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September 18, 1797 Request for Letters to be Forwarded William Simmons Caleb Swan Letters to Barnard Gaines and Yelverton Peyton pertaining to debts requiring settlement sent to Swan for perusal and transmission to the debtors.
September 29, 1797 Extract from Warrant Book William Simmons Caleb Swan Notified Swan he will receive an extract from the Warrant Book from September 1st to the present (September 29th). Simmons enclosed letter for Captain Barnard Gaines and Ensign Yelverton Peyton.
June 13, 1798 Balance of Accounts for Fort Wayne Bernard Gaines William Simmons Noted enlistments since last correspondence with Simmons and monetary expenditures related to recruiting.
December 29, 1797 Letter Citation Bernard Gaines William Simmons Cited in Simmons to Gaines, 02/16/1798. William Simmons acknowledges Capt. Gaines' request to have his account balance stated.
February 16, 1798 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Capt. Gaines William Simmons Bernard Gaines William Simmons acknowledges Capt. Gaines' request to have his account balance stated.
June 13, 1797 Refund to the Paymaster General William Simmons Bernard Gaines Requests that Captain Gaines refund a sum of money to Caleb Swan, Paymaster General, in order to clear Gaines' account at the War Office
July 12, 1800 Certification of payment; Barnard Hudson, Store Keeper at Fort Renslaer and its dependencies William Simmons Samuel Dexter Certification of payment; $172 to Barnard Hudson, Store Keeper at Fort Renslaer , New York, and its dependencies.
September 18, 1797 Settlement of Accounts William Simmons Bernard Gaines Simmons approved Gaines request to close account with Swan. Simmons requests a certificate from P.M.G. (Pay Master General, Swan) to update Office records.
March 28, 1793 Letter Citation James Seagrove Timothy Barnard [Bernard] Cited in Barnard to Seagrove, 04/09/1793.
April 3, 1797 Reports Conditions at Colerain Edward Price James McHenry Encloses report of the state of Indian business. Recommends shipping goods by way of Savannah. Mentions local blacksmith who performs well. Tim Barnard believes the Indians are geared for peace.
November 4, 1792 Troops Taken Prisoner, Information Gathered, Situation Unsafe for Travel James Wilkinson Henry Knox Wilkinson now commanding Fort Hamilton provided intelligence gathered by Lieut. Gaines during his outing with a search party for captured soldiers. Kentucky volunteers and pack horses to arrive at Fort Jefferson tomorrow, main road unsafe for travel.
December 18, 1794 Letter from deputy agent of Indian affairs Timothy Barnard [Bernard] James Seagrove Extract of a letter from Timothy Barnard, deputy agent of Indian affairs to James Seagrove, Indian agent to the Creeks in the Southern Department.
October 17, 1793 Letter from Timothy Barnard [Bernard] to James Seagrove Creek Indian Agent, on the prospects for peace, Warrior King's meeting with lower Creeks, White Lieutenant and upper Creek Chiefs Timothy Barnard [Bernard] James Seagrove From Flint River, prospects for peace are good it seems. The Warrior King trying to reconcile matters. Met with leadership of Lower Creeks at Cussetah, and with White Lieutenant and upper Creek Chiefs at Tuckabatchee. Cowetas promise to lay quiet; talk strongly of killing horse thieves. Seek to get women prisoners back. Ask Seagrove to mediate and bring prisoners with him when he comes to visit....
June 21, 1793 Headmen Want Peace with the United States, Etc. Timothy Barnard [Bernard] Henry Gaither Barnard reports that headmen of Cussetahs, and headmen of upper and lower Creeks all seem to want peace with United States. Their intent was to make satisfaction for the murders and robbery at Robert Seagrove's store at Trader's Hill on St Marys River, but for the intervention of William Panton. At Tuckabatches, Indians agreed to return stolen horses; Cowetas and Chickasaws refuse to comply....
June 11, 1797 Letter Citation William Simmons Bernard Gaines Letter, Citation only.
October 18, 1793 Letter from Timothy Barnard [Bernard] to James Seagrove Creek Indian Agent, reporting on favorable prospects for peace Timothy Barnard [Bernard] James Seagrove Barnard [Bernard] remains ill and can hardly collect his sentiments on paper. Reports that the Warrior King of the Cussetahs returned from meeting with upper Creeks; all towns in that quarter want peace. To demonstrate sincerity, White Lieutenant and other leaders will join Warrior King to Oakmulges to conduct Seagrove into the nation. White Lieutenant asks Seagrove to bring the women and...
