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May 12, 1794 Preparations for campaign by General Wayne Henry Knox James O'Hara The Secretary of War advises the Quarter Master General to make immediate preparations for a vigorous campaign soon to be undertaken by General Wayne and 1500 mounted volunteers. An additional quantity of forage will be required for the volunteers.
July 18, 1794 Wayne's Campaign/Indian Affairs Henry Knox Jonathan Dayton Letter, encloses commission for unnamed Lieutenant; discusses the positive prospects for Wayne's campaign; discusses Indian affairs with the Six Nations.
June 21, 1794 Flour sent to Fort Washington Elie Williams Henry Knox Assurances that an ample supply of flour will be sent to Fort Washington for the Kentucky Volunteers, now stationed there to assist Major General Wayne in campaign. Mr. Elliot will provide future supplies.
May 24, 1792 Return of Military Stores Requested John Stagg William Knox The Secretary of War requests a return of ordnance, arms, and military stores for the campaign, including those sent on to Pittsburgh. They are for General Wayne who is setting out for headquarters.
February 20, 1796 Orders to Prove Powder for Gen. Wayne James McHenry Samuel Hodgdon In anticipation of Gen. Waynes campaign, McHenry ordered casks of powder to be proved and forwarded.
March 24, 1791 Knox directs Sargent to assist the campaign Henry Knox Winthrop Sargent Letter, discusses campaign at Fort Pitt.
November 1794 Summary of Speech on English Anthony Wayne [not available] Details of how Wayne would drive out the English presence in the West.
July 11, 1794 Wayne's Power to Prosecute the Campaign Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Being so far from the seat of government, Knox is bestowing on Wayne complete power to prosecute the campaign in whatever manner he chooses. Two thousand volunteers from Kentucky will soon be joining the Legion. There is good news that the hostility of the Six Nations and Great Britain seems to be subsiding.
August 18, 1791 Stores Ordered Henry Knox Samuel Hodgdon Stores ordered, 5 1/2 shells to arrive shortly but won't be ready for campaign.
August 12, 1791 Report from the Frontier Campaign Major General Richard Butler Arthur St. Clair General Roberts reports on the events taking place near Wheeling as he makes preparations for the campaign to defend the frontier.
August 12, 1794 Chapin discusses Indian affairs with Knox [not available] Henry Knox Letter, informs re arrangements for treaty with Six Nations; discusses Wayne's campaign; discusses hostile Indians; alludes to White encroachment; mentions frontiers and pioneer life.
April 4, 1792 Ensuing Campaign Henry Knox Samuel Hodgdon The arrangements of the general staff for the ensuing campaign are not yet made but whoever is appointed Quartermaster General will be required instantly to execute the highest activity. All the preparations for the campaign are going forward here with all possible dispatch. Whether or not Hodgdon is reappointed, it is expected that he will use every exertion in making preparations at Fort...
June 4, 1792 Successful Recruiting, In Need of Arms and Clothing Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Wayne is describing various recruiting successes throughout the northeast although there is still a lack of arms and clothing available for the new recruits in some areas. All the forces should be ordered to join Wayne so that training may begin.
March 10, 1798 Compensation of Dr. Charles Brown for His Services to the Indians Samuel Hodgdon James McHenry Letter, asks for info re compensation for Dr. Charles Brown's services to the Indians; alludes to Anthony Wayne's campaign.
October 16, 1792 Settlement of accounts and pay for St. Clair's Campaign under Colonel Darke Thomas Gibson Samuel Hodgdon Letter, discusses settlement of accounts and pay for St. Clair's Campaign. Hopes to receive his pay from Colonel Darke's Regiment.
September 7, 1792 Comments on Wayne's Plan for Carrying on the War George Washington Henry Knox President Washington provides Knox with his views on the progress and plans of General Anthony Wayne's campaign in the Ohio Territory
1794 Extracted letter Henry Knox Anthony Wayne Extract, discusses elements of Wayne's campaign.
1794 Commendation for Unit in Fallen Timbers Campaign; Comments on Payroll Henry Knox Charles Scott Extends gratitude of President and House of Representatives to Scott's corps of mounted Kentucky volunteers in the late campaign under Anthony Wayne [culminating in the Battle of Fallen Timbers]. Says that certain funds [whether for Scott or for each volunteer is unclear] have now been transmitted, apologizing for the delay caused by the "insurrections in the western parts of Pennsylvania" [the...
May 13, 1794 Call for volunteers from Kentucky [not available] Unknown Recipient Cabinet meeting on the subject of affording an auxiliary force to Major General Anthony Wayne for the purpose of enabling him to make a vigorous and offensive campaign against hostile Indians. It is adviced that he be authorized to call for 2000 mounted volunteers from Kentucky, for the period of four months, if he should judge the measure expedient.
July 28, 1791 General Scott's Campaign John Stagg Samuel Hodgdon Notification of the success of General Scott's campaign is available. Enclosed is a newspaper containing the particulars.
January 24, 1795 Peace with Indians Anthony Wayne Henry Knox Expressed thanks for the resolutions and approbations of the House of Representatives for his men's work in the latest campaign. Enclosed speeches from various Indian tribes related to peace agreement. Also transmitted a map of areas through which Wayne's troops marched and abstract and returns of rations.
May 18, 1791 Campaign Against the Indians Henry Knox Timothy Pickering Knox discusses Indian hostilities and the campaign against the Indians. He alludes to the possibility of a treaty that would eliminate the need for warfare.
September 29, 1791 Knox discusses St.Clairs campaign with General Wilkinson Henry Knox James Wilkinson Letter, Knox discusses St. Clair's campaign; mentions appointment.
April 16, 1794 Attaching Chickasaws to the United States General James Robertson Anthony Wayne Robertson has engaged Robert Thompson, a Chickasaw who speaks some English, to accompany the three Chickasaw warriors who will visit Wayne's camp. Their nation is powerful and it will be useful to attach them to the interests of the United States. They want good guns to go to war with but will return them when the campaign is over. Robertson's brother Elijah will pilot them as far as Governor...
August 19, 1795 Captain Chapin discusses Indian affairs with Pickering Israel Chapin Jr Timothy Pickering Letter, informs re New York treaty with Oneida Indians; discusses Wayne's campaign; mentions hostile Western Indians; discusses rumors of campaign against Six Nations.