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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
July 3, 1798 Baltimore Appointments James McHenry Unknown Recipient Refers to appointment by the city of Baltimore. Illegible list of names.
February 26, 1796 Transmit the Amount to the Supervisor at Baltimore Alexis De Leyritz William Simmons de Leyritz has only been paid up to November third. He suggests that Simmons send the money to the Supervisor at Baltimore.
March 17, 1798 Certification of payments; compensation of Alexis DeLeyritz engineer at Baltimore William Simmons James McHenry Certification that $368 is due Alexis DeLeyritz, Engineer at Baltimore, being his compensation as admitted by the Secretary of War for July through December 1797.
July 27, 1797 Alexis De Leyritz's pay William Simmons Alexis De Leyritz Notification that he will receive his pay from John Kilty, federal supervisor at Baltimore
January 17, 1797 Pay of Assistant Engineer William Simmons Alexis De Leyritz De Leyritz will receive his pay as assistant engineer in Baltimore for which he had submitted an account
March 17, 1798 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons John Kilty Simmons authorizes Kilty to make payment to the engineer in Baltimore, Alexis DeLeyrits.
June 9, 1798 Requests Info about Bank of Baltimore Stocks; Reports Son's Army Activity George Salmon James McHenry Refers to previous purchase of stock with the Bank of Baltimore. Reports that son George is not as anxious to quit the army because of the change in his seniors, although it remains difficult.
March 24, 1796 Regarding White Oak Timbers for Frigate Construction at Baltimore Josiah Fox Joshua Humphreys Letter, discusses white oak for Frigate at Baltimore.
March 23, 1795 Money for the Recruiting Service at Baltimore Joseph Howell James Bruff George Gale, Supervisor at Baltimore, will deliver to Captain Bruff a sum to be used for the Recruiting Service.
July 25, 1797 Arrival in Baltimore, Awaiting Meeting Joshua Humphreys Tench Francis Humphreys requests orders prior to his departure. Second document notes arrival in Baltimore and request for meeting.
August 4, 1800 Remit Sum by Treasurer William Simmons John Kilty Treasurer to remit sum to Kilty. Sum to be paid to John Foncin as wages for his work as engineer for the construction of fortifications at Baltimore.
April 20, 1797 Letter to the Secretary at War from the Naval Agent in Baltimore David Stodder James McHenry David Stodder explains to the Secretary at War the construction delays associated with the frigate in Baltimore.
September 14, 1794 Fortifications of Baltimore Samuel Dodge Henry Knox Informs the Secretary of War that the lower work of the fortification at Baltimore is complete. Mentions that "it is almost impossible to get laborers."
August 19, 1799 Explanation & Accounting for Defenses of Baltimore & Boston James McHenry John Adams An explanation of measures taken for constructing defenses at Baltimore and Boston. Includes an estimate of the expense for the construction of a fort [Fort McHenry] to be erected at Whetstone Point near Baltimore.
May 18, 1798 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Samuel Sterett Simmons informs the Sterrett's to expect payment from John Kilty.
July 5, 1798 Reassurance that Baltimore Defenses Are to Be Improved James McHenry Committee for the Building of Vessels to be Loaned to the Government by the City of Baltimore McHenry assures the committee that measures are being taken to prepare the fort at Whetstone Point for defending Baltimore; notes that "the aid of the citizens of Baltimore is expected" with these preparations. Mentions enclosed list of these measures [not included].
February 20, 1795 Examining the inboard draft for the frigate at Baltimore Joshua Humphreys Henry Knox Humphreys examined the draft for the frigate at Baltimore and found it to be adequate at present, for the only purpose of the draft was to illustrate the placement of the beams and thus the pumps.
June 15, 1798 Request for Issue of Theodolite to Baltimore Timothy Pickering John Harris Directs issue of currently held theodolite [surveying tool] to Baltimore.
August 5, 1799 Continued Peace with Creek Indians; Funds & Plans for Fortifications at Baltimore & Boston John Adams James McHenry Adams is pleased to learn from Colonel Hawkins that peace with the Creek Indians is still assured. Inquires about the state of fortifications in Baltimore and Boston harbors, as well as the sums allotted for those places.
August 26, 1794 Advance Pay for Lt. William Willson Joseph Howell George Gale Gale, Supervisor at Baltimore, is to transmit thesum of $78 to Lt. William Willson being three month's advance pay for his service in the Corps of Artillerists and Engineers at Baltimore.
June 20, 1796 Payment for War Department work William Simmons Samuel Dodge Notifies that Dodge that he will be paid by John Kilty, supervisor at Baltimore, for his salary and for materials for barracks and the mounting of cannon at Whetstone Point.
May 26, 1800 Relief for Baltimore Naval Committee James McHenry John Adams Letter from the Secretary of War to the President of the United States on the case of the Baltimore Naval Committee for relief.
August 4, 1794 Funds for the Building of Frigates at Baltimore Joseph Howell George Gale The Treasurer will remit to Gale $500 to be transmitted to Samuel and Joseph Sterrett, agents for the building of frigates in Baltimore. They are reponsible for the payment to David Stodder as advance compensation as a contractor of frigates.
July 12, 1796 Pay of Lieutenant Jonathan Robeson & men under his command at Baltimore Peter Hagner James McHenry Hagner certifies that $735.67 is due Lieutenant Jonathan Robeson and the men under his command at Baltimore, Maryland, being his and their pay through June 1796.
March 5, 1800 Urgent Request for Account of Expenditures William Simmons Robert Gilmor Simmons urgently requested overdue account information for the fortifications erected for defense of the town and harbor of Baltimore.