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Date Title Author Recipient Summary
June 14, 1784 Receipt for clothing William Stevens Unknown Recipient Discusses the settlement of the account of the 2nd New York Regiment of Artillery
April 24, 1786 Regimental pay agents' accounts John Pierce Board of Treasury Summarizes the details of the settlement of the accounts of two regimental pay agents
April 1, 1784 List of paymasters and agents John Pierce Timothy Pickering List of paymasters and agents with their regiments and the dates their accounts were settled.
April 27, 1784 Account settlement John Pierce Michael G. Houdin Discusses the settlement of the account of an officer and the pay due to foreign officers
April 29, 1784 Half pay John Pierce William Ellery Discusses the resolves of Congress concerning the half pay or commutation of officers.
January 28, 1784 Settlement of an Account John Pierce Philip Audebert Cited in Audibert to Pierce 02/10/1784. The author indicates that he received the recipient's letter and the money but needs to hear from others before he can close the account for January. He doesn't expect February's expenditures to be much different from January's.
January 9, 1784 Pay of Officers Samuel Hodgdon Joseph Howell Articles delivered to officers. The cost of the articles to be deducted from the officers' pay.
February 16, 1784 Gold Coin James Lovell John Pierce Discusses exchange of money into gold coin.
January 4, 1784 Army Officers' Subsistence Pay John Pierce Robert Morris Encloses estimates for the subsistence of the Army for December 1783 and January 1784. Mentions the considerable inconvenience to officers from not receiving subsistence payments for December and request that the pay be sent to him. Requests seven or eight hundred dollars for supply of his own necessities as well as the necessities of those gentlemen assist him.
December 16, 1784 Forgeries M. Weare Abiel Foster Discusses forged pay notes.
February 7, 1784 Pay Certificates John Pierce Joseph Howell Transmission of pay certificates.
May 27, 1784 Letter Citation A.W. Dunscomb John Pierce Cited in Pierce to Dunscomb, 06/08/1784.
December 29, 1783 Letter Citation Robert Troup John Pierce Cited in Pierce to Troup 01/17/1784.
January 22, 1784 Receipt for Funds John Jacob Faesch Samuel Hodgdon Receipt for monies deposited on account with the Commissioner of Commissary Stores and Assistant Quartermaster, Samuel Hodgdon.
February 24, 1797 Accounts for January and February Richard H. Greaton William Simmons Greaton never received his pay for January and assumes that the letter with his account was not delivered. He resubmits his January accounts with his February accounts.
January 8, 1784 Pay of Pennsylvania Continental Army Regiments Joseph Howell A. Fowler Cited in Fowler to Howell 05/25/1784. Settlement of accounts of officers and soldiers in the Pennsylvannia line regiments
February 25, 1784 Letter Citation Thomas Gassaway John Pierce Cited in Pierce to Gassaway, 04/14/1784.
July 11, 1784 Cited letter or document, John Pierce to General Edward Hand John Pierce General Edward Hand Cited in Hand to Pierce 07/19/1784. Appears to have related the circumstances of an anauthorized seizure of pay funds by the officers at the garrison of West Point who were being discharged.
December 26, 1783 Letter Citation Captain Carlisle Samuel Hodgdon Cited in Hodgdon to Carlisle, 03/02/1784.
April 22, 1784 Letter Citation John Pierce Marinus Willett Cited in Willett to Pierce, 05/24/1784.
June 17, 1784 Letter Citation A.W. Dunscomb John Pierce Cited in Pierce to Dunscomb 07/06/1784.
March 26, 1784 Letter Citation Timothy Pickering John Pierce Cited in Pierce to Pickering 03/30/1784.
July 7, 1784 Settlement of accounts James Lovell John Pierce Discusses the settlement of accounts.
February 15, 1784 Account of Lieutenant Pugh John Pierce John Pugh Discusses Lt. John Pugh's account.
April 10, 1784 Letter Citation John Pierce Hezekiah Wetmore Cited in Wetmore to Pierce 04/29/1784.