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July 8, 1796 Construction the frigate for the Dey of Algiers James McHenry George Washington McHenry informs Washington that Pickering believes responsibility for the building of the frigate for the Dey of Algiers lies more with the War Department than the State Department. McHenry says that he will proceed to take preparatory measures in the construction of the project.
April 13, 1797 Items for Algerine Frigate James McHenry John Harris Orders to deliver Russian duck and cordage for Algerian frigate being built in Portsmouth, N.H.
March 2, 1797 Regarding Frigate for Dey of Algiers & Navy Yard Materials Josiah Fox Samuel Hodgdon Letter, mentions Frigates for Dey of Algiers; discusses materials in naval yards.
March 14, 1797 Regarding Frigate Plans, Especially Relating to Frigate for Algiers Josiah Fox Colonel James Hackett Letter, discusses plans for Frigate; mentions Frigate for Algiers.
August 31, 1797 Invoice of Timber for Algiers. Mr. Govett [not available] An invoice of timber sent to Algiers.
March 25, 1800 Timber from Algiers Richard O'Brien Captain Smith A list of items to be provided to the Dey in Algiers in exchange for timber for the United States. 400 yards of cloth are to be handed to Secretary of State Timothy Pickering.
March 3, 1797 Act Authorizing President to Apply Money to Negotiations with the Dey and Regency of Algiers Congress of the United States [not available] 4th Congress, Second Session. Acts authorize President by Congress to appropriate money to negotiations with Algiers and additional money for discharging two-years annuity to Dey and Regency of Algiers per treaty agreement.
May 1797 Services & Materials Needed for Algerine Frigate Unknown Author [not available] Appears to be a list of services and materials needed to construct a frigate for the Dey of Algiers.
July 8, 1796 Information requested on the frigate promised to the Dey of Algiers James McHenry Timothy Pickering McHenry requests from Pickering information on the frigate promised to the Dey of Algiers, including its dimensions, weight of metal, and number of guns, so that McHenry may begin preparatory steps in its construction.
March 11, 1796 Treaty and Proviso with Regency of Algiers James McHenry George Washington Treaty between the US and the Regency of Algiers regarding the provision of a naval armament. Refers to previous acts and meaning of proviso about the building of frigates. Claims importance of understanding acts of Congress.
July 7, 1797 On the naming of the frigate intended for the Dey of Algiers Josiah Fox Captain Thomas Thompson Algiers Frigate named the "Crescent." Asks that the name be inserted in her papers and other documents. Congratulates Captain Thompson and naval constructor James Hackett for the safe launching of the vessel into her proper elements. The frigate Crescent of 36 guns launched at Portsmouth New Hampshire US Navy yard on 29 June 1797 at 4pm. Provides draught of water fore and aft.
July 22, 1796 [Copy Private] Algiers Frigate Construction George Washington James McHenry No delays found in construction of Algiers frigate construction.
February 10, 1797 Letter from the War Office to the Secretary of the Treasury on the bolt ropes for the sails required for frigate building for Dey of Algiers [not available] Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Estimate for the bolt rope for the sails for frigate building Dey of Algiers. Recommend contract be entered under, either at Portsmouth New Hampshire or Philadelphia
July 14, 1796 Shipbuilding materials for Algerine frigate Timothy Pickering [not available] Memo by the Secretary of State describing the materials needed for construction the frigate for the Dey of Algiers.
March 1, 1798 Regarding request for bilge way and plank for launching of frigate for Dey of Algiers Josiah Fox Joshua Humphreys Mr. Bowers has requested bilge way and plank for launching of frigate for Dey of Algiers. Secretary of War approves on condition that upon receipt items used are free of injury.
October 4, 1797 Invoice of Public Stores Forwarded for Algiers Treaty Samuel Hodgdon [not available] Small list of items to outfit frigate due the Dei of Algiers per treaty with U.S. Includes bar shot and cannon balls.
July 7, 1797 Naming of Frigate to Sail for the Dey of Algiers James McHenry Captain Thomas Thompson Frigate intended for the Dey of Algiers to be named the Cresent. McHenry requested Thompson insert the name into the appropriate papers. Congratulates Thompson and Hackett for successful launch.
March 8, 1796 Questioning the Need for Completing the Frigates Oliver Wolcott, Jr. James McHenry Refers to a contract for supplies in Georgia related to the proposed Indian treaty. Since the Treaty with Algiers has been completed, the Act for providing naval armaments may be unnecessary. Perhaps this project should be laid before the President with the idea that the legislature might want to reconsider completing the frigates currently under construction.
June 17, 1794 American citizens in captivity in Algiers Edmund Randolph [not available] Secretary of State Randolph informs the rest of Washington's Cabinet that citizens in Boston and Norfolk have carried subscriptions for monies to be given for relief of the "Unhappy Citizens of the United States now in captivity in Algiers." Randolph states that the Executive Branch possesses no authority to appropriate private money to such objects, but that the citizens should do so themselves....
November 15, 1799 Sister Safely Arrived, Ship Bound for Algiers Ebenezer Stevens Samuel Hodgdon Happily informs him of his sister Lucy's safe arrival from Philadelphia to New York. The business with the powder continues, prices are in flux. Writes that he has commenced loading the ship for Algiers.
July 13, 1796 Delayed Construction of Frigate for Dey of Algiers George Washington James McHenry Very surprised no step has been taken to fix delay in fulfilling Dey of Algiers request for frigate. Detailed argument for why delay is unacceptable.
March 15, 1796 Suspension of the Frigate Construction Program George Washington Congress of the United States Since peace has been achieved between the United States and the Regency of Algiers, the President is authorized to suspend the program for the building of frigates. Since this is such a momentous step with regard to the public interest, Washington seeks Congressional authorization.
July 20, 1800 Articles That Can Be Disposed Of to the Jews in Lieu of Cash, Etc. John Smith Samuel Hodgdon Smith discusses his experiences dealing with the rulers of Algiers and the Jews with whom he does business.
January 28, 1797 Estimate on quantity of canvas required for sails for frigate building for the Dey of Algiers [not available] Oliver Wolcott, Jr. From naval constructor Josiah Fox at the War Office. Enclosed is statement of canvas for sails required for frigate for Dey of Algiers from Josiah Fox, naval constructor.
September 19, 1796 Regarding Frigate Timber & Frigate for Dey of Algiers Captain Samuel Nicholson Josiah Fox Letter, discusses timber for Frigates; discusses shipping timber to Boston; mentions Frigate for Dey of Algiers.