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January 27, 1790 Regarding Von Steuben's service in the Army of United States Baron Friedrich Von Steuben Alexander Hamilton Von Steuben recounts his service as a foreigner in the United States Army. Makes reference to his memorial to Congress and notes that the truth of its facts cannot be disputed without raising a doubt of the veracity of some of the most worthy and respectable characters in the United States.
March 1, 1793 Appointment of Thomas Posey as Brigadier General Henry Knox Brigadier General Thomas Posey President of United States, with advice and consent of senate, has appointed Posey a Brigadier General in the Army of United States. Asks to signify acceptance. Encloses pay, rations, and emoluments.
April 21, 1792 Knox appoints Sargent to Adjutant General Henry Knox Winthrop Sargent Appointment, Adjutant General of the United States Army.
March 7, 1791 Regulating the Military Establishment Henry Knox George Clinton Letter, directs recruits for Continental army service.
October 21, 1786 Increasing the Size of the Army Charles Thomson George Clinton Letter, encloses act that increases size of army to 2040 noncommissioned officers and privates.
June 4, 1796 John Willkins Appointed Quarter Master General to Legion of United States. James McHenry John Wilkins, Jr. Appointment as Quarter Master General to Legion of United States. Upon acceptance join Army as an officer.
February 2, 1801 Requests Payment to the U.S. Treasury for the Army, 1800 Samuel Dexter Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Requests payment to the Treasurer of the U.S. for the army, 1800.
May 3, 1799 Act for Better Organizing the Army Alexander Hamilton Nathan Rice Hamilton encloses a copy of the Act for better organizing the Army of the United States which should provide Rice with the information he needs.
April 1800 Appointments for the United States Army James McHenry Unknown Recipient Promotions and appointments for the Army of the United States; includes chaplains, regiments of infantry, artillerists & engineers. [Majority of names illegible]
April 17, 1800 Return of Officers to Augment the Army John Adams United States Senate President Adams transmits a return from the War Office of those officers who have been appointed under the act entitled "An Act to augment the Army of the United States and for other purposes," designating such officers who have accepted their appointments and those who have declined accepting, resigned their commissions, died, etc.
June 24, 1797 An Act Authorizing a Detachment from the Militia of the United States Congress of the United States [not available] This is an Act of Congress that authorizes the President to require the executives of the several States to organize, arm, equip, and hold in readiness eighty thousand effective militia to be apportioned among the States in the numbers specified in this Act. It states also that the militia shall not be compelled to serve longer than three months during any single tour of duty. Officers of the...
March 20, 1790 Back pay for officers and soldiers of late Army of the United States Joseph Howell Henry Knox Howell submits an estimate of monies required to make good to the sums already granted to certain officers and soldiers of late army of United States.
April 13, 1790 Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts John Pierce Oliver Bowen Letter from the Commissioner of Army Accounts; mentions a resolution of Congress pertaining to the auditors of the United States
April 10, 1800 Launching of the Frigate "President" W. W. Buchanan Samuel Hodgdon Buchanan discusses the launching of the frigate "President" and encourages adoption by the Army and Navy of a new form of tourniquet.
November 10, 1794 Receipt for payment of militia army called into service by President of United States for suppression of insurrection in frontier counties of Pennsylvania Thomas Fisher Joseph Howell Receipt for payment of militia army called into service by President of United States for suppression of insurrection in frontier counties of Pennsylvania
September 4, 1798 Recommendation of Enoch Hazard Christopher G Champlin James McHenry Recommends Doctor Hazard for army service.
September 18, 1798 Commissions for the Major Generals & Inspectors of the Army of the U.S. James McHenry John Adams Enclosed are commissions for the Major Generals and Inspectors of the Army of the United States which have been delayed due to the insistence of Mr. Wolcott that he be allowed to examine them before they are forwarded to the president.
November 9, 1789 Knox writes to Robert Aitken Henry Knox Robert Aitken Letter, discusses list of officers of the late army.
March 7, 1791 Raising 76 Rhode Island troops to add to the new regiment for the Army Henry Knox Arthur Fenner Knox informs Governor Fenner that the President has signed an act adding another regiment to the Army to provide further protection for the frontier. Seventy-six soldiers are to be raised from Rhode Island and then directed to Fort Pitt.
January 13, 1800 Message from the President of the United States, transmitting a Report of the Secretary of War, On certain measures which appear to him to be necessary for the improvement of our Military System. John Adams [not available] Official report addressing recommendations for improving the U.S. military. Argued for a well funded standing army.
April 3, 1790 Charges by Pennsylvania Against the United States Joseph Howell Jonathan Nicholson On the subject of charges by the State of Pennsylvania against the United States, relating to certificates.
November 30, 1785 Certificate saying that James McLean has not received payment Joseph Howell [not available] Certifies that Lieutenant James McLean of Corps of Invalids has not received the commutation of five years half pay in lieu of half pay during life granted officers of late army of United States.
1799 [Rules Adopted by the President of the United States] [not available] [not available] Enclosed in McHenry to Washington, 09/03/1800, title given as The following Rules adopted by the President of the United States relative to Rank and promotion in the Army.
December 11, 1783 Pay of Connecticut Soldiers Oliver Wolcott, Jr. John Pierce Explains that the Connecticut men who enlisted for 8 months in 1782 were considered by the state government to be militia in the service of the United States and were paid by the state accordingly. Notes that these men are also on Pierce's accounts for pay from the United States and requests a proposal for a remedy of the situation. Requests a list of their names, regiments, and time in service...
December 17, 1797 Statement of enlistment into the United States Army Etheldred Ballard [not available] Etheldred Ballard oath of allegiance as a soldier in Army of United States of America. Enlistment is for five years.