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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
September 15, 1791 Enclosed Bank Notes Joseph Howell Isaac Craig Bank notes from Bank of North America enclosed, request to cash notes and transmit month to Lieut. John Jeffers.
September 26, 1791 Bank Note for Recruiting Services Joseph Howell Bezaleel Howe Letter, encloses Post Note for recruiting service to be cashed at Bank of New York.
November 17, 1791 Enclosed Post Notes Joseph Howell Isaac Craig By order of Secretary of War, post notes from the Bank of America enclosed for use by Quartermaster Department.
March 31, 1792 Payments Made by the Treasurer for the Use of the War Department, 3 March 1791 to 31 March 1792 Treasurer of the United States [not available] Lists payments to various individuals by name, date, and amount; summarizes totals to each contractor and overall total at end of document. Concludes by stating that advances were made "by the Bank of North America for the use of the Department of War."
March 18, 1794 Receipts and Expenditures since 1789 Alexander Hamilton Unknown Recipient Report by the Treasury Secretary on the receipts and expenditures of the United States from 1789 to the end of the year 1793.
February 1, 1790 Walley seeks to determine Knox's interest in buying maps Thomas Walley Henry Knox Letter, advises re map of Nort America coast.
March 1797 Confidential Letter on Foreign Policy of U.S. Government Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Hamilton advised McHenry on sending an envoy to France to discuss terms of peace and land holding in North America. Hamilton feared that once Britain and Austria were eliminated from North America, France would try to gain control of North America. Advised providing naval force to convoys, and to form a provisional army.
April 4, 1791 Receipts from Officers John Habersham Joseph Howell The nine post notes of the Bank of North America, amounting to $185, shall be applied as directed by Howell . Habersham had not previously transmitted Captain Rudolph's receipts but those will be sent together with those of Captains Smith and Savage.
November 11, 1791 Enclosed Pay and Subsistance Joseph Howell Bezaleel Howe Letter, enclosed draft for pay and subsistence.
October 3, 1791 Bounty & Premiums for Recruiting Joseph Howell John Smith The Secretary of War has directed that $320 be transmitted to Smith for the bounty and premiums awarded for the recruitment of forty men. Smith will receive Post Notes of the Bank of North America for that sum for which duplicate receipts should be returned to the Secretary.
October 26, 1798 America's Guardian Sits at the Helm, Etc. Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig In addition to his continued concern about the disease afflicting Philadelphia, Hodgdon expresses relief that the Federalists have done well in the recent election and will have a strong presence in the next Congress.
February 2, 1791 Form of the Roman Legion Francisco de Miranda Henry Knox Sr. Miranda expresses his approval of the flouishing state of North America and agrees that the organization of the Roman Legion is superior to any other military arrangement.
March 20, 1790 Walley attempts to sell Knox coastal maps used by the Royal Navy Thomas Walley Henry Knox Letter, discusses maps of North American coast.
April 14, 1792 Enclosed Bank Notes Joseph Howell Isaac Craig Enclosed bank notes from Bank of United States, remit receipts.
October 3, 1798 McHenry's Bank Account James McHenry Thomas Willing McHenry discusses his bank account and asks that the monies be applied to his credit even though he neglected to bring his bank book with him.
March 31, 1792 Enclosed Bank Notes Joseph Howell Isaac Craig Enclosed bank notes for Lieut. Cummings for recruiting.
June 15, 1792 Money for transportation of rifles William Knox General Edward Hand William Knox has drawn and forwarded $1000 in bank notes to be used for the transportation of the rifles. Expects to have letters from the war office informing of the remittance and the uses to which their money is to be appropriated.
October 3, 1798 Nature Relieved Me by a Violent Cholera, Etc. Jonathan Burrall Samuel Hodgdon Burrall finds that the monies are not in the local bank but he has discovered that they are in the New York bank. He has had a touch of the fever and cholera so he finds himself unfit for business after trying to get out.
March 30, 1792 Enclosed Bank Notes Joseph Howell Isaac Craig Enclosed bank notes from the Bank of the United States to be given to Capts Crawford and Biggs for appointments. Requested information on their acceptance of refusal of promotion.
November 16, 1792 Forwarding banknotes Samuel Hodgdon James O'Hara The Commissary of Military Stores sends the Quartermaster General $10,000 in bank notes. Describes denominations and hopes to hear acknowledgment of receipt.
February 27, 1800 Slow Ascent of America to Greatness Alexander Hamilton Theodore Sedgwick Hamilton observes that by the jealousy and envy of some, the miserliness of others, and the concurring influence of all foreign powers, America, if she reaches greatness, must creep to it.
April 23, 1798 Offer to Purchase Merchant Ship, America, by the United States James McHenry Henry Philips Philips owns a ship called the America, which is capable of carrying 16 nine or six pound guns. McHenry asks if Philips is interested in selling the ship, and if so at what price and could he also provide a description of the ship and stores.
October 13, 1798 Bank Transactions Samuel Hodgdon Cashier of the Bank Hodgdon discusses sundry bank transactions.
March 24, 1792 Enclosed Bank Notes Joseph Howell Isaac Craig By direction of the Secretary of War, Howell enclosed bank notes to Craig for appointments. Request correspondence on whether or not officers accept or decline appointments.
August 30, 1798 Regarding Mr. Dandridge William Vans Murray James McHenry The U.S. Minister to the Netherlands writes the Secretary of War concerning one Mr. Dandridge, who is desirous of coming to America.