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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
January 19, 1797 Regulations Respecting Salutes James McHenry John Stagg James McHenry details the number of guns with which to salute officers of different ranks among foreign navies.
January 19, 1797 Regulations Respecting Salutes James McHenry [not available] Regulations on Naval salutes; mentions forts and fortifications.
May 8, 1797 Regarding the care of British deserters James McHenry Charles Lee Request for the Attorney General's opinion on how to handle the care of three British deserters under Vice Admiral Vanderput. McHenry raises the question of sovereignty and weighs the various reactions of Britain in the event of the United States offering the deserters protection.
October 17, 1790 Report on Foreign Affairs Regarding French, Spainish, and Dutch Alexander Hamilton George Washington Indicates that France will support Spain. Reports that Lord Howe has been given orders to fight if there is a chance. Rumor that Sir Guy Carleton has returned to Quebec.
October 13, 1797 Dutch naval defeat to the British William Vans Murray James McHenry The U.S. Minister to the Netherlands describes the Dutch naval defeat by the British and the repercussions of Adams' letter to the French, which he says has caused "undisguised resentment in the members of government."
February 19, 1800 Application for Refugee Aid Lewis Frederick Delesdernier Commissioners Recounts travails of De Lesderniers, and seeks financial assistance for hardships. Petition for relief is on behalf of the author's parents, Gideon and Mary deLesdernier.
February 6, 1799 Relative Rank of Truxton, Talbot, & Dale Benjamin Stoddert Alexander Hamilton Stoddert discusses the circumstances surrounding the relative rank of Navy Captains Truxton, Talbot, and Dale. He criticizes the President for continuing more captains than there are frigates to accommodate them.
June 7, 1793 Knox discusses the French Carribean with Genet Henry Knox M. Genet Document, describes Genet's request for arms and ammunition to defend Guadeloupe and Martinique. Document also contains an internal U.S. Government memorandum, dated 8 June 1793, concerning the staffing and vetting of the official opinions given to Genet in the letter of 7 June.
August 8, 1796 Court Martial William Vans Murray James McHenry Letter, discusses court martial precedent; mentions Wilkinson.
August 24, 1797 Adventures En Route to Portugal William Loughton Smith Timothy Pickering Smith relates his adventures on the way to Lisbon as well as the state of relations between Portual and its neighbors Spain and France.
October 17, 1790 Impending War Between Britain and France Alexander Hamilton George Washington Hamilton speculates on the evidence of impending war between Britain and France.
July 7, 1790 Brett discusses war with Spain to Knox P. Brett Henry Knox Letter, discusses prospects of war with Spain.
September 10, 1787 Giving Thanks to General Knox DuPlesses Henry Knox DuPlesses gives effusive thanks to Knox for his attentiveness and friendship during his time in America. Outlines the political situation in Europe.
October 16, 1788 Clothing and Foreign Relations William Knox Henry Knox W. Knox discussed military supply issues. Feared clothing would not be ready for troops by the contracted date. Knox not yet written to Col. Wadsworth for money to fund Pratt's march.