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March 2, 1790 Discussion of Pension Payment to Rhode Island Invalids Jeremiah Olney Henry Knox Olney has received the list of pensioners from Knox. There is a discrepancy between it and the one which Olney prepared: Abiel Weaver is being overpaid.
April 27, 1796 John Weaver's account William Simmons Samuel Hodgdon Discusses deductions to the account of John Weaver for the painting of "the United States barge"
August 28, 1795 Receipt of John Weaver [not available] [not available] Receipt for articles received from Garretson for the frigate.
January 14, 1789 Charges of Captain Jacob Weaver Joseph Howell Captain Jacob Weaver Weaver stands charged with sums of money to include payments to raise company stationed at Lancaster; support of prisoners conducted to Virginia; commissioner of prisoners.
April 22, 1794 Account of Jacob Weaver Joseph Howell Richard Harrison Certification of service and settlement of pay for Jacob Weaver, late private in the 3rd South Carolina Regiment.
February 6, 1786 Pay for an Orphaned Sister of an Officer George Tudor Joseph Howell The author encloses a letter from Amos Taylor who is interceding on behalf of the orphaned sister of Lieutenant Weaver, an officer who was killed in service to his country. An allowance for travel was omitted from the amount provided by the government to the sister and it is requested that it be granted to her because she is in dire need of subsistence.
March 17, 1786 Settlement with an Officer Joseph Howell George Tudor Discusses the settlement of an officer's account and a certificate to be issued for the balance due
December 19, 1798 Certification of payments; Private Peter Weaver under Captain Henry Kuhnís Company, 16th Regiment of Maryland, called out to suppress the insurrection in the Western counties of Pennsylvania William Simmons James McHenry Certification of payments; $4.21 to Private Peter Weaver under Captain Henry Kuhnís Company, 16th Regiment of Maryland militia, called out to suppress an insurrection in the Western counties of Pennsylvania, for protecting magazine at Fredericktown, Maryland.
December 13, 1799 Cited letter or document, Robert Parker to Abiel Foster Robert Parker Abiel Foster Letter, Citation only
December 9, 1799 Cited letter or document, Nathaniel Greene to Abiel Foster Nathaniel Greene Abiel Foster Letter, Citation only
April 4, 1785 Regarding the making up of depreciation Abiel Foster Joseph Howell Encloses copy of order drawn by General Patterson or Colonel Trumbull in favor of Captain Ebenezer Sullivan's company. The company refused to receive the money unless the depreciation was made up
March 5, 1789 Return of Pensions Paid to Invalids of Rhode Island. Jeremiah Olney Henry Knox Return of pensions paid to invalids of Rhode Island.
December 26, 1799 Applications for Army Appointments and Promotions Abiel Foster Alexander Hamilton Routine applications for Army appointments and promotions.
March 2, 1800 Applications for Army Appointments and Promotions Alexander Hamilton Abiel Foster Routine applications for Army appointments and promotions.
February 27, 1796 Letter for a Mother Regarding Pay or Clothing Due Deceased Son Abiel Foster James McHenry Foster writing on behalf of a mother, asking whether there were any arrears of pay or clothing due to her son at the time of his deacease. He was sertving in the Western Army under the command of Captain Cass. Mother lives in Foster's neighborhood in New Hampsphire
March 3, 1786 Pay Certificate for an Officer Jonathan Nicholson Joseph Howell Request regarding the pay certificate of a Revolutionary War officer (Third Regiment)
August 7, 1792 Charges to Accounts Alexander Hamilton Unknown Recipient Notification that an adjustment was made to contractors accounts for charges relative to boxes shoes were shipped in.
October 18, 1794 Arrival of Loaded Stages, Etc. John Davis Samuel Hodgdon The stages loaded on the 14th and the 15th have now arrived with Robert Young on board. The stages were unloaded with the assistance of Mr. Blane and Mr. Parker. Davis has not heard from Lesher who loaded on the 13th but he is probably ahead. Weaver has yet to come. Etc.
September 30, 1799 Clothing and Blankets to be Forwarded James Miller Samuel Hodgdon Enclosed are the invoices of clothing for Fort Pickering and a bale of blankets for Fort Massac.forwarded on the wagon of John Weaver. They should be transported to Isaac Craig at Pittsburgh and from there forwarded to their several places of destination.
October 19, 1794 Fresh Teams Would Cause a More Rapid Push John Davis Samuel Hodgdon Davis announces that he has reached Shipingsburgh that morning along with Robert Young's load. The two-horse stages loaded on the 14th and 15th are on their way. Weaver is still twenty miles away. Davis wrote the previous day observing that fresh teams of horses would result in a more rapid push.
April 9, 1785 Accounts of Colonel Trumbull Joseph Howell Abiel Foster Has examined the accounts of Colonel Trumbull and finds that General Patterson (then Colonel) received sundry sums of money for pay of his regiment in 1776. Abstracts do not specify amount of pay due each Regiment.
February 20, 1800 Purchasing Wylie's Farm Alexander Power Samuel Hodgdon Power is sorry that Hodgdon is unfavorable respecting the commutation but he will continue his advocacy when he visits Philadelphia. If Hodgdon wants a title to Wylie's Farm, Power can get it done at a reasonable rate. The commutation due Captain Wylie will fully pay the United States for the things he bought from vendors.
February 10, 1800 Obtaining Sole Title of Wylie's Farm Alexander Power Samuel Hodgdon Power wants to know what can be done respecting the claim for commutation. He would like a line directed to him at Jacob Weaver's Stage House respecting what can be done and whether his attendance is required in Philadelphia. He has it in his power to have the sole title of Wylie's Farm vested in Hodgdonby a commute on good terms.
1798 Letter from the Accountant of the War Department William Simmons Edward Miller Simmons informs Miller to expect payment from John Chester.
December 16, 1784 Forgeries M. Weare Abiel Foster Discusses forged pay notes.