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December 1, 1791 Bad Weather Prevents the Expense Report Thomas H. Cushing Joseph Howell Reports bad weather that has prevented him from submitting and expense report, but will send it at the next post.
June 5, 1800 Who has taken charge of the War Department? Etc. Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Amidst a discussion of several matters, Craig declares that he would have expected Hodgdon to inform him who had taken charge of the War Department. He had hoped that his friend Henry would have had an invitation. Colonel Strong and part of the 2nd Regiment have arrived at the encampment on the Allegheny River where he will stay until joined by troops coming from Staunton and Winchester. They...
July 20, 1799 Statement of Stores and Payment Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig (first half of letter illegible) Advised a correct statement of stores, not a hastily compiled and incorrect statement. Discussed payment for transportation, relationship of Craig to Mr. Mead, mentioned damage sustained by sinking boat on Allegheny river. Blocks for hauling supplies to arrive shortly.
June 21, 1794 [No. 19] Faulty Blame of Six Nations Henry Knox Isaac Craig Chapin, agent for the Six Nations did not report any aggressive behavior of Six Nations therefore Knox believed the hostilities on the Allegheny river attributed to the Six Nations to actually be from "scoundrels". Recruits to halt at War Department excepting those to march to Fort Franklin.
May 25, 1787 Checking the Indians on the Pennsylvania Frontier Josiah Harmar General William Irvine General Harmar discusses the orders he has received from the War Office respecting the establishment of a small post at the confluence of French Creek and the Allegheny River. The purpose of this garrison is to check the northern Indians from committing depredations on the frontier of Pennsylvania.
March 4, 1794 Pay for the Scouts of Allegheny County Joseph Howell Presley Nevill John Wilkins has received the sum of $800 for pay due the Scouts employed in Allegheny County for four months in 1793.
September 18, 1795 Clothing for Troops on the Upper Posts of the Ohio Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon A considerable amount of clothing has come to hand so Major Craig is preparing to send it to Fort Washington after selecting 200 suits of clothing for the troops on the upper posts of the Ohio. Also discussed is Craig's lust for land on the west side of the Allegheny opposite Fort Fayette. Hodgdon is asked to negotiate with Mr. Green for the purchase of the land.
December 21, 1797 Secretary at War directs the conduct of Indian affairs with Chapin James McHenry Israel Chapin Jr Letter, discusses Seneca interest money; asks for return of Seneca numbers; discusses treaty at Genesee; discusses Indian land sales.
November 30, 1792 Report from Pittsburgh Regarding Garrison at Fort Fayette Isaac Craig Henry Knox Reports that a small garrison, artillery and infantry descended the Oteo River to Legionville. Cavalry crossed the Allegheny Mountains.
April 4, 1796 Pay of the Scouts of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania William Simmons James McHenry Simmons certifies that $3,453.33 is due the Scouts of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania for their services on the frontier of that County from September 1794 through January 1796.
May 25, 1792 Updates on Supplies Isaac Craig Henry Knox List of supplies forwarded under the care of the Quartermaster General. Major Smith in pursuit of Indians that crossed Allegheny River. Turnbull and Marnie notified Craig that shot is ready, it must be inspected and paid for at furnace.
November 30, 1798 Instructions for Payment of Indian and Accommodations for Troops Isaac Craig James McHenry Enclosed letter delivered by Wyandot Indian yesterday with letter from Isaac Williams of Sandusky directing payment of Indian. Quartermaster General will not admit the charge, so Craig requests instructions on how to handle payment. Requests final destination of Miller's detachment that marches for Pittsburgh in order to provide appropriate accommodations. Water level of Allegheny river is...
December 14, 1797 William Simmons discusses pay, finance and accounting with Wm. Wusthoff William Simmons William Wusthoff William Simmons directs William Wusthoff to forward receipts for monies he disbursed as paymaster of the Allegheny County Militia.
July 14, 1797 Status of and Request for Provisions Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Last post Craig sent Hodgdon list of sundry articles shipped to Fort Franklin via boat that sank while traveling on Allegheny. Still awaiting list of items damaged, lost, or in good repair. Requested information on land purchase from Mr. Physick. Requests barrel of muscavado sugar and a barrel of coffee.
July 7, 1797 Articles Sent to Le Boeuf Lost on Sunken Ship Isaac Craig James McHenry Whiskey on hand to be returned. Copy of invoice of sundry articles sent to Le Boeuf sent to Hodgdon. Articles were on board a ship traveling up the Allegheny River which sunk, all articles lost.
June 14, 1794 Establishment at Presqu' Isle Thomas Mifflin George Washington Letter from the Governor of Pennsylvania to the President of the United States, requarding the suspension of the Presqu' Isle establishment on the western frontiers of Pennsylvania. Such an establishment will likely provoke conflict with the native Indians, particularly the Six Nations.
July 14, 1797 Status of Supplies Lost in Sunken Boat Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Letter and packages received, will be examined shortly. Deplores loss of supplies that were damaged or sunk with boat traveling up Allegheny.
June 6, 1800 Craig discusses military stores and shipment with Hodgdon Isaac Craig Samuel Hodgdon Major Craig forwards receipts and discusses final accounting matters with Samuel Hodgdon. Craig expresses a forlorn hope that their "old friend Henry" Knox may yet receive an invitation to return as Secretary of War.
May 14, 1787 Discussion of the Closure of the Mississippi River Josiah Harmar Henry Knox Made great efforts to get to know the inhabitants and the politics of Kentucky during his stay at the Falls. The hot topic is free navigation of the Mississippi, and people west of the Allegheny Mountains remain concerned about the closure of this route. Kentucky has mustered 5,000 men. Lists people, boats, horses, cattle, and wagons who have passed through the garrison between October and May....
July 17, 1795 Delivery of Rations Isaac Craig Timothy Pickering Stated intention to facilitate works at Presque Isle and to offer transportation of goods. General Wilkins agreed to deliver rations to posts.
April 8, 1795 Articles of Treaty Negotiations Timothy Pickering Anthony Wayne Timothy Pickering - interim Secretary of War - provides General Wayne with instructions relative to the approaching treaty with the Indians.
June 17, 1791 Safe Transport of Materials Samuel Hodgdon Isaac Craig Speedy transport of building materials, workmen, horses, and men across river now safe for campaign on frontier.
August 2, 1791 Protecting the Frontier Major General Richard Butler Arthur St. Clair General Butler reports on the measures he has taken to protect the frontier.
November 14, 1787 Attention to Letter from John Sullivan about Activity on Ohio and Tennessee Henry Knox Josiah Harmar Discusses a congressional resolution and New Orleans treaty. Refers to concern of local inhabitants about closing the Mississippi River. Requests opinion on enclosed letter from John Sullivan, as to if the threat is real, if British agents are involved. Seeks information about the Choctaws and Chickasaws. Seeks tract of land at the north of the Ohio. Questions adequate number of troops and hopes...
June 19, 1794 Reinforcing Fort Franklin Henry Knox Thomas Mifflin Knox explains the measures he is taking to reinforce Fort Franklin.