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August 12, 1794 Fortifications at Annapolis John Vermonnet Henry Knox Informs the Secretary of War that progress on the works at Annapolis is very much advanced and should be finished this year, if the march of the militia towards Hagerstown should not cause any delays. All of the materials are mostly supplied.
November 27, 1794 Fortification at Annapolis Alexander Hamilton John Randall Agreeable to John Randall's request (Collector at Annapolis), Hamilton has directed the U.S. Treasurer to remit Randall's draught on the office of Discount and Deposit at Baltimore for $750, allotted for the fortification at Annapolis.
July 18, 1794 Fortifications in Alexandria and Annapolis John Vermonnet Henry Knox Engineer John Vermonnet forwards to the Secretary of War a draught of the fortification of Annapolis. Also states that the crossway at Alexandria will be completed next week, weather permitting. Vermonnet intends to open the ditches as soon as the crossway is finished. Colonel Fitzgerald has contracted for them.
August 20, 1794 Fortifications in Alexandria and Annapolis John Vermonnet Henry Knox Informs Secretary Knox that construction of the works at Annapolis are further along than those at Alexandria, despite the fact that the former was begun a month earlier. Also states that the materials he requested for Alexandria have not arrived yet, but he expects them any day. The crossway is finished, the ditches are all opened, and the palisades are begun.
September 1794 Receipt for Trip to Annapolis Benjamin Debman [not available] Debman's receipt for the expenses incurred during a trip to Annapolis.
July 16, 1794 Funds for Mounting the Artillery at Annapolis Joseph Howell John Randall The Secretary of War has directed a remittance of $250 to George Gale, Supervisor of Maryland, to be transmitted to Randall for the purpose of mounting the Artillery.
August 3, 1794 Fortificiations at Alexandria John Vermonnet Henry Knox Informs Secretary Knox that after waiting nearly two months for the necessary materials to begin work at Alexandria, he is still without them, and has found it necessary to retire to Annapolis to visit what has been done there during his absence. Desires that he may not be blamed for the delay.
September 24, 1796 A Speech by the President William Vans Murray James McHenry The address of the President he has seen from Annapolis raises concerns about who will replace him.
April 26, 1794 Naval Appointment for Alexandar Murray William Vans Murray George Washington Murray recommends Captain Alexander Murray as a man well equipped to provide services in the Naval Department. He is a man of honor and good character, amiable in his manner and a brave man. His ambition is to command one of the ships.
July 16, 1794 Mounting the Artillery at Baltimore and Annapolis Joseph Howell George Gale The Treasurer will remit to Gale five hundred dollars to be transmitted to Samuel Dodge at Baltimore and $250 to be transmitted to John Randall at Annapolis, both for the purpose of mounting the Artillery.
May 19, 1786 Presentation of Papers on Indian Treaties William Livingston Assembly Livingston lays before the (New Jersey) House congressional papers dealing with Indian treaties and accounts between the states, as well as resolutions from Massachusetts and Pennsylvania appointing delegates to the Annapolis Convention.
May 12, 1794 Fortifications in Alexandria and Annapolis Henry Knox John Vermonnet Knox offers John Vermonnet the opportunity to direct the works and building of fortifications at Alexandria and Annapolis. Alexandria will command the engineer's immediate attention, along the Potomac River. As engineer in the service of the War Department, Vermonnet is to deliver to the Governor of Virginia copies of all his plans. He is also to make a weekly report to the War Department of his...
December 8, 1797 Receipt for $250 from John Kilty John Randall William Simmons Randall encloses a receipt from John Kilty for $250 which sum should be applied to Randall's credit.
December 9, 1799 Reports Legislative Action from Annapolis William Hindman James McHenry Reports legislative action to loan money to the Potomac and Susquehanna companies to clear the bed of the Susquehanna River. Discussion of removal of seat of government from that location.
January 14, 1785 On the forwarding of muster records and pay books Jonathan White Joseph Howell Discusses arrangements to forward muster records and pay books
July 6, 1787 Monies charged Colonel Adams John White Joseph Howell Discusses whether monies charged Colonel Adams were accounted for, as the papers have been removed from the office. Asks that matter be investigated and to provide directions to deliver certificates. Asks that he tell Mr. Swan return by Mr. Ford was mistakenly left at Annapolis; will forward.
September 1, 1795 Pay of John Shaw, Assistant Engineer William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that $268.50 is due John Shaw being his pay as an Assistant Engineer at the fortifications at Annapolis Maryland from June 10th to December 6th 1794.
April 8, 1785 Colonel R.H. Harrison's account John White John Betts Requests copy of Colonel R.H. Harrison's account sent to Philadelphia.
February 18, 1784 General Woodford's account Joseph Carleton John Pierce Discusses the settlement of the account of General Woodford.
February 3, 1786 Receipt for Certificates J. White Joseph Howell The author is sending a receipt for the Certificates received for Captain Hughes and Gilbert. The receipt should have been sent earlier but he had hoped instead to have the receipts from the two men themselves and to deliver them personally.
May 13, 1784 Opinions on Financial Matters Before Congress Doctor Williamson Unknown Recipient Doctor Williamson sends a letter to an unknown recipient that conveys his opinions on the financial matters before Congress (pertaining to Mr. Whitmore and General Hazen).
October 26, 1784 Captain Howard's accounts James McHenry Joseph Howell Letter book of the Assistant Commissioner of Army Accounts, Joseph Howell. Delivery of papers concerning Captain Howard's accounts.
June 17, 1794 Fortifications in Alexandria John Vermonnet Henry Knox Letter to the Secretary of War, respecting fortifications. The author has visited Jones' Point, for which he has dressed a plan of defense, of which he shall send Knox a draught upon his return from Annapolis. In the meantime, Colonel Fitzgerald will be collecting the materials. The author has also taken means for establishing a cross way through a marsh, which will enable the carrying of...
March 27, 1784 Case of a foreign army officer Hugh Williamson John Pierce Discusses the case of a foreign army officer in the Corps of Engineers who died in the service
July 19, 1784 Affair of the discharged officers of the West Point garrison General Edward Hand John Pierce Discusses the affair of the discharged officers of the garrison of West Point who seized pay money without authorization. Request information on the case to inform Congress's action on the "transaction."