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June 29, 1797 Discussion of Cannon for Algerian Frigate Josiah Fox Samuel Hodgdon Letter, discusses guns for Algerian Frigate.
October 19, 1798 Comments on Cost of Algerian Fleet Samuel Hodgdon Timothy Pickering Needless expenses mounting related to putting the Algerian fleet to sea. Fleet is ready, awaiting orders, request to set sail.
June 26, 1797 Regarding Algerian Frigate Josiah Fox Captain Thomas Truxtun Letter, discusses Algerian Frigate.
June 10, 1797 Discussion of Incident Involving Algeria Josiah Fox Captain Thomas Thompson Letter, mentions Algerian affair.
June 29, 1797 Regarding Algerian Frigate Josiah Fox Captain Thomas Thompson Letter, mentions Algerian Frigate.
July 19, 1797 Regarding Algerian Frigate Josiah Fox James P. Catheart Letter, discusses Algerine Frigate.
October 19, 1798 Putting the Algerian Fleet to Sea Samuel Hodgdon Timothy Pickering Hodgdon asks Secretary of State Pickering about the state of readiness of the Algerian Fleet. He knows of one ship that is ready to sail but others are not. He is unsure as to who actually bears the responsibility for ordering the fleet into service.
September 29, 1797 Obtaining Guns for the Algerian Frigate Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Samuel Hodgdon The guns on board the revenue cutter will be returned unless they are taken for the Algerian frigate. Worries it is possible that in all the public magazines no six pounders can be found in Philadelphia. There appears to be an improved possibility of obtaining guns from Mr. Hughes so that prospect should be investigated.
July 8, 1797 Inquiry Into Cannon for Algerian Frigate Josiah Fox Tench Francis Letter, asks for inquiry regarding guns for Algerian Frigate.
March 1796 Discussion of Equipment & Rigging of "Algerian Frigate" Josiah Fox Timothy Pickering Letter, discusses equipping & rigging the "Algerian Frigate" for sea.
July 5, 1797 Regarding Algerian Frigate Josiah Fox Nathan Jones Letter, discusses guns for Algerine Frigate.
June 21, 1797 Muskets and Bayonets for the Algerian Supply James McHenry John Harris Harris is asked to deliver to Mr. Francis, the Purveyor, fifty brass mounted muskets and bayonets for the Algerian supply. He is to pay twelve dollars for each stand.
September 22, 1797 Obtaining the Articles Required by the Algerian Treaty, Etc. Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Tench Francis Wolcott wants a report on the preparations for obtaining the articles required by the Algerian Treaty. Can anything be done to accelerate the production of masts and spars. He also wants Francis's proposals for the lost contracts and the state of all unfinished orders.
June 5, 1797 Cotton and Flannel for the Algerian Frigate James McHenry John Harris Harris is asked to deliver to Tench Francis 900 square yards of Kendal cotton, half thicks, and flannel, for the Algerian frigate.
September 15, 1797 Obtaining Guns for the Algerian Frigate Oliver Wolcott, Jr. Samuel Hodgdon Wolcott discusses Mr. Carter's report on the fitness of Mr. Hughes' furnace and finds an unacceptable situation at that place. If Hughes is not able to supply the guns for the Algerian frigate, then the guns should be obtained from the public magazine. The frigate is ready for the guns and if it is detained, it is solely due to the want of them.
June 12, 1798 Iron Eighteen Pound Shot to be Shipped on the Algerian Vessel Timothy Pickering John Harris Harris is asked to deliver to Joshua Humphreys 1,988 iron eighteen pound shot now on board the sloop "Eliza" from New York. It is to be transferred to the Algerian vessel for shipment.
November 26, 1798 Receipt for Ordinance of the Algerian Brig and Two Schooners Timothy Pickering [not available] Acknowledges receipt of round shot and bar shot for six pounders, nine pounders, twelve pounders, and eighteen pounders, agreeable to an order from the War Office, for the use of the Algerian brig and two schooners, to be paid for by the Secretary of State.
July 7, 1800 Regarding French Privateers, Barbary Piracy, & Ships' Planks Benjamin Stoddert Joshua Humphreys Discusses the stopping of the ship Delaware at Newcastle, on account of some French mischief; also declares that the precise state of the "Algerian business" [piracy by the Barbary states] is unknowable. Asks that planks for shipbuilding be provided for without delay.
April 4, 1798 Stores Purchased for the Naval Yard at Portsmouth Edmund H. Quincy Samuel Hodgdon Quincy discusses sundry supply matters at the Naval Yard at Portsmouth. He mentions both the frigate under construction and the Algerian frigate.
August 16, 1797 Discussion of Payment for Frigate Construction & Algerian Frigate Colonel James Hackett Josiah Fox Letter, asks for Wolcott's opinion; discusses mode of payment for Frigate construction; alludes to Algerian Frigate.
June 30, 1797 Discussion of Construction & Launching of Frigate Constitution & Algerian Frigate Jacob Sheafe Josiah Fox Letter, describes launching of Algerine Frigate; discusses sails & cordage for Algerian Frigate; discusses white oak timber; discusses timber for Frigate Constitution; mentions Captain of Algerian Frigate.
April 14, 1797 Discussion of Algerian Affairs, Algerian Frigate, Frigate United States, & Assorted Frigate Equipment Captain Thomas Thompson Josiah Fox Letter, describes masting of Algerine Frigate; discusses Algerian customs and sailing; mentions former captive; describes provisions aboard Algerian vessels; discusses oars for Frigate; mentions Frigate United States; discusses coppering Frigate.
February 8, 1797 Discussion of Shipyard, Masts & Yardarms for Frigate, & Algerian Frigate Captain Thomas Thompson Josiah Fox Letter, discusses blocks at yard; discusses masts and yard arms re Frigate; discusses dimensions of Frigate; advises re receiving iron; mentions Algerian Frigate.
March 27, 1797 Regarding White & Live Oak Timbers for Frigate Construction, Frigate Constitution, & Algerian Frigate Edmund H. Quincy Josiah Fox Letter, discusses keg of butter; discusses live & white oak timber for Frigate at Boston; alludes to Frigate Constitution; describes progress on Algerian Frigate.
December 1793 Committee Report, Expenses of Naval Force Congress of the United States [not available] List of costs for arming ships to sufficiently protect American merchants from Algerian corsairs.