain Blaine Writes that there are in the store under the care of Captain James Gamble and Richard Parker, sundry Quarter Master's articles as camp kettles, knapsacks, and canteens, which he will take under his direction. Requests that Blaine cause the residue to be forwarded to Bedford immediately.
October 17, 1794 Letter to the Governor of Pennsylvania Alexander Hamilton Thomas Mifflin Informs the Governor of Pennsylvania that the Quartermaster and Commissary General will leave Fort Cumberland for Bedford to remedy various defects in supplies.
August 2, 1785 Value of U.S. property in possession of Robert Morris Gunning Bedford Samuel Hodgdon Gunning Bedford sends an inventory and valuation of government property in the possession of Robert Morris to Samuel Hodgdon.
September 29, 1794 Instructions to the Militias Confronting the Insurgents Alexander Hamilton Samuel Smith Recognizes Smith's desire to proceed to Frederick Town; instructs him to instead take militia to Fort Cumberland to unite with the troops from Virginia. Has ordered adequate jackets and overalls for the troops at Fort Cumberland. Promises to do everything possible to assure comfort of troops. Acknowledges money requests. The New Jersey and Pennsylvania troops will proceed immediately to Bedford.
January 4, 1796 Pay & Subsistence of Lieutenant Daniel Bissell William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that $304.07 is due Lieutenant Daniel Bissell, being his pay and subsistence up to Dec. 1795 and for the balance of his contingent account; and for marching his men to Bedford.
June 3, 1795 Pay of Private Robert Johnston, late of Captain Zebulon Pike's Company William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that $28.10 is due Private Robert Johnston, late of Capt. Zebulon Pike's Company of 3rd Sub Legion, being the balance of his pay from May 1792 to July 1793, being left sick at Carlisle and Bedford during that time.
January 7, 1799 Certification of payments; Hugh Barclay for apprehending deserter from Captain S. Coregh’s company William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payments; $48 to Hugh Barclay for apprehending deserter from Captain S. Coregh’s company, for money paid to Hector McNeal, gaoler [jailer], Bedford County.
May 3, 1792 Supply of Rations Henry Knox Unknown Recipient Secretary Knox writes that he depends on the recipient entirely for a supply of rations at the following posts, and also for articles in the Quarter Master's line, for medical assistance, and for means of transportation. The posts include Alexandria, Winchester, and Shepherds Town in Virginia; Baltimore, Fredericks Town, Hagers Town, and Cumberland in Maryland; and Chester, York, Carlise, and...
January 23, 1801 Certification of payment; Doctor William Davidson for medicines furnished and attendance on recruits of Captain William Graham, 10th Regiment of Infantry William Simmons Samuel Dexter Certification of payment; $100 to Doctor William Davidson for medicines furnished and attendance on recruits of Captain William Graham, 10th Regiment of Infantry at Bedford, Pennsylvania, payable to Henry Wood, esquire.
February 24, 1800 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons John G. Coffin Simmons informs Coffin that his claim cannot be made without sanction from the Secretary at War.
November 5, 1794 Speculation Relative to Hamilton's Presence with the Army, Etc. George Washington Alexander Hamilton Along with a discussion of the submission by the insurgents in western Pennsylvania and whether or not the houses of Congress will meet, Washington informs Hamilton of attacks upon him by [Benjamin Franklin] Bache, specifically questioning the motives of a Secretary of the Treasury who remains with the Army.
August 8, 1794 Letter from the Armourers at New London with pay grievances [not available] Samuel Hodgdon The Commissary of Military Stores states that several of the workmen have been afflicted with sickness which has hindered their work. As a consequence, the superintendent is stopping their pay for lost time. Letter states that this is very hard and that they are sick because of the insects in the area. Signers request pay for boarding during sickness. Signed by John Lewis; Theo Lewis; William...
October 4, 1787 Letter to the Commissioner of Commissary Stores Major General Richard Butler Samuel Hodgdon Letter from General Richard Butler to Samuel Hodgdon, the Commissioner of Commissary Stores. Mentions the problem of sending and receiving letters in a timely fashion.
November 7, 1794 Shipments of Clothing & Shoes, Etc. R. Parker Samuel Hodgdon Parker has been promised two teams [of horses] that will leave in two or three days. The clothing is not yet loaded onto the wagon but the shoes were transported the previous day for Bedford.
November 18, 1794 Shoes for the Militia Army John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon The Secretary of War wants Hodgdon, with all possible expedition, to forward three thousand pairs of shoes to Carlisle to be sent on to Bedford for the use of the militia army.
October 13, 1794 Stores for the Army Being Transported Samuel Hodgdon Ephrain Blaine Hodgdon notifies Blaime that the clothing for the Army has been sent to Carlisle but should be forwarded on the Bedford and Blaime should take every measure to ensure their prompt delivery.
October 27, 1784 Letter from the Comptroller's Office James Milligan Joseph Howell Letter from the Comptroller's Office, pertaining to pay issues.
April 19, 1800 Difficulties Adjusting Accounts Peter Hunt Samuel Hodgdon Details on difficulties adjusting accounts per order of Hodgdon.
October 21, 1794 Clothing Forwarded to Carlisle, Etc. Richard Parker Samuel Hodgdon Parker provides new information on shipments. The public clothing that was forwarded to Carlisle is gone on to Bedford. Other wagon loads have been shipped on the 12th and the 16th under the auspices of Captain Gamble.
September 23, 1794 Purchase of Two Horses William Bradford Samuel Hodgdon Mr. Ralston at Strasburg and Col. Postlethwaite at Carlise have been advanced the sum of sixty dollars each for the purchase of two horses for the expedition sent to and from Pittsburgh during the late mission into the western country.
November 12, 1791 Doctor request for payment John Anderson Henry Knox Doctor Anderson reports that he took care of three soldiers under Captain Phelan, 2d Regiment of United States, at Bedford. Asks for payment. Describes the treatments in detail.
January 31, 1795 Craig discusses military stores and shipment with Hodgdon Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig responds to Samuel Hodgdon's inquiry into clothing being shipped to Greensburg.