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1799 [Lt. Colo. Thomas Parker's Circle for Recruiting Divided and Subdivided into Districts.] Thomas Parker [not available] Enclosed in Parker to Hamilton, 05/03/1799.
May 14, 1798 Virginia is Both Patrotic and Praiseworthy, Etc. James McHenry J. Parker McHenry has received Parker's letter informing him of Parker's election as a represenative to Congress and rejoices not only on Parker's account but also from considerations of a public nature. McHenry has never dispaired of Virginia and the recent elections are evidence that she is found to be patriotic and praiseworthy and not inferior to her sister States.
June 16, 1799 RE Army Recruiting Thomas Parker Alexander Hamilton Routine instructions and correspondence concerning Army recruiting.
March 3, 1789 General Knox certifies the military service of Elias Parker Henry Knox Elias Parker Certificate of Capt Elias Parker.
February 18, 1799 Recruiting Service in the State of Virginia Alexander Hamilton Henry Lee A letter is enclosed to Colonel Parker which explains the recruiting service within the State of Virginia. If Lee himself can digest the information it need not be sent to Parker since the recruiting service will not soon begin.
[not available] Complete Return of All My Deliveries, Etc. Richard Parker Samuel Hodgdon Parker notes that Mr. [John] Davis has surely informed Hodgdon about the wagons that never stopped at Carlisle but went on. Parker promises to send a complete reutrn of all of his deliveries.
July 1795 Services of Mr. Parker Thomas Butler Samuel Hodgdon When Butler was in Philadelphia earlier in the year Mr. Parker applied for pay due him for services to the public in the Quartermaster Department. Butler is seeking to ensure this end.
August 17, 1799 RE Administration of Individual Officers and Soldiers Thomas Parker Alexander Hamilton Routine correspondence concerning the appointment, transfer, promotion, discharge, desertion, leave, and assignment of individual officers and soldiers
October 12, 1799 Accelerate the Advances Alexander Hamilton Caleb Swan Swan quotes from Thomas Parker's letter urging that the advances of pay to the regiments be accelerated. Also there are newly appointed officers in the four old regiments and officers on furlough who need money for the trip to their posts. Parker is seeking men to act as paymasters to the regiments of artillerists but, in the meantime, they must be paid by their companies.
July 22, 1795 Compensation of Richard Parker William Simmons Samuel Hodgdon In his account, Richard Parker is claiming a compensation of five dollars per month for keeping the public stores at Carllisle for eleven months. Hodgdon is asked to respond by attaching a certificate indicating whether or nor Parker is so entitled.
November 4, 1799 Colonel Parker's Encampment in Harper's Ferry Tobias Lear George Washington Lear reports on Colonel Parker's camp at Harper's Ferry. There was some concern that there was not enough lumber to build huts to house the regiment, but the area purchased by the US had sufficient trees for lumber.
July 1, 1794 Enclosed Receipt for John Parker Hale Joshua Wentworth Joseph Howell Sends a receipt for the $250 paid to Lt. John Parker Hale.
August 15, 1791 Visit to Pine Grove Furnace, Etc. Richard Parker William Knox Parker notes that he has visited Pine Grove Furnace and has not found one single [?] of any dimension. Thornburgh, Arthur & Co. only agreed to make them if they had a specific order from the War Department that would pay them 45-50 pounds [currency] each. If Knox agrees to these terms, Parker can have wagons sent on directly to transport them.
April 5, 1787 Money charged by Captain Montgomery Joseph Howell Alexander Parker Mentions stoppages which were made because recipient received monies from Colonel Grier for the raising of Parker's company.
June 11, 1792 Cannon & Boxes, Etc. Richard Parker William Knox Col. Cuthbertson's letter relative to loading has been received. Parker immediately procured a wagon and went up and found the cannon and boxes. Parker expects that they will arrive safely in Pittsburgh in a few days provided the Indians do not take them. The company in Chambersburgh had made a contract for a large quantity of balls and shot which is the same kind that Parker has on hand in his...
June 28, 1799 Cited Document Colonel Parker Alexander Hamilton Cited letter or document; cited in Hamilton to Parker, 07/09/1799.
August 7, 1799 Urging a Remittance of Pay and Subsistence, Etc. Thomas Parker Alexander Hamilton Parker is concerned about the lack of pay and subsistence for his officers and insufficient clothing for his men and recruits.
August 24, 1799 Parker's Complaints and Recommendations Thomas Parker Alexander Hamilton Parker complains about the want of clothes for the soldiers, the lack of subsistence money for officers, rusted arms, and unwieldy cartridge boxes. He believes that the appointment of cadets would enhance the recruiting service.
July 11, 1799 Instant Remedy to the Shortage of Clothing Alexander Hamilton James McHenry Quotes from Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Parker's "letter of the 3rd Inst." concerning the shortage of clothing and states: "You see how the delay works and how necessary it is to apply an instant remedy."
August 3, 1799 Seeks Information about Barracks Samuel Hodgdon Richard Parker Has communicated with the Secretary of War about the paperwork for buildings on public land, all of which must be preserved in their entirety. Asks Parker to talk to Col. Postelthwaite, Major Alexander, and the proprietors' agent. Do not waste time using documents in possession. Requests number and dimension of rooms in barracks and the number of men they will accommodate.
June 8, 1799 Citation of Document in Printed Work Charles M. Thruston Thomas Parker Enclosed in Parker to Hamilton, 06/16/1799.
March 5, 1800 Recommendation for Chaplain Alexander Hamilton Charles Cotesworth Pinckney Thomas Parker has recommended the Reverend William Hill for chaplain.
July 24, 1795 Account of Richard Parker William Simmons Timothy Pickering Simmons certifies that the sum of $54.00 is due Richard Parker for keeping the public stores at Carlisle from September 1st 1794 to July 31st 1795.
January 30, 1797 Letter Citation Josiah Parker James McHenry Cited in McHenry to Parker, 02/02/1797, also cited in War Office to Parker 02/02/1797.
September 20, 1800 Letter Citation Robert Parker William Simmons Cited in Simmons to Parker, 02/02/1801.