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September 4, 1788 The Practice of Slavery, Etc. Benjamin Lincoln Henry Knox Among other subjects, Lincoln addresses the institution of slavery of which he disapproves ,but his esteem for Washington forces him to accept the general's need for forced labor.
1794 Slaves stolen by Creek Indians James Seagrove Henry Knox Memorandum from the Agent of Indian Affairs. Seagrove believes that 60 to 70 black slaves have been stolen from Georgia by Creek Indians.
October 1, 1793 Information on Negro Rebellion Henry Knox Henry Lee Secretary Knox was informed by Thomas Holt of Virginia that some Negros planned to "rise in rebellion." Conveys this information to Governor Lee of Virginia. Letter is partially illegible.
July 29, 1790 [Deposition of Charles Johnson, taken before the Secretary of War] Charles Johnson [not available] Describes Indian attacks and murder of several people, including burning one man alive. Goods and property taken, quoted "several thousand pounds value." Believed that there were many Americans currently held prisoner by Indian Nations.
October 1, 1793 Copy of a Letter from the Secretary of War To the Governor of Virginia Henry Knox Henry Lee Information from Thomas Holt on possibility of Negro uprising. Offered guard over small magazine in New London, Virginia and all expenses related to protection from uprising to be paid for by U.S.
September 21, 1794 Ownership of a woman transferred from slaveholder to Indian William Blount Henry Knox William Blount, Governor of the Southwest Territory, reports a "continuance of Indian depredations." On September 6th a "Negro woman belonging to Peter Turney," who resides in the Mero District, was stolen by Indians.
December 30, 1796 Three related drafts on the Revolutionary War George Washington John Carey Discusses published forged documents; alludes to the Revolutionary War and slaves.
December 22, 1796 Abolition of This Species of Servitude, Etc. Joseph Whipple George Washington Whipple discusses his efforts, at the direction of Mr. Wolcott, to restore to Mrs. Washington her escaped servant. He notes that many servants have escaped from the southward into Massachusetts which is injurious to many valuable estates in that region. For the good of society and individual interests, he wishes that some means be adopted of a public nature to prevent the growing contemplation of...
January 10, 1799 Discussions & Plans for English & American Recognition of & Trade With St. Domingo [Haiti] Rufus King Timothy Pickering Notes that the situation of St. Domingo [Haiti, now in slave revolt] poses some dangers to American interests, but also opportunities. Mentions discussion with Lord Grenville of England regarding concerted English and American action regarding Haiti, in which comparisons to American slaves were discussed. Says that a common opinion was not agreed upon, other than a strong feeling that each...
July 28, 1798 Volunteer Troop of Cincinnati Offers Services to the President James Findley John Adams The officers and men of the Cincinnati militia horsemen express their outrage at the depredations of France and offer themselves in service to the president, to defend the Constitution.
July 13, 1787 An Ordinance for the Government of the Teritory of the United States, North-West of the River Ohio Congress of the United States [not available] Land rights of decedents of property owners in the territory north-west of the Ohio River. Outlines duties of governor, commissioner, election of assembly, civil and religious liberty.