July 27, 1787 Talk of the Fat King to His Honor Governor Mathews of Georgia and his Council [not available] George Mathews Have seen the talk sent by commissary Mr. Barnard. It is the whites who have forgot the talks at Shoulderbone, not the Creeks. Laments the hasty revenges taking place. Cannot be accountable for measures of Upper Towns; they can answer for themselves. Refer to promise made to southern Indian superintendent Mr. White. Make demands for satisfaction, life for life; and equal number for twelve people...
October 1, 1793 Letter from Timothy Bernard [Barnard] from Oakmulgee on peace efforts with Creek Nation Timothy Barnard [Bernard] James Seagrove Timothy Bernard [Barnard] reporting from Oakmulgee, addressed to James Seagrove, Creek Indian Agent, at Ft Fidius on Oconee. Has sent written correspondence to Warrior King of Cussetahs and spoke with White Lieutenant of Oakfuskees. Has asked White Lieutenant to gather heads of lower towns to explain matters on frontier of Georgia. Reports that Cowetas stole horses and shot at whites and killed...
1793 Letter from Timothy Bernard [Bernard] to Henry Gaither Major Commandant on the state of affairs on the frontier, the prospects for peace, and whether military operations will make distinctions between Creek friend and foe Timothy Barnard [Bernard] Henry Gaither Undated letter, presumably written spring or summer 1793. Barnard discusses the danger of traveling, presumably in the aftermath of the robbery and murder at Traders Hill St Marys. Matters may have to be settled by an army coming against the offenders. Does not see war as general yet. Hopes that distinctions can be made by army between hostile and peaceful towns. Cussetahs want peace. Mad Dog of...
June 29, 1787 To the Head-Men and Warriors of the Lower Creeks. [not available] Headmen and Warriors of Lower Creeks Author, possibly indian agent, expresses desire for peace and regrets loss of life caused by white warriors. Warns against any hostilities against whites. Will not hold lower Creeks accountable of transgressions of Upper Creeks. Mentions Mr Barnard and Mr Galphin and Treaty at Shoulderbone and Alexander McGillivray.
May 10, 1792 Bowles' Capture Improves the Chance for Peace Timothy Barnard [Bernard] James Seagrove Timothy Barnard informs James Seagrove that with William Bowles captured by the Spanish, the subversive activities that had stirred up the lower Creeks should cease and improve the chances for peace.
February 18, 1793 A warning about the effect of white settler encroachments on Indian land Timothy Barnard [Bernard] Henry Gaither Barnard notes that Major Gaither should be informed of a matter, that if not obstructed, will prove of fatal consequences to the frontiers of Georgia. Inhabitants on the upper frontiers have driven cattle into the fork of the Tullapatachee [Tallahatchee] River, which the Indians look upon as theirs. He reports that the Indians will likely drive the cattle away and kill those that oppose them. Mr...
October 5, 1793 Letter from Timothy Bernard [Barnard] to Major Gaither regarding Cowetas horse thieves and revenge for those killed at Little Oakfuskee Village Timothy Barnard [Bernard] Henry Gaither In addressing horse theft, identifies the Cowetas as the culprits and who will be objects of revenge for those killed at Little Oakfuskee Village. Asks Gaither to warn people to be on guard along the river and avoid unnecessary exposure.
October 5, 1796 Account of Salaries for Undermentioned Officers Nathan Jones Samuel Hodgdon The folllowing is a list of officers and the salaries to which they are entitled: George Fleming - $650, Frederick Sprigg - $360 and a ration per day, John Bryant - $430, Claude Poucheresse - $360, and Barnard Hudson - $172.
April 10, 1793 Letter from Timothy Bernard to Major Gaither regarding Major James Seagrove's demands in aftemath of violations Timothy Barnard [Bernard] Unknown Recipient Written from Flint River Georgia, Bernard informs Major Gaither of Creek Indian Agent James Seagrove's demands in aftermath of robbery and murder at Traders Hill St Marys. Bernard notes that this is large demand and not sure how matters will turn out. Mr David Garwin can inform with particulars.