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August 13, 1793 Governor of Georgia writes to Secretary at War regarding Indian hostilities Governor Edward Telfair Henry Knox Governor Telfair forwards a transcription of his council of war to Secretary Knox. The Governor asks to have this document presented to the President. The council of war was held on 8 August 1793.
September 18, 1789 Proceeding of the Executive Authority George Walton Benjamin Lincoln Brief note to the commissioners following the meeting with them. Walton encloses a proceeding of the Executive Authority, by express.
June 2, 1797 Statement of Muskets On Hand Samuel Hodgdon [not available] Statement of muskets on hand as of April 1, 1797, per the books of the Intendant of Stores.
August 2, 1787 Various accounting matters John Pierce John Neufville Informs Neufville that Robert James of Charleston recently ran into him with several thousand dollars that Pierce was for. Also tells Neufville that he will be departing for New York soon, and to send all correspondence there.
May 8, 1793 Governor of Georgia writes to Secretary at War regarding Indian hostilities Governor Edward Telfair Henry Knox Governor Telfair writes to Secretary Knox and calls for war against the tribes on the frontier. Telfair tells Knox to "let no idea of peace so far amuse as to divert the necessary and immediate preparations for war."
March 20, 1800 Statement of powder and salt petre Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Provides a statement of the amount of powder and salt petre on hand, and the various locations of deposit.
August 4, 1793 On compensation for death of David Cornell, planned meeting of 10 September 1793, Spaniards, Governor Telfair's meetings with militia Generals, the killing of Cherokees in Southwest Territory James Seagrove Henry Knox From Savannah, Seagrove discusses the manner of compensation for death of David Cornell and an Indian youth. Relates that the deaths of Captain Fleming and Mr Moffett at the robbery and murder at Traders Hill St Marys, from which no satisfaction has been obtained, are therefore roughly compensated for by Cornell's death. Spaniards continue to stir up the disaffected towns. Governor Telfair...
January 6, 1796 Payment for Service as Engineer William Simmons Auguste de Grasse Informs the temporary engineer at Charleston that Daniel Stevens, Supervisor of South Carolina, will pay him the sum of 230 dollars.
February 15, 1798 Trial of Murderers and Pay of Militia James McHenry James Jackson Expressed importance of apprehending murderers of Creek Indians and Commissioner. Pay of militia to be deposited into the Branch Bank of Charleston.
July 24, 1793 Governor of Georgia writes to Secretary at War regarding Indian hostilities Governor Edward Telfair Henry Knox Governor Telfair informs Secretary Knox that he has intelligence indicating Creek weakness and restates his desire for a military strike against hostile towns. Governor reports the death of an Indian half-breed named Cornell at the hands of Georgia forces.
September 2, 1795 My Accounts with the War Department Daniel Stevens William Simmons Stevens announces that his accounts with the War Department have been transmitted to the Commissioner of Revenue to be adjusted at the Comptroller's Office. He has been directed to render his quarterly accounts for 1795 to Tench Francis, purveyor of public supplies.
April 30, 1800 Powder and Nitre in Store Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Statement of quantity of powder and nitre in store, from the Intendant's Office to the Secretary at War
[not available] [Extract from the Report of B. Lincoln , Cyrys Griffin and D. Humphries Commissioners for a Treaty with the Souths Indians] Benjamin Lincoln [not available] Investigation into representation at several treaties between U.S. and Creeks, verified Creeks ceded hunting grounds to Georgia.
November 11, 1796 Credit to Stevens' account Peter Hagner Daniel Stevens Acknowledges receipt of three receipts that will be credited on the books of the War Department accountant’s office.
June 30, 1796 Auguste De Grasse's salary William Simmons Auguste de Grasse Notifies De Grasse that he will receive the money for his salary from Daniel Stevens, supervisor at Charleston.
April 29, 1793 State of Affairs with the Indians Henry Knox Governor Edward Telfair Knox reports to Governor Telfair that Governor Blount, southwest territorial governor and superintendent of Indian Affairs southern department, is also alarmed at the state of affairs with the Indians and has set out for Philadelphia. Knox mentions some general principles from the President of United States General George Washington, to be transmitted separately. These are to be applied in...
June 13, 1793 Halt of Troop Movement General John Twiggs [not available] General Twiggs informs the Secretary at War that due to a lack of provisions, troop movement was halted. Twiggs states that local procurement of provisions by the troops would alienate friendlys in the area.
April 18, 1796 DeGrasse's Pay William Simmons Auguste de Grasse Notification that he is to be paid by Daniel Stevens, Supervisor of Revenue in Charleston, South Carolina.
January 9, 1796 Notification of Compliance with Request in Regards to the Remittance of Payment Daniel Stevens William Simmons Stevens agrees to send half yearly accounts to Simmons.
February 17, 1797 Credit to Stephens' account William Simmons Daniel Stephens Acknowledges receipt of a receipt that will be credited on the books of the War Department accountant’s office.
October 28, 1791 Defense of Russell County Henry Knox Beverley Randolph Request for militia to protect Russell County. Rations to be furnished by a Cherokee.
September 4, 1793 Letter from Constant Freeman to Henry Knox on arms and ammunition for Georgia militia, James Seagrove's 10 September meeting with Creeks, on disagreement between Seagrove and Governor Telfair on whether there is peace with Indians in Georgia, Federal supply of militia troops, the cross-purposes effect of Georgia's war mobilization on Seagrove's meeting with Creeks, Constant Freeman Henry Knox From Augusta, Freeman, agent to Department of War in Georgia reports that arms and ammunition intended for Georgia will arrive in about 10 days. Discusses matter of paying militia and future musters of militia. Reports that there are about 600 militia in service. Seagrove reports that there have been no Indian depredations, but this assessment is at odds with Governor Telfair's. Both Georgia and...
July 30, 1787 Account of Thomas Commander Russell John Pierce Board of Treasury Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts to the Board of Treasury regarding the account of Thomas Commander Russell of Charleston.
June 15, 1797 Reports Indian Trading Edward Price James McHenry Since arriving, they have been busy engaging shipping of supplies to Philadelphia and seeking Indian goods. Discusses shipping. Writes about Indian habits at trading posts.
July 29, 1793 Letter from James Seagrove Indian Agent, to Kings, Chiefs, of the Cussetah and all other friends of United States in the Lower Creek Towns James Seagrove Chiefs of the Cussetahs From Savannah, James Seagrove addresses the Kings and Chiefs of the Cussetahs and all other friends of United States in lower Creek Towns. Some of those Indians detained at Seagrove's house have since run away. Expresses disappointment that they left. They were well taken care of. The remaining detainees Seagrove sends via Mordecai and Townsend as a demonstration of good faith. Speaks of death...