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September 18, 1797 Request for Information Regarding Payment of Temporary Engineer William Simmons James McHenry Simmons received account information from Augusta deGrasse, Temporary Engineer to Charleston. Simmons did not know if deGrasse was to be considered in service, requests information from McHenry.
December 24, 1792 Letter Regarding Indian Affairs in the Southern Department Henry Knox President of the Senate of the United States "The President of the United States has directed me to submit to the Senate the copy of a letter from his Excellency the Governor of Georgia, dated Augusta, December 5th, 1791, with an enclosure relatively to Indian affairs in the southern department."
July 19, 1794 [Unknown; No Document] George Mathews Henry Knox No image file
September 28, 1793 Extract of letter from Major Henry Gaither to Joshua Meals, Merchant, Augusta Henry Gaither Joshua Meals [In quotation marks], letter from Major Gaither informs merchant Joshua Meals that Gaither will leave for the Oakmulgee next day and will need to furnish James Seagrove with a guard, pack horses and will likely have to accompany Seagrove himself in order to provide protection from several parties of militia.
August 5, 1794 [Unknown; No Document] George Mathews Henry Knox No image file
August 19, 1794 [Unknown; No Document] George Mathews Henry Knox No image file
April 1, 1794 [Unknown; No Document] George Mathews Henry Knox No image file
August 19, 1794 [Unknown; No Document] George Mathews Henry Knox No image file
November 12, 1785 Treaty at Galphinton with the Creeks Commissioners for Treaty of Galphinton, November 1785 [not available] U.S. Commissioners for Indian Affairs in tandem with the Indian Commissioners for the State of Georgia issue this treaty at Galphinton between themselves and the warriors of Creek Nation. Georgia demands that the Creeks restore all Negroes, horses, and other property to their owners.
September 28, 1789 Regarding the Failed Treaty Talks with Alexander McGillivray Commissioners for Indian Affairs in Southern Department Alexander McGillivray The commissioners state that they are sorry that McGillivray did not provide objections, nor propose terms acceptable to Creek nation. Colonel Humphreys said that he did not offer any articles as an ultimatum. State that McGillivray must have understood that commissioners were desirous of receiving terms that would form basis for treaty. Commissioners will report the facts to President...
May 8, 1793 Letter from Georgia Governor Telfair to Secretary of War Henry Knox on the Creek barbarities and additional troops Governor Edward Telfair Henry Knox From the State House in Augusta Georgia, Governor Telfair notes horrid barbarities and carnage on the frontier caused by the Creeks. As such is adding troops and establishing camp at Shoulderbone to be commanded by General Officer. Says that no idea of peace should divert from preparations for war; people of Georgia must be protected. Acknowledges receipt of supplies.
September 7, 1793 Request from Major Gaither to Governor Telfair to raise troops under Gaither's command for defense of Georgia Henry Gaither Governor Edward Telfair From Augusta Georgia, Major Henry Gaither expresses opinion that number of Georgia militia in service is excessive for defense of Georgia frontier. Proposes addition of 100 cavalry and 100 infantry to Federal Troops, to be placed under his command which, Gaither believes, if properly deployed, would be sufficient to guard and protect inhabitants. Notes that the above addition was ordered by...
August 7, 1787 To the Fat King and Other Head-Men of the Lower Creeks. [not available] Fat King Presumably written by the US Indian Agent for the Creeks, refers to the satisfaction demanded for killings of Creeks. Accuses Lower Creeks of not complying with Treaties of Augusta, Galphinton, and Shoulderbone. Closes by saying the hatchet once lifted is not easily buried.
September 6, 1793 James Seagrove Creek Indian Agent letter to Georgia Governor Telfair on planned meeting with Creeks on 10 September 1793 James Seagrove Governor Edward Telfair From Augusta Seagrove recounts his meeting with the Governor on 5 September 1793 and informs Governor of Georgia Telfair of his plans to meet with the Creeks. He informs Telfair that his mission is in conformity with orders of the President of United States General George Washington and Secretary of War Henry Knox. Seagrove assures the Governor that he will communicate fully on all matters in his...
October 2, 1793 Letter from Georgia Governor Telfair to Secretary of War Henry Knox on enclosed documents respecting inimical Creek Towns Governor Edward Telfair Henry Knox Governor of Georgia Telfair indicates to Secretary of War Knox that enclosed documents respecting the inimical Creek Towns will give information as to why it is useless to stop citizens of Georgia from going in quest of their property. Prisoners directed to Augusta, await exchange for white captives
September 19, 1798 Vouchers Enclosed Constant Freeman William Simmons Vouchers supposed to be sent from Augusta enclosed, Updates on payment of officers to be disbursed to their respective militias.
October 3, 1789 Questions regarding legitimacy of previous treaties between Creeks and Georgia Commissioners for Indian Affairs in Southern Department George Walton Request for information regarding treaties at Augusta, 1783, Galphinton, 1785, and Shoulderbone, 1786. Principal points are whether all lands belonging to the upper and lower Creeks are common property of whole nation, or whether the lands were ceded to Georgia by the three treaties. Were the proprietors of the lands stated to have been ceded to Georgia present or fully represented by the...
September 26, 1793 Letter from W Urquhart on behalf of Georgia Governor Telfair to James Seagrove on conditions for peace with Creek Indians W. Urquhart James Seagrove From the Georgia Statehouse in Augusta, Urquhart relays Governor of Georgia Telfair's requirements on the part of the state of Georgia for peace with the Creek Indians. Captured property and contracts restored; prisoners returned; perpetrators of murders (13) be surrendered; requires 10 headmen of the lower Creek Towns as hostages until requirements fulfilled. State of Georgia will not recognize...
February 16, 1790 Letter from the Governor of Georgia Governor Edward Telfair Henry Knox Gov. Telfair informs Knox of the peaceful disposition of the Creeks. Telfair also mentions trade with the Indians.
August 18, 1793 Letter from Georgia Governor Telfair to Secretary of War Henry Knox on General Twiggs' unsucessful expedition to the Oakmulgee Governor Edward Telfair Henry Knox From the State House Augusta Georgia, Governor Telfair reports on General Twiggs' failed offensive expedition against the Creeks from the Oconee River to the Oakmulgee. The governor attributes the failure to lack of provisions, tired horses and other adverse events, but nevertheless applauds the prudence of General Twiggs.
June 12, 1793 Letter from Georgia Governor Telfair to Secretary of War Henry Knox on war with Creek Nation, requirement for additional reinforcements, arms, supplies Governor Edward Telfair Henry Knox From the State House, Augusta Georgia, Governor Telfair reporting to Secretary of War Henry Knox, that Georgia in a state of alarm. Number of militia drawn into service greater that he expected. From General Twiggs, a report that 700 volunteers will move into the enemy's country. Requests more supplies, swords, pistols. Inquires about the general system to be adopted by President of United...
October 18, 1796 Receipt Daniel Stevens William Simmons Cover for a receipt from Augusta De Grasse for money paid to him for his compensation. Cited in Simmons to Stevens 11/11/1796
January 5, 1796 Forwarding the Enclosed Abstract Joshua Meals Timothy Pickering Agreeably to the request of Samuel Hodgdon, Superintendent of Military Stores, Meals forwards the enclosed abstract.
July 24, 1793 Letter from Georgia Governor Telfair to Secretary of War Henry Knox on General Twiggs' assessment of Creek dispositions, and death of half breed Cornell Governor Edward Telfair Henry Knox From the State House Augusta Georgia Telfair informs Knox that Twiggs assesses that Creeks are not confident of their strength, that those who have been friendly remain so, and that those inimical towns should be punished, captives liberated, property restored. David Cornell was killed by a detachment of Georgia militia horse while carrying dispatches for James Seagrove Creek Indian Agent...
October 15, 1794 Request for Accompanying Muster Rolls Constant Freeman Joseph Howell Freeman noted he tried to follow the rules of the Comptroller to the best of his ability. Some regulations regarding muster rolls were impossible to adhere to in the present situation